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Weight Loss Journey| Malayalam| 84 kg to 58 kg | Weight loss tips malayalam| Weight loss Malayalam

#weightloss #postpregnancyweightloss #weightlossjourneymalayalam My weight loss journey malayalam. How to reduce post Pregnancy weight and belly in the healthiest way. #malayalivlogger #malayalimomvlogger
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Nethu and me is a channel where I share my personal experiences with my viewers. Each baby is different, so recommendations on this channel may or may not work for you. I am not a medical professional, so please consult your doctor before taking any medications or trying any remedy suggested in the videos.

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  1. My Weight loss diet plan:–BMN0
    പ്രസവശേഷം വയറു കുറയാൻ Maternity Belts or Tummy tightening methods :

  2. Very informative and good video. I was nearly falling into depression. But your words helped me a lot. Keep going

  3. Chechiii thadi vekkan valla tipsum undel paraju thaa plzzzzź😔

  4. Ee exercise matram cheydapo vayar poyuo

  5. Ente babykk 6 months kazhinju. First pregnancy yil 18months kond prepregnancy weight aayi. But i gained more weight.ipo i am 76 kgs and i look much more fatty. 😞

  6. Video valare nannayitund😊

  7. Chechi weight kooduthal ullavrkum eth follow cheyamo…

  8. orupaaadi upaaakarappedunna anubhavam aaanaiii….valaraiii nanni

  9. ഇതൊന്നു നോക്കു എന്റെ മുത്തുമണികളെ ❤️

  10. Chechi ente delivery kazhinjit 9 month aayi.pakshe thadiyum vayarum kurayunnilla.athinnetha kurakkanum patunnilla vishap karanam.

  11. I like ur way of talking… Thanku for ur valuable information

  12. Nannayitt manasilavunna samsaram

  13. Chechi nte delivery kayinjitt 11 month kayinju..njn ippo 78 kg und.. Nki weight kurakknam njn nth cheyyanam. Njn orupaad shramichittum nadakkatha kaaryamaan

  14. Good video chechi… breathing exercise etra time cheyanam

  15. Hair fall nekurich oru vdo tharamo.

  16. Nte delivery kazhinju 6 mnth aayi c session aayirunnu ippo 70 kg und stomach und..feelavanu kurayathirikkumbol

  17. Chappathi kazhikkavo. Full time.

  18. Hi myself dhevu.. weight loss diet plan onn share cheyamo.. during breast feeding time. Delivery കഴിഞ്ഞു 8 months akunnu..

  19. enik 1st deliveryk shesham vannam theere illaju 51polum undayilla vayarottum illaju but 2nd deliverykaij 1/half aai nalla weight undada 65above und bt athinekal enik vishamam vayar aan 5maasma polatha vayar engana kurakum njan

  20. Presentation good..samsaram adipoli..BUT camerayil nokooo chechi..

  21. Enganeya weight maintain cheyyunne

  22. Weight loss ask me how
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  23. Do watch this Detox water for weight loss:

  24. Thanks for the information

  25. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😍

  26. C section kaynj vayar tight chyth vekkandath importnt aano

  27. Pls can you give eng sub titles please sis

  28. Delivery kazhinj epozhan exercise cheyyan patuka

  29. Chechi enkipl 69 kg. 3 mnths ayi pregnancy kaznjit. Ende pblm enk pregnancyl bhaynkra vayar undrnu
    Ipzhm und. Adivayr nala thoongi kidaknu. Thatumbl kulungm. Athengne marum ini. Plz reply

  30. Nandu chechii please help me chechii.. Engane diet and workout consistent aayii munnottu kondu pokum?..

  31. Haiii……Ente baby K 2 vayas avarayi.. Njan weight okke kuraju… But vayaru mathram poyittilla.. Ee exercise eni chaida result kitto

  32. Chechi dress evidenna edukkunne… Online ano

  33. Amrutham podi recipes weight loss nu nallathaanoo

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