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'We will continue to raise the bar of participation': DNC chair on future debate criteria

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez joins George Stephanopoulos on “This Week” to discuss the upcoming Democratic presidential primary debate.


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  1. F she doesn't run as a 3rd n gets locked out fr further debates the dems will lose so fuck tom the asshole crooked piece of shit Perez just a left over hillary supporter n as bad as Trump is he has brought more jobs 2 blacks then even that white man n black face name Obama so let them go dwn the path they now on n we will c cuz they had no right locking out Tulsi or Marianne from these last bullshit debates n just bcuz she called that fake hunk of shit harris out on her record so go Tulsi go n do ur thing n same 2 u Marianne cuz combined y'all have enuf support 2 have complete control over the party so the power is now n y'all hands 2 determine the nx president n I hope it is one of y'all but absent that y'all can ensure that one of y'all on the tix but n my mind I say start a new party n go 4 it while ur support is firm n btw I m a huge supporter of u both

  2. thatz bullshit everything tom the asshole Perez said is a ducking lie n I can't wait 4 the dems 2 lose again so d they think blacks did not come out 4 Hillary the bitch clinton then just wait 4 this election cycle fuck tom Perez he locked out Tulsi n Marianne so fuck him n besides he is as corrupt n stupid as the rest of them but think a no one sees thru his bullshit but I bet all I have that they see thru his shit n dems will pay the price at the polls

  3. What do all of thee dumpstercRATs listed below have in common?!?!
    1. Peter rider Buttgigitty
    2. Francis I’m a Messican Orourke
    3. Shartacus booker
    4. Sleepy Creepy Pedobear Biden
    5. Camela toe knee pads Harris
    6. Feel the std burn Bolshevick sanders
    7. Willy da blowsio
    8. Andy Wang
    9. Pocahontas Warren
    10. A slew of unknown fuckwits

    That’s right!! None of them pieces of dumpstercRATic JackAss feces will ever become President!!!
    President Trump 2020 🇺🇸🖕🏻🐸🖕🏻🇺🇸

  4. Is it just me or does Tom Perez look like bathroom mold came to life and wore a jazzy set of glasses….

  5. It's clear that the mainstream media and establishment have chosen Biden as their candidate and they are openingly cheating for him. The Progressive needs to run a 3rd Party Bid because there's no home here for the Progressive party and most Americans now are Independents. It's time to dump the Democrats and Republicans and really run the Independent Party in the elections

  6. So why should I believe you after the scandal of the party favoring Hillary over Sanders??? You're probably doing the same thing with Biden. Good luck with that. Thanks for another 4 year of Trump, you f*ed up assholes.

  7. Every democratic country is bond to the USA ,
    If u like democracy, instead of a country more like a connected ideology , in my mind it must be preserved , but if u care of the people by the people than u realize u have to keep the roots healthy with freedom from broken example of making friends , at list do it for yourselves , I personal don’t judge people for their country’s action , I believe high majority of people in USA are amazing human beings , same as everywhere els , I think we are as guilty as the situations and options ,
    I believe USA can become the pinnacle of human consciousness evolution , not because of the negative which shadows the bright stars it has created , in my mind planet earth is not a national issue , we really do need responsible leaders this time ,
    So with all do respect DNC Tulsi is a need

  8. I want to know the criteria for what is a qualifying poll.

  9. What would the DNC Chair and the mainstream media and YOUTUBE do –candidate Andrew Yang and other DEM candidates too are being discredited by videos discrediting them although using different first names for him, Warren and others like John Yang, etc. which intends to confuse the public?

  10. When the DNC chair talks you have to be critical and basically know they are lying to your face.

  11. Yourfukked debt fish cal cliff order to skyartstars sons of heaven fuked yatch now and account you know saying you dont tallk to steel my stuff fuk you. At cs esummu

  12. Commies are raising the law against all.. nobody eat steak except them… nobody drive except them…no baby for nobody..except them..

  13. tulsi gabbard did not make the debates because she is an Assad war crime apologist, and homophobic as well. The worst thing, she does not believe Trump committed any impeachable offenses.

