We have ‘1.7 million reasons’ why we must impeach Mayorkas: GOP sen

Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kans., joins ‘Mornings with Maria’ to discuss the GOP’s ongoing push to impeach Secretary Mayorkas amid the border crisis. #foxbusiness

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  1. We don't really care if you are concerned.. You accomplish nothing. Noise and Furry. Get something done, now. We don't have a year.

  2. Absolutely NO. Can't trust this crooked politician. He'll end up supporting our enemies.

  3. There are 780 million reasons why to believe Fox News is made up of a bunch of liars.

  4. I've never been so pissed off, yet so disappointed, with this so called president, & his administration. They're ALL an abomination!! WE ARE losing OUR country , Maria!! People who are still sleeping or thick headed, need to wake up, & come to their senses!!

  5. Maria is wasting her breath talking to these limp republicans!! All they do is run their mouths talk talk talk, no action… Embarrassing government

  6. Zielinski is sacrificing all of his people old man and women are his army forced to fight and die for his cause and Biden. I guess Biden kills 300 Americans a day with the open border in the fentanyl but all Democrats can seem to do is go after Trump, where does the real evil lay with

  7. RINO and Dem's are too late 3 years too late the country will pay the price, Marshall needs to step down he has "compromised RINO" written all over him

  8. I’ve been watching very carefully, and the Republicans have not been bargaining in good faith! They cheat to stay in power, and I find that they’re pretty despicable at every level! Other than that, they’re fine!

  9. There wouldn’t even have to be a policy change if they would follow the laws that are already on the books!!

  10. Mayorkas is untouchable and he knows it!

  11. The Dems are bot flies, they dig in deep and feed off their host. They have thumbed their nose at the law, the constitution, and the American people, they have diluted society by the illegals.. who NOW have brought their problems here! Come on people wake up… Enough… ENOUGH!

  12. Seems Like On Every Turn The Republicans Are Beating Their Heads Against A Stone Wall On All These Issues. Seems Like Every Issue Is Just Being Dragged Out.

  13. Money talks and the BS walks. The House controls the purse strings. Hold back on the money until they come to the table.

  14. What a dysfunctional political system. Each funding request has to be considered independently and not tied together in an effort to extort votes. Can you imagine a company operating like this where they play juvenile games with the budget and capital expenditures by tying them all together instead of considering each ON THEIR OWN MERITS

  15. Why are Republicans going to work every day if nothing is getting done 🤔

  16. Do your job. Close our border


  18. Well let stop talking about it lets impeach mayorkas hes a looser and a trader to Americans

  19. As I see it, it is much morse than being depicted. i see this as a military action against the USA. This is a infiltration, a Trojan horse. All the government has to do is cut support to these people and a massive crime spree will ensure. Even good people will resort to crime, resulting in the general pubic demanding law and order at the demise of their Constitutional rights. I'll be surprised if we even have a election next year.

  20. The question becomes…why hasn't he written a bill with the precise wording?

    Something's obviously wrong here.

  21. Kirby stop lieng to the American people and start protecting the American people fix the boarder put the wall up!

  22. We Americans Have LOST AMERICA ALREADY

  23. Republicans stop funding it in the house..

  24. Its time to recall these congressmen and senators out of there positions they just play gop for fools and have for yrs and yrs hold your ground and we need a boarder thats protected get these globalist traitors out of office and are government positions they ae re like a bad infection to are constitution!!!!

  25. Kirby just wants to get his hands on all this money to fill his pockets .all foriegn aid is nothing but a scam for politicains to steal tax dollars lock them all up cause they been doing this for far to long !!!

  26. C'mon man.
    Biden put Mayorkas into office because of His anti-American beliefs.

  27. We not looking strong anymore. What kind of government operation we been running for 20yrs

  28. Correct, Biden has to quit playing Santa Claus with our tax $$$. Joe skipped his IRS for his shady deals with foreign countries for several yrs. We don't have to pay Iran, Hamas, Jihad(Palestine) anything 2 months ago, with Iran; just a plain exchange, WHY Biden pay 1 billion/hostage?

  29. Look after your backyard first

  30. Just more hog wash from Washington 😱🤣🤣

  31. There will definetly be no more U.S. if we wait till the elections, you can say goodbye to America what a shame

  32. how about let the Americans that pay taxes decide? where are $$$$ goes?

  33. TY Marie! Senator is correct, say no till our border is closed & secure!

  34. Stop giving these people my money I’m sick of it

  35. You tube enforces their community guidelines for spammers like mayorkas enforces immigration laws 😂

  36. Today we’re told 4 million more illegals are waiting to cross. The dangerous ones already know where they’re going.

  37. I've heard nothing about criminal background checks on illegals here Americans are required to have a high school diploma and a background check clear clean before a job. None of this has been mentioned about illegals never