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WEIGHT LOSS tips and getting shredded Ft Alan Thrall & Omar Isuf

Hey guys here is a little snippet of a podcast I did with omar isuf and alan thrall. in this segment they give us some weight loss tips on how to get shredded. Alan went from 245-215 and Omar has recently dropped over 16lbs. So if you are looking on some tips to help you lose fat and build some muscle this is the video for you! Whether you are a bodybuilder, powerlifter, strongman, weightlifter, you can find benefits in this podcast. Enjoy!

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  1. Hey guys hope you enjoy the video and if you can head over and listen to the full podcast available on Itunes: or podbean if you don't have itunes!

  2. Is there a reason for Omar always wearing the bandana?

  3. dang omar nice way of putting it thats helpful as heck for someone that hates tracking and probably under estimates total intake, loosing weight is great but I hate stuffing my face to gain weight, its the worst.

  4. Oddly enough I found the audio very relaxing; lovey voice when you speak calmly.
    – Enjoyed the content too, thank you.

  5. I've been skinny for decades, but about a year ago in a whim I checked my BMI and it came back overweight. I dropped 20 by mainly focusing on getting protein, making batter choices (vegetables more mainly), and being okay with being hungry.

  6. The awesome thing about these two is that they are equally as informative as they are hilarious when they collaborate or create content. True professionals and stand up dudes with tons of knowledge at any rate.

  7. People gotta embrace the discomfort of losing weight. Losing weight comes with many discomfort like physically, mentally and emotionally. If you can’t embrace it, you can never reach your goal.

    The discomfort right now may seem a discomfort but if you push through it, it really feels like any regular day.

  8. Asmr through the video and then that outro spooked me

  9. Thanks for sharing this! 💪🤗

  10. I like Alan's "I look like Sh1t" comment. That is what it takes for some of us to get it, I can relate. One day I saw myself in the mirror and realized i didn't want to see myself shirtless either cause I looked like sh1t. Have to have that "ahh" moment. Been on my own journey since.

  11. Can’t wait to do my body recomp. All this information is coming at a great time.

  12. High quality contents😍
    Greetings from Sardinia!

  13. Like the average person could be a Dad? Lol. Enjoy watching you guys with
    all your knowledge and experience. It's nice that we have a platform to watch
    and learn from others. Omar drink out of the can you little raskal and don't grow a beard.
    Alan you sound like you have actually took the
    Starting strength program so serious and it derailed you.
    What about calories in, calories out. Can't you just be consistent with that?
    Tips: Use steroids, Greg and Brandin will totally agree.
    Also, Szat I only subscribed because of Omar is friends with you and looking forward to binge watching your videos while eating donuts. Omar doesn't know me, but I know him.

  14. Nice video, but why the headsets?

  15. I like the humility of the host .

  16. I love you guys together!! more please!!!!

  17. Cant heat shit! Sounds like a basket ball game.(squeaky shoes) or a room full of old hags queefing! Seriously caint hear shit.

  18. I can't wait til Alan's feet learn about Legos.

  19. Great conversation with great dudes

  20. Please start the metal band all ready you three look like you would rip it up !

  21. I have the shit turned up all the way and I could barely hear what you guys are saying LOL

  22. Man. I have an appetite that even on my bulk I’m still hungry 😢

  23. Any chance you can upload your podcast on Spotify?

  24. Great clip, it made me want doughnuts

  25. You’re a man dime Joe 👌🏻😍💪🏻

  26. Welp I lost aproaching 100 pounds…..lost strength …but kind of temporary it’s coming back like noob gains….gonna go the slow gain method from here…I feel great and gonna let it fall where it lands

  27. Thoroughly enjoyed being on the Podcast man, great interviewing skills.

  28. When I lost a lot of weight, two things that were such a nice change was how jeans actually we’re comfortable, and getting in and out of a car was sooo much easier.

  29. I'm at about 6'6", 350lbs and am stuck in that mindset of "smaller means weaker". I do still eat out a lot, but I've started keeping myself accountable through tracking. Even my garbage days are tracked to see where I sit calorie wise. Still trying to find a good point of deficit without feeling rough in the gym though, hopefully someday soon I'll find the good spot to be.

  30. Holy hell this is boring, it’s hunting season dorks

  31. This is REALLY quiet. I can barely hear it with my phone on full volume.

  32. Best fitness youtubers right here

  33. joe szatsmary, talk louder please

  34. I'm 6-2 270. When I was 27 I went from 330 to 230. Most of the 40 lbs I gained back have been muscle but there's a good bit of fat. Now at 37 I want to get down to 240-250 but boy it's been roooooough. I think most of my issues is actually not eating enough. At first you see the weight come off but it stalls quickly. Then you slush through workouts. Every lift becomes a bear. It's awful. So I've actually increased my daily calories by about 600 in hopes that it will boost the metabolism. It'll be a slow weight loss but likely will have better results at the end. In fact, if i hit my macros most days, I bet I'll see some muscle gain as well.

  35. NZ crew checking in again.
    Impressive results for sure!

  36. Watching both of these guys for years honestly I'd come to expect this sort of success with a body composition shift with Omar, but I've been floored with what Alan has accomplished. Great job on both accounts guys

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