  14. Oh look GAYBCDISNEY runs more BS


  16. Tom Perez tampers with our elections more than any foreign country

  17. Well at least Yang got through their BS rules. Remember to vote for Yang in 2020!

  18. Wow, his body language "tells" for when he's lying are super obvious… he shakes his head no when he says it has always been up to the voters, and that the DNC is fair/transparent. No hesitation at all.

  19. #walkawaydemocratparty.
    Party of illegal aliens
    Party of kkk and slavery
    Party of swamp
    Party of lies and cheaters.
    Party of ms13
    Party of radical socialist liberal democrat communist
    Party of local terrorist Antifa.
    Party of Hollywood
    Party of race and hate Americans
    Party of abortion and no religion
    Party of anti Israel

  20. As a believer in God, a citizen of America and as a registered voter I view democRats as traitors. Why? Because of the following things democRats want.
    A) Control your wealth.
    B) Control your health.
    C) Take away your rights of speech, religion, rights of guns, rights to own property, rights to develope property.
    D) Control education.
    E) Control your parenting decisions.
    F) Control your rights to drive.
    G) Control where your assets go.
    H) Control your businesses.
    I) Control the media.
    J) Control your morals.
    K) Force you to accept islam, transgenderism and homosexuality because the democRats want you to sacrifice your souls to submit to these evil cultish movements.
    L) Control your income.
    M) Control your banking.
    N) Control the internet.
    O) Control justice and protect their pedophilia gurus.
    P) Control the rights to survive a birth.
    As a free individual….I cannot vote for the control freaks of the blind pathetic collective.
    I cannot vote for people who want to rip up our constitution to convert us to be slaves that serve them.

  21. Why do I have to pay this guy? Tool!

  22. Clinton didn't work… We need someone with minority status, more socialist, more woke, more corrupt.

  23. How can a (both) political organization be so fucking out of touch with the people it's supposed to serve?

  24. Bennet should try to be slightly more compelling. I feel like I'm watching an unfunny Muppet when he speaks. Sorry, but personality counts for something, as do ideas, policies and platforms.

  25. 2:19 RIGHT THERE! Your poll doesn’t count! We’ll see the ones we the DCCC WANT to see. (Not what most of them tell us)

  26. You reward Yang for excepting special interest money and diss Tulsi Gabbard, who is clearly not bought like the rest of you corporate democrats.

  27. Translation: "The DNC will continue to increase the level of Bolshevism within the party.

  28. Tom as a lifelong 65 year old Latino progressives non PC Democrat you say that your party is transparent really but you can't even disclose what makes one poll acceptable and one not and how democratic are super delegates I just see a party that doesn't want to give up power back to the people and one who once again are trying to pick who the powers that be want

  29. Who else is here to read the comments? lol looking at your views id say your party was in some serious trouble

  30. When you said the replublicans were so extreme and the democrats were on top of everything the people want……I spit my coffee everywhere 😳😂…….and the polls say that anyone could beat trump,COME ON THESE POLLS ARE B S AND YOU KNOW ARE YOU WOULDNT BE WORRIED TO DEATH. TRUMP HAS THIS.

  31. Fuck you, Tom Perez and DNC! "The most transparent process in the history of the democratic primary" hahahaha Remember the super-delegates that rigged the last primaries?

  32. He had the balls to say the Republicans were far off to the side and extreme…

  33. Reading comments and viewing DNC's treatment of their candidates… they haven't been transparent How can a smart guy like Andrew Yang be confused about which polls he needs to qualify for?

    Also, how are they doing all candidates a service by having only night September debate?

    How are they doing our country any service by hosting debates on the large media channels?

    All evidence points to DNC picking their horses early. The rest is just smoke.

  34. Perez…"it's always been up to the voters"… what a crock of s***…..!!

  35. Democrats have gone full retard. .Yes I said RETARD 😮

  36. After 2016, a sane person would go less libtard, the DNC went full libtard and beyond.

  37. "Which four polls?', is an excellent follow up question that a qualified reporter would ask?

  38. Little Georgie in the village idiots .While it anyone watch

  39. Corporate participation, not so much for the voters. Lying sacks of shit.

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