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WEIGHT LOSS TIPS Q+A | motivation, self-trust + more!

I am answering your questions about health + weight loss today. We will cover the following questions:

★ How to listen to hunger cues without overeating?
★ How to control willpower so you don’t over eat?
★ My experience with eating disorders?
★ Thoughts on gastric bypass?
★ Can you lose weight without exercise?
★ How to motivate yourself to eat healthy?

Thank you to each of one who submitted questions! Please let me know if you would like to do these Q+A videos more often down in the comments below. And feel free to ask more questions for future videos.

Health + Weight Loss Tips:

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    du schlank sein verwenden, um in sehr kurzer Zeit dünn zu sein.100% effektiv
    und sicherinshallha.

  2. I like the details yhou give about how to treat myself better thank you

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  5. Thank you for your video. You have a great talent for keeping it simple and not complicated. All the questions on your video were ones I would have asked myself, they were spot on. I will try all you suggested.

  6. Loving all the positive answers to these questions! This really helped me. Thank you! Excited to watch more of your Q&As! 🙂

  7. I could listen to these talks all day!!! Thank you 👏🏼👏🏼

  8. I loved this Dani! I didn't want it to end. Thank you for your advice and insight xxx

  9. You’re videos are the best. Full of wisdom, caring and health. Thank you for the recipes too!!!

  10. Wow i just love listening to you…i have watched several of your videos n just your calmness and gentle caring voice motivates me to want to take better care of myself. Your a awesome lady..subscribed for sure!

  11. Thank you for your channel

  12. Really great advice across the board.

  13. Thank you so much for answering my question. Sorry it's taken a while to watch this (life got in the way). I am now allowing myself these things and not denying myself. Which means I'm no longer picking all the time at them. Like you said. I've also realised it isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle. Thank you so much, I love watching your videos they give me so much motivation! Keep up the fab work! X

  14. What are the effects of putting a time limit on your weight loss goals?

  15. Wonderful advice on creating healthy relationships with food! You give advice like a sister or a best friend. Thank you❤️

  16. I really enjoy these videos from you. I’ve done so many diets, workout programs, and just put myself through hell growing up. Now that I’m in my late twenties with a tiny tot, I finally started asking myself why I was doing this. I went to culinary school and became a chef because I love food so much, but I also hated it when it really didn’t deserve it. I discovered your channel and you brought me to intuitive eating. You asked the questions that I had been subconsciously asking myself for years. Now that I’ve decided to say goodbye to dieting and what everybody else says is good, I am so hungry for knowledge. Your videos keep my mind positive, so I can continue to use my skills to make sure to keep myself and my family happy and healthy.

  17. Hi. I have just found your channel. This was a great video, especially around the subject of motivation definitely food for thought.

  18. Dani, I love your videos. I’m so glad that I “discovered” your channel. I’ve recommended it to friends and family. The recipes are simply amazing along with all of your tips. ❤️

  19. Thank you Dani!
    I would love to know about food combinations. what veggies or sides go along with salmon? Which soup is great with grilled cheese? What goes well with tuna sandwich? What protein I should go for with brown rice, couscous? Food combinations always get me struck. Often we see individual recipes , i have saved tons in my recipe book. But hardly do i know how to put them together.

  20. I eat 1200 calories a day and can't lose weight. Explain that! I am handicapped. I weigh 400lbs and I am 66ft 8in tall. The BMI calorie chart says anything below 2,900 calories should cause weight loss.

  21. Very helpful video and it resonates with me deeply. Learning to fill my body with fuel to help it run well has brought me to a much healthier place mentally and physically!

  22. You have so much great advice, really appreciate all your words of wisdom! Very helpful.💜

  23. Hi Dani, I love your videos! You've been helping me for a long time! I am disabled, I've had surgeries, antibiotics, and I believe I have leaky gut syndrome. I decided to try a probiotic and it's really helping me. I have more energy, and I'm losing weight without changing anything. The product is Symbiotic 365 by United Naturals. Because it costs $45 for 30 capsules, I am taking it every other day instead of everyday to make it more affordable. It's working anyway! Please check it out, I am interested in what you think of it. I mention this because like the questions of a couple of your other followers, I too considered gastric by pass surgery, and I am also limited by pain and mobility. I have to say, I'm thrilled with this product, combined with your tasty clean and delicious recipes! This is working for me! Thank you, Dani!

  24. Very helpful content! Thank you

  25. I love you and I love your Q&A

  26. Read why woman Blood Turns into Navy Blue –

  27. I absolutely love your videos. I feel like I am sitting down with my best friend who always makes me feel good about myself, and gives me advice and great recipes. ❤️

  28. Dani you are awesome! Impressive how you delved into these challenging questions and shared practical wisdom and insight. So good!

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