We see ‘bumble after bumble’ from Biden: Rep. Beth Van Duyne

Rep. Beth Van Duyne, R-Texas, and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Tom Dupree discuss President Biden’s UN speech on ‘The Evening Edit.’

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  3. Imagine an old man in his 80 walk inside your house rearranged everything changed the rules and tell your children don't listen to you and then he takes your money and wires it to a whole nother country of people that don't like you? I'm talkin about Joe Biden because that's basically what he do

  4. It wasn’t a bobble. This traitor administration that has been sanctioning us killed two birds with one stone. #1 the jet was a gift for 1 of our enemies.( but their friend) #2 at the same time as gifting they used the incident to make Americans demoralized.

  5. What is the difference between the Joe B of 2021 and the Joe B of today? – I can see no difference – he was a bumbling confused mumbling incoherent "President" in 2021, and he is a bumbling confused mumbling incoherent "President" in now – the same Joe as during the 2020 election campaign, so the 81 million Americans that voted for Joe should not be surprised that he is now a bumbling confused mumbling incoherent "President", unless, of course, most of them Americans didn't vote for Joe….

  6. When trump gets in he needs to sweep, mop and bleach this government mess out. It really smells bad 👎

  7. Thank you Joe for keeping America safe… Fox is lost trying to make a crisis out of everything

  8. Biden should be president forever.

  9. This is equally hilarious and terrifying.

  10. The SWAMP protects the SWAMP and that’s why we need term limits

  11. Biden is never clear. He is a threat to our security as a nation. God help us!

  12. Biden is like a sick dog.

  13. Our government seems unaware of the country's inflation, and the situation is worsening daily. We should explore ways to increase our income through improved opportunities.

  14. Even mr magoo accomplished things once he found his glasses folks there no glasses gonna be found here ever

  15. Bidens still here? Pull the plug on biden talking. grasdouwkldengqwerfhcmnvoialu. Look Joe I can talk just like yu. i should make a speech. lmao!!!

  16. Hes been gone bye bye the day he was born

  17. "Let me be clear?!" OMGosh! He's never been clear!

  18. They always investigate, today garland said it like 900 times , Kirby is investigating,kjp is always saying we still investigate , is that word the solution for everything 😊

  19. Joe Biden got to GO ! ASAP,,,America!!!! Can’t you see it ? Where is real commender in Chief of America????
    Wake Up America ! Wake Up America!

  20. Well USA.. we
    Don’t have a president this man is stupid and dumb as his vicepresidente

  21. So what it looks like he may get reelected if his health holds up after the 2024 election