Saturday , February 27 2021
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We need policies to help the free market heal the economy: Rep. Hice

Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., weighs in on coronavirus stimulus, opening the U.S. economy, the Biden administration halting the Keystone XL pipeline, building the wall on the southern border and National Guard troops in D.C. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Privatise public services for profit, massive tax cuts for the rich, the super rich, and corporations, and scrap regulations that hinder corporate freedom of action, and presto, we will have built the greatest economy the world has ever seen, until a pandemic ruins everything.

  2. Yes like destroying small business with increase of min wage allowing big business to automate more and increase the destruction of jobs! BIDEN's America FOX WANTED THIS!

  3. They are not going to. They will bring communism and killing jobs. They promise dark winter and they are keeping their promise

  4. Free market heal the economy? You fuckers….you politicians ruined it now you want a bail out?

  5. It’s a joke that America is the freedom market. Funny!

  6. Total (millions) jobs added by president: Clinton +22.74, Bush +0.52, Obama +12.50, Trump – 4.09. Agreed, stop electing republicans.

  7. Democrats don't believe in the free market, economics, jobs, energy independence, or national security but high taxes and oppressive government regulation along with worshiping the environment are but a few of their many flaws

  8. Americans are unemployed for over a year now! Employers would rather get millions in free government money than pay Americans livable wages to ALL Americans of $24/Hour and up!

  9. Hardcore Absolute Fact: We can ONLY have an economy that maximizes highest level of health for USA is to pay livable wages of $24/Hour and up to ALL Americans regardless of what kind of work we do! + get rid of the fake inflation variable of slavery!

  10. Not going to happen while this mafia in power!!!

  11. You need Trump back in office to HEAL the economy. AND OPEN UP THE COUNTRY!

  12. Opening the border at this time is very dangerous to both the economy and the security's to our house of this nation! Put the people back to work and do something about the homeless issue instead of giving out money and bringing in more people!

  13. you want a better economy?
    Stop the steal!!
    Trump 2020!!!

  14. I think what has to happen is for 100% of african Americans to know the truth thats what they're afraid of most white people know the truth…so you have to ask ourselves who are they so desperately brain washing my kind (the black people) if we truly wake up and we fight side by side we will win…thats our only way of surviving in the future…in every movie the villain in the movie reveals his weakness and that's the Democrats and most politicians weakness if the black people wake up and we know what all of the Trump supporters know we will win focus on transparency showing the truth all four years sleepy joes administration keep them busy by censoring the whole country that wouldn't be able to keep up with that for long we need to be showing the truth stop fighting in the courts stop fighting in Washington DC china, iran, and all our enemies own them continue to tell the truth until its sparks the black people brain and once that happen WE WIN!!!!!! BE BRAVE SPEAK THE TRUTH ASK GOD TO HELP YOU PROVE IT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS

  15. The Fake-GOP has lost its godfather, its bearings, and its purpose. Trump led it down the thorny path to a white supremacist, totalitarian state, with him as the supreme leader. It now has a base that is in a state of deranged denial, whining that the election was stolen. Will the Fake-GOP recover from its current paranoia?

  16. This is sooooooo 😥 sad!!!!!

  17. Biden just laid off key stone pipeline employees.

  18. Don’t buy apple products or Amazon products leave Twitter and Facebook pass it on we have the power !! .,.,.

  19. Biden is a disgrace to this country

  20. Good luck with that in the Biden administration.

  21. Patriot Party-

    Donald Trump must endorse the party to be successful. This will give a strong hold for Patriots to join and unite undergone Conservative Party.

    Independents and Republicans alike are vowing to join as soon as possible.

    Republicans across the Country are vowing never to vote Republican again–this is critical. Good reason to establish a new party now.

    A Patriot Party would unite the true Patriots and would be a very strong and successful party.

    It must have a constitutional conservative platform to put America first (MAGA).

    All politicians wanting to join must sign an oath to stand with the platform to hold true to the Constitution and put America first. (This would help eliminate the betrayal to the party as we have with the other parties).

    In order for the America Patriots to be successful, we must not let Donald Trump continue to act alone. We must do our part to bring down the establishment of both parties. We must VOTE the Establishment out of office. This will be a grassroots campaign and gain much strength. The momentum is great and the time is NOW!

    We can start with the Federal Elections (Congressional, Senators and President), and then move to both State and local elections.

    I would encourage all Patriots to continue voting for Republican in State and Local elections for the time being.


    We must ALL stand together as one major force.

    In times past, I have discouraged third party voting because it HAS diluted the Conservative Patriot voice and reigned in the Democrats. With so much opposition the Patriots are feeling about the Republican Party, along with the Independents and the Democrats walking away from the Democratic Party, the time is RIPE FOR A NEW PARTY.

    With over 80 million voters for Donald Trump–actually, we know it is more, we can be a great force uniting together.

    Please repost this this message and help spread the word. Donald Trump is in the process of making this happen.

    Do your part in MAGA. Please copy and paste this message or repost.



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