Wednesday , January 27 2021
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Wearing A Mask Can Protect You, Not Just Others, New CDC Guidance Says | NBC Nightly News

The CDC has said all year that wearing a mask can protect others from the coronavirus. New guidance from the agency says a mask can also reduce exposure to infectious droplets for the person wearing one.
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Wearing A Mask Can Protect You, Not Just Others, New CDC Guidance Says | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Are you guys aware that democrates dont want trumps death vaccine.

  2. Is it like your guy of the camera who wasn´t using a mask while you fake journalist was saying to other to "use a mask" ?

  3. The cdc and who have never cured any virus or disease none and the virus came from the country that all wear masks so no masks do not work.It’s all bull 💩

  4. The chinese have been saying this since january. Took the american cdc 11 months, 11million infection and 250k deaths to finally realize

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  6. NBC: Your theory is that humanity is stupid. Respiratory viruses are killers throughout history. All we had to do was wear a mask? Would think that this advice would have found its way though the ages. Actually we tried it in the Spanish Flu and it did not help.

  7. It depends on the mask. There are good masks and bad masks. Why do you think doctors and nurses the world over wear masks in operating rooms?? Is it a worldwide conspiracy that has been with us for generations??

  8. this is fake humor news like the onion…lol

  9. WEAR A MASK! What are the most serious consequences of COVID-19 is 20% get mental illness long term. However are many other Experiences with

    More serious long-term complications appear to be less common but have been reported. These have been noted to affect different organ systems in the body. These include:

    Cardiovascular: inflammation of the heart muscle
    Respiratory: lung function abnormalities
    Renal: acute kidney injury
    Dermatologic: rash, hair loss
    Neurological: smell and taste problems, sleep issues, difficulty with concentration, memory problems
    Psychiatric: depression, anxiety, changes in mood. death you don’t have to live with but many you have to live repeat other consequences. So please wear your mask. When I have told people to wear a mask when you’re not worried because there’s only a 2% chance of death. Death you don’t have to live with but there’s many other consequences that you do have to live with. So where are your mask.

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  11. Meanwhile, back in the REAL-WORLD…
    The May 2020 Journal of Emerging Infectious Diseases found that "MASKS WERE NOT EFFECTIVE"
    in randomized controlled trials using real people, and real viruses.
    The CDC-promoted "science" does NOT use real people/viruses! Bottom line: "covid" is being used to take total control of society. Your life depends on you figuring this out.

  12. Disease deaths per day worldwide

    Tuberculosis 3014
    Hepititis B 2430
    Pneumonia 2216
    Aids 2110
    Malaria 2002
    Rotavirus 1233
    Flu 1027
    Norovirus 548
    Whooping cough 440
    Typhoid 396
    Cholera 392
    Meningitis 329
    Measles 247
    Rabies 162
    Yellow fever 82
    Coronavirus 56

  13. This is a big joke, completely stupid.

  14. So are the CDC just stupid or idiots ?

  15. Hypoxia is a diminished supply of oxygen to the body.  I’ve been trained about hypoxia – recognizing it, the dangers, contributing factors.


  17. how bout protect yourself by being healthy…. oh wait , thats not a thing anymore…..i'll have a Long Island Iced Tea with a shot of vaccine please!

  18. Fauci used to insist masks are no good back in march april and may. History dont lie. Fauci is the one who fails Americans.


  20. りA recount of US national ballots was done by an elite National Guard unit by early morning of November 8. The fraud prevention ballot is printed with an invisible, unbreakable code watermark and is registered with the Quantum Blockchain System.
    14 million votes were cast on laser scanners in five states. It was confirmed that 78% had no watermark to verify the vote. 100% of them were voted by Biden.

    In this first test, a watermark of verified votes entered into a quantum computer showed that Trump won the reelection with more than 80% of legitimate votes.
    Trump has 73.5 million votes against Biden's 25.9 million votes. It was never thrown away or counted as people saw it.

  21. Numbers increased after they forced everyone to wear the same dirty mask again.
    Not to mention the amount of people that gets tested has increased substantially. Jobs require a test if you call of sick. But 99.999% of people survive this week flu. At least the regular flu case numbers are way down and still way more deadly by %. They are just trying to scare people into giving up there rights.
    We should just have covid parties like parents did with chicken poxs. It is rare or not possible to catch covid twice. We are just prolonging this non lethal flu. The number of cases is so inflated and not accurate. Social media / news is brainwashing the sheep.

  22. WTF is this comment section 🤣🤣🤣

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