Tuesday , June 22 2021
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'We Have To Act': Biden Calls For 'Common Sense' Gun Control After Colorado Shooting | NBC News NOW

President Biden delivered remarks addressing the shooting in Boulder, Colorado that left ten dead, including a police officer. He called on lawmakers to act on “common sense” gun control including passing House legislation on loopholes and revisiting a ban on assault rifles.
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‘We Have To Act’: Biden Calls For ‘Common Sense’ Gun Control After Colorado Shooting | NBC News NOW


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  1. We need stronger background checks so Crackheads like Eric Trump cant lie on the form to obtain one… Only to lose it in a grocery store trash can. Good thing his dad sent the Secret Service to the gun store to obtain the purchase records for the gun in an attempt to eliminate it being tracked back to his son. If it wasn't for that pesky gun store owner refusing to hand them over stating it was ATF's jurisdiction… WAIT!@#? What? That was Hunter Biden? Nevermind 🙄

  2. Columbine happened after his last gun ban

  3. As president do what is in the best interest of the people. Do not pass bills that are only in the interest of a personal vendetta. No ban needed here.

  4. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

  5. Has anyone noticed that this is stemming from a bullying problem like the one in California. This is the 3rd or 4th or maybe 10th kid that’s done this because he was poorly treated in school. Mind you it’s not a good reason, but a professional needs to look into this.

  6. EVERY video Biden gets ratioed hard. There is no way this walking corpse won the election

  7. If China made and
    sold guns to the U.S.
    Democrats would
    change their position
    on Gun Control.
    The American flag did not fly
    at his campaign rallys .

  8. Conservatives will give ALL executive actions from Biden re: Gun Control the same treatment Liberals give Federal Immigration Laws such as Sanctuary City & State policies, Border Control, etc…Liberals just IGNORE laws they don't like… the shoe's on the other foot now.

  9. There you go Democrats this is what you voted for…😁😂😂😂

  10. Republicans who call themself “pro life”..
    They always will prefer profit over life of the American people-as they keep proving for the past 60 years, the pandemic, and their ever tight alliance with the NRA fascists.

  11. What about Hunters felony gun purchase?

  12. cars keep crashing and killing people each and every day. maybe we should also put a band on assault vehicles?

  13. There is a reason “will not comply “ is trending

  14. False flags…. Is it that time already.. 🐍👻

  15. Listen to the scam lol " magazines modification blah blah blah we should eliminate assault weapons "

  16. Smartest president ever, about the same amount of gun and moter vehicle deaths and injuries occur every year, then why is he trying to get rid of certain types of weapons, just because they look scarey, and not get rid of fast cars to prevent car injuries? Also, most gun violence is suicide, what difrence will the magazine size make, if you search for what he wants to ban you will find some stupid ideas, banking weapons that you can mount a bayonet on, you can mount a bayonet even on many bolt action rifles, a restriction on handguns that weigh more then a certain amount, how is a heavy gun more dangerous, and one of my favorite ones, guns that you can mount a grenade launcher on. Grenade launchers are a total difrent topic, they are destructive device with you need permission to get, if you are still wondering on the guns he wants to ban, he wants to ban everything that looks scarey. He even wants to make a law to hold a company responsible for the guns that caused violence, then why not hold car manufacturers responsible for the death of a racer who crashed in a street race

  17. I call for common sense for Biden.

  18. Gun control increases crime, and make us less safe because it makes people defenseless sheep for the killer wolves. Government overreach is a public health crisis.

  19. CNN: Damnit the shooter wasn’t white…we still gotta push the gun narrative.

  20. Lol this clown comes out and says the most generic politician thing. Yawn.

  21. So it looks like EVERY TIME a nut job goes on a shooting spree the Leftists in our government are going to try to take away guns from law abiding citizens (even though they had nothing to do with this horrible act in Colorado) regardless of the fact that the Constitutions second amendment says our gun rights shall not be infringed. Do the Leftist in our government really think the mentality ill or criminals will abide by the laws they pass? Yahoo says the FBI was aware of the Islamic Syrian born shooters rants on Facebook for a year and a half. Why didn’t they act sooner? A family member said the shooter was mentally ill. How was he able to buy a gun?

  22. Calm down Hitler the only people you are punishing is law abiding citizens

  23. Bet Biden wont let his security not have guns. Bet the police will still have guns. The military will still have guns. Oh and gangs and criminals, they'll still have guns. But the average American whose rights have been infringed, cant let us have guns. Remember, his life and protection matter and yours dont.

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