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Weight Loss Body Transformation – (35 days) before and after results

Amazing Fat Loss Transformation results. My before and after results from the belly fat challenge. This is a fitness tutorial that will show you how to lose weight faster and burn belly fat.
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Want to watch something again? Here’s how to find it quickly:
Chapter #1 Proof on Video: 0:44
Chapter #2 :What to expect and how to find out more 2:32
Chapter #3: Fat Breaking vs Fat Burning 4:42
Chapter #4: Examples of Weight Loss vs Fat Loss 5:47
Chapter #5: Ketogenic Diets and Fat Loss vs Calories 6:38
Chapter #6 Eating Before Training 7:08
Chapter #7: Taking a Broader View 7:50
Chapter #8: What is Stubborn Fat 8:15
Chapter #9: The “cold fat” Experimenter 8:49
Chapter #10: The Movement Connections 9:59
Chapter #11: Blood Oxygen and Gut Health 11:01
Chapter: #12 EMFs, Toxins, Estrogen and Apoptosis 11:35
Chapter: #13 Conclusion and How to Take it Further 12:16

In this video I’m going to share a CRAZY method for a weight loss body transformation – with a punch. I’ll include the video proof going from fat to fit. I want you to see the advanced weight loss research I used to achieve my results. The last 12 years have changed my mind about calories. They drove me towards looking at hormones and biological reactions.

It is somewhat disappointing to see that given the available research on growth hormone, insulin, lipolysis and oxidation… we are still focusing in the wrong place. Most people put all their efforts towards calories! The truth is that if we limit ourselves to calories then our results are going to be very limited as well.

This video looks at different aspects of the science. An amazing body transformation fat to fit style! It’s also an introduction to the BellyProof resource. For those who want to do the before and after body transformation and join the success, you can!
One thing is for sure, weight loss is a much more complex process than what most of us are being led to believe. While some people choose to look at that as a negative, there are others who see opportunity to do things better.

For those who want to do the weight loss body transformation challenge and join the success you can!.

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  1. Too many haters Jacob, wonderful set up and results even though for completely honest disclosure i missed one weeks workouts due to extreme back pain and despite getting the tailor made meal plan i only did a heavy keto diet with the sourdough pizza additions so I'm certain my caloric totals were higher than those of the custom meal plan. With that in mind i have gone from 210 lbs to currently 193 and still dropping. This is the end of week 5. I am delighted with the results. After a keto break i will return to it once more in about 2-3 weeks. Pics to follow, 2" off waist. Thank you very much for making it so easy. Side note I can now do a minimum of 5 dead hang Pull ups too, am totally stoked and will be slinging a 12-16 kg kettkebell for my negatives tomorrow.

  2. I don't know which part of country you live in but where I live jingle belly is like fashion to us guy
    So we don't have to worry about people think

  3. Too much said, very little learnt, but I guess u lost weight making this video

  4. thanks to you i have insomia if i cant sleep im watching this after a minute i fall asleep this big help for me ..

  5. Well.. you do have to be in a calorie deficit to burn fat. There are various ways you can enhance your body's ability to burn/target fat but ultimately there is no way in the seventh circle of hell that you can lose significant amounts of fat without maintaining a caloric deficit. It really isn't rocket science, track your macros, stay hydrated, get enough quality sleep, eat clean, stay in a deficit, make sure you are getting enough protine to maintain lean muscle mass, consider things like keto or intermittent fasting to help your body target fat more efficiently, make sure your training plan incorporates weight training as well forms of cardio that YOU will/can perform consistantly, consider HIIT for cardio (if you think you can stick with it and keep doing it week after week), STAY CONSISTENT with your eating habits and training and most important of all realize that staying fit (especially staying ripped) is a LIFESTYLE change and not a "diet" where you lose some weight and then go back to eating crap and being lazy expecting to keep the weight off.

  6. Help meeee!im from Philippines … My doctor said I need my body weigh to be maintained only 45kg but my weigh is 60kg … Huhuhuuu I am diabetic..

  7. Bullshit this was more than 5 weeks

  8. Good job man.. btw which steroid you took…

  9. He reminds me of the guy in Jurassic park that explains how Dino dna came from frogs in the video they saw

  10. This is a great video – as the total views testify. Relevant and targetted to the right people. Great job.

  11. Felt like watching anatomy biology video not workout related😅😅

  12. I think you talk too much technical language that few people make it to the end of the clip.

  13. I feel like I’m in a science class

  14. Yes, I agree with you and will visit your site. Thanks for the advice and kudos for your transformation.

  15. I did not consider probiotics. Thank you.

  16. My stomach and legs are colder…

  17. Should I not be takinf pre workout??? :/

  18. Mais você já era magro só precisava seca o buxo

  19. What's your point. I confused

  20. What are you saying young man?

  21. Please correct the spelling of "ADVANCED" fitness tutorial

  22. Intermittent fasting + high protein diet + high intensity workout

  23. reverse..1month full eating..

  24. Explains a lot I must be the fittest fatty I know with a cold belly

  25. how much exercise you used to do?……. cardio or weight training?

  26. Dude, whats the solution to losing belly fat, this is more of a theoretical lecture than a practical

  27. Well why didn't you just said do exactly this and this and this, "as i did"… so we can try your results…. This way you just made a universe of its own, and a lot of us begginers have like NO CLUE what to do man… We still don't have the answer on HOW EXACTLY to do this in 5-8 weeks. 🙄

  28. Adobe quickly released a photoshop update Now with jiggle animations!

  29. I am so happy with the things i obtained. .

  30. Keto is a certain way to die earlier. Eating a lot of processed red meat is not a good option (which most of ketoers do).

  31. please replay i need to know if this cost money

  32. Best thing in the world eat normally not to much and running 🏃‍♀️ and some push-ups and little time for abs six packs do all normally not too much every thing will be good because you dont now how long is your life then why to harry be cool 👍

  33. Knowledge is power but what is the solution in this video. Now I'm confused what to do

  34. I am moving to your website, you are too good . Keep up the great job

  35. If I shouldn’t eat apples or protein shakes before a workout because of insulin then what should I eat? Also what do you have to do to break down and then burn the fat specifically. This video is kind of vague on examples.

  36. Great video! I loved your explanations, it is great to see someone who has gone beyond bro science.

  37. I learned a few things thanks man 👍

    I think certain methods work best for certain people so anytime different is good

  38. Dude! What are you saying? Speak English. I did not understand a word you said?


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