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WeightLoss Motivation/Results TikTok Compilation

WeightLoss Motivation/Results TikTok Compilation
We hope you guys enjoyed this compilation!
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Songs I Used In This Video :
DavidPro Official – California (West Coast Beat)
DavidPro Official – “90’s” Old School Free Style
DavidPro Official – Hyper Hill (Hype Trap Beat)
DavidPro Official – Caribbean Islands (Guitar Hip Hop Beat)

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  1. 7:51 wait so ur telling me if I lose weight I also lose my ass yk what on second thought I think I'm okay with a little chub.

  2. Me watching on my couch, while eating candy canes, trying to motivate myself to get up and go exercise.

  3. Coming here since i need a motivation. It's hard to keep motivated when people around me don't understand. 😔

  4. where there is will, there is way

  5. Jesus loves you, Jesus saves

  6. Im starting a journey in January.. Watch my last video and Subscribe and Come along on this journey/healthier lifestyle with me!!

  7. Me sitting here can't even do a pushup

  8. Okay these videos call out my insecurities so much. I see people in these who are so much bigger than me that I still think look hot, but GOD FORBID my BMI is like 0.4 higher than it technically should be.

  9. I love these so much…extremely inspiring and I know I can do it too 💕 been trying for years but I always got in my own way…

  10. I’m hoping to lose some weight by the start of May 1st! I’m giving myself 6-ish months to lose some weight! Wish me luck!❤️

  11. Should make one of these with some nice relaxing music over it instead of the annoying same repeating ugly annoying tiktok overused audio

  12. I’m a 11 year old an I have done many wonderful times what I mean is I try my hardest I dint have weights I whent from 110 pounds to 86 pounds there is hope In 2 months

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  14. I really wanna cry right now😢I'm struggling with my diet rn😭
    Age :14
    This is my first day…so.. yeaa kinda hard , I'm really sick of my friends calling me fat😭

  15. Okay so I’m 12 and I’m 189.2lbs and I am really mature for my age so I am going to give this my all and not stop until I reach my goal🌚

  16. I'm 14 and my height is 168cm(5'6)
    and I currently weight 70kg
    I want to loss 10kgs before new year
    This video motivates me alot ❤️

  17. I'm actually pretty fat in rl… I'm 12 and I weight 150+ … but thanks for posting this cause without u I wouldn't have lost 30 pounds and I'm more attractive now! I was regected my my 3 crushes and now they want me but i said no because its not because of beauty.. its because of ur personality ❤❤❤❤

  18. I sometimes hate how ppl always hate themselves just bc there to fat or to skinny I just wanted to say that YOU.ARE.PRETTY.JUST.THE.WAY.YOU.ARE!❤️❤️❤️

  19. For this Christmas I want a treadmill. I just forgot how much I loved running!

  20. if you guys are on the Chloe ting challenge or any workout challenge trying to loose weight just FWI

    super intense cardio will make your stomach pop out because the muscle is growing under neath

    don't give up hope if you don't see progress in your tummy

    baby girl you got this!!!!

  21. To be honest I’m not even close to being fat but I still watched this video

  22. AgogeDiet really took my diet to the next level. Not only diet, but life. I can see improvements in many aspects of my life. Guys, you rock! #*Agoge Diet*

  23. try your best.
    never give up
    and do your best

    me:just eating

  24. I am 15 and 148cm and 48kg I need to lose weight but I feel hungry and weak because 48 kg for my age is too less but I'm short I can't gain more weight , my friends are 180 cm and they're 75 kg they have a great body and height and they eat a lot , I wish I was taller but they say short girls are cute 😁 I hope it's true

  25. i started at 350 lbs. today i am 299! 💪
    still going!

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