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Wealth taxes will impact everyday working people: Bobby Jindal

Former Louisiana Governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal on Democrats’ proposed wealth taxes, the economy and how the short term problems Americans are enduring from the trade war will ultimately be trumped.

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  1. Socialism is a mask, communism is behind it.

  2. Father time take Comrade Bernie out of the race, Tulsi opened a can of truth, taking out Kamaltoe Harris, and crooked past taking Creepy Joe out of the race. hat leaves Poke Her Hauntass…so far. Will she be taken out before or after Billary joins the circus? Yes, we all know she will run again to get the crown "stolen" from her last time. It will be 2016, V2.0.

  3. When you tax business that is making money you tax the workers….

  4. Eisenhower taxed the upper wealthy, perfectly balanced budget. Clinton the same. Only 2 times in modern history. That’s how you have a great economy. Of course, if you people like paying more in taxes, and the wealthy less than you. Then your just STUPID🤨

  5. Democrats are Communists and they lie and will never honor one word or promise they make? Our kids and grand kids will pay that price if it's not stopped here!

  6. Cavuto … another liberal tv boy… just like your boy shep “ humpback mountain” Smith!

  7. Why would anyone in their right mind vote for a Dem?

  8. What’s so hilarious is the athletes, many who protest for racial discrimination and paid millions annually, will have their incomes taxed 80-90%. They will help pay for “free” medical, welfare costs that democrats want for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. NOTHING IS FREE! SOMEONE PAYS AND IT IS US!

  9. I have some reservations about Warren being our president… & I just don't think Bernie's heart is in it anymore.

  10. Lizzie Warren is a bonified nut job and liar. nobody in their right mind would vote for this idiot.

  11. Bobby Jindal gets no stent or heart operation but only father/son gets stent in heart. Who is this Bobby Jindal? Campaigner of BharatMALA sexual immorals of SamparkSeSamarthan! So UBS Bank disclosed these kutthey BharatMALA account's?

  12. Moneybags McDuck Warren is worth 12mill+ time to take that boomers bag.

  13. I think all the kickbacks to the Democrats are drying up and the Democrats are feeling the pain in their hip pockets, corruptions control is also hurting the deep state and it will not be long before the CIA slush funds start drying up, their support of drug cartels are being affected with all the Mexican troops on the border. Poor Deep State and Democrats fundraising will start to dry up soon.

  14. It is naive to believe merely taxing the rich will fix our problems, though a lot of people, myself included, are not opposed to the idea once the prerequisite issues are dealt with. Collecting more taxes avails nothing while the Crony-"Capitalist" lobby Swamp is still in place. Remember, Amazon doesn't pay taxes. And I'm sure the CEOs of these companies likewise have dark money in their personal revenues that shall never be touched because of the "favor" system. Then the politicians will be hungry for money for their programs that never got the promised funding because Congress allowed the wealthy and the corporatists to sneak out of their responsibilities again, and they will in retaliation tax the rest of us who cannot afford to be taxed anymore. So long as this corrupt Congress and corrupt lobby system is in place, that tax money will never reach the American People but I am certain it will somehow magically reach the CEOs and Con-gress. We unfortunately don't have a trickle-down economy but a cycle-back economy, where all the wealth stays in the wealthy-corporation-lobby loop, never circulating through the entire economy. But if real Capitalism was restored so these corrupt CEOs, Congressmen, and wealthy persons couldn't make the great benefits of this greatest country exclusive to them, then we could talk of tax techniques. But there needs to be sister legislation to counter the corruption we have seen them do. Trump's expatriate-company tariff would be but one element of the needed reform. And we need a Congress loyal to the American People and not the lobbies.

  15. 9/attacks hit the wrong buildings should of hit capital Hill

  16. Suddenly trump supporters are defending the swampy elite and rich one percent. Man they got brainwashed hard

  17. Note they didn't propose stopping the billions for dollars given to all boat load of countries get "aid" from us.

  18. It's amazing how bad they want our money.

  19. how you make your money is something to be considered. if you are a person who got rich after entering politics……

  20. the rich already pay the lions share

  21. Wealth tax no neal cavuto is against us Republicans and president trump 2020,

  22. Yeah now us regular folks who buy used items on Ebay now have to pay a tax if you are in New Jersey. On used items!!!!!

  23. No, you don't have to worry about them trying to get your wealth directly… Business do not pay taxes, consumers do…Why is this idiot talking about their greed EVENTUALLY getting to you as if that is the actual problem? When they tax "the rich" you pay for it when you buy products and when you don't get a salary increase…It's so asinine that Fox news needs to bring up a straw man when there is a present threat looking them in the face.

  24. The trumpster gave big business a large tax break. Did that help or hurt the working person.

  25. Elizabeth Warren: Interest-free loans and a fake professor job for me, more taxes for you.

  26. Wealth tax will obliterate our economy!!! Yang!! Yang!! Yang!! Yang!!!!

  27. The current tax scheme is unsustainable.

  28. Bread line Bernie and Pocahontas would bankrupt this country in under 6 months. 😎🌴🌴


  30. And Trump's tax cuts, just created a huge deficit. Economy is stagnant

  31. Another recession brought to you by the Democratic party. Just like in 2008..at least theirs time to recover by the Election. Trump is needed to guide us through..just like FDR..

  32. Stocks plummeted today. Thanks Trump

  33. Republicans are scared of taxes.

  34. Wealth TAX, robbing from the American people to GIVE more TO THE WEALTHY. That's what it IS!!!!!!!

  35. Don't count out Yang. 😂
    The attrition rate is accelerating!

  36. Let's see numbers $. How about debt

  37. The only prayer anyone should say for evil people is a prayer for a change of heart. I will not pray for an evil man to continue living

  38. Socialists like Warren and Sanders always lie about the tax consequences of their pie-in-the-sky utopian programs. Socialism always fails because it always destroys the middle class and completely removes checks against the ruling class.

  39. How's that worked for California,Chicago and New York

  40. Only stupid people would wan’t to pay more taxes rather than less.

  41. Warren welfare for all, is that not like buying votes

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