Thursday , September 24 2020
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Welch tells Jim Jordan: Trump 'Is Welcome To Take A Seat Right There' | NBC News

Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., told Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, that “President Trump is welcome to take a seat right there,” and testify after Jordan claimed no one had first-hand knowledge in the impeachment inquiry.
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Welch tells Jim Jordan: Trump ‘Is Welcome To Take A Seat Right There’ | NBC News


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  1. Ashamed that this clown is from my state.

  2. Hey Mr. Trump won't you stop tweeting put on your best suit, put on one of you're  sharpest over priced red ties, go down to the impeachment hearings and testify on your own behalf prove that you did nothing wrong.

    so we can
    When men and women of power are above the law, we as American's continue to slowly
    die in The Quagmire of American Hypocrisy.

  3. Jizzy Gym Jordan🖕🏻

  4. Vcomenplajfennojhanitivilentatapsolutentat

  5. The American people see the corruption of these Republicans on this impeaching hearing in Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes is just annoying they're talking loud and saying nothing nobody cares about Hillary Clinton or Obama they have been out of office for years in the only people keep bringing them up is the corrupt hand-picked Republicans than Donald Trump handpickedand it's annoying to bring up people who don't even have anything to do with this impeachment inquiry when will these Republicans face reality that Clinton and Obama is not running for anything and has been out of office for what three years they are so obsessed with those two people that it is so annoying they had nothing to do what's going on nowand it's very laughable for them to keep bringing it up Clinton and Obama when the American people know they had nothing to do with what's going on because they have been out of existence for 3 yearswhen you are obsessed with somebody who you still think is running for office something is wrong with your mind and you know they mine is messed up because they've been out for like what three years

  6. He finds it sad that there's allegations, There's evidence of the alegation and now there's witness's testifying under oath what they know about the allegation to work on finding out if they're true or not, Wow…

    If he didn't commit Bribery then he has NOTHING to worry about, He should say "I believe you're ALL wrong but i encourage anyone that knows anything to come forward with evidence because our country comes first" …But you'd have better luck getting water out of a rock.

  7. Jordan gave zero substance to his argument, all he did was get loud

  8. Hat dropped cig in mouth THUG LIFE

  9. they're quoting Doctre81, now???

  10. the democrapp are fishing in the dead sea

  11. Why do most GOP house members at these hearings have to talk so loud and YELL? Makes them look angry, mean, arrogant and just plain rude!

  12. oooh he made Jim Jordan look like Joke Jordan lmao

  13. jim allowed a child molester to continue with his molesting.

  14. Jimbo should stick to wrestling and covering up pedophile wrestling coaches that he calls friends. Leave the brainwork to those who havent been put in headlock and had the blood circulation to their brain cut off

  15. Come on Jordan your master in traitor Ttrump wants equal justice and wants to be heard .Bring that traitor in to the hearings and let him answer some questions without lying which you and the rest of you pos Republicans know he can't without lying !!

  16. Has the King of congress basement Shift in this "pretend impeachment" also changed the legal meaning of " witness" too ??.  Those people didn't witness anything??? Just a bunch of (2nd rate diplomates) disgruntled and renegade employees who refuse to follow their duly elected President successful foreign policies..!! Why ??? and funny, when every other President before Trump had done so many damaging political strategics worldwide ..they said nothing !!! hummmm????

  17. VOTE TRUMP!!! 2020!! VOTE TRUMP!!!

  18. Yes ‼️‼️‼️ Jim Jordan what the boys at Ohio State u, all molested👺

  19. Jim Jordan you are a moron, you think the Majority of American people cannot see through to your coward self because you are afraid to stand up for the truth. You along with your coward, corrupt, lying, president, should be removed from office.

  20. Is everyone seriously this dumb???
    Trump legally CANNOT testify in an impeachment proceeding until it gets to the SENATE. Shifty Schiff and everyone involved right now are HOUSE representatives. Once the HOUSE passes the vote for impeachment to the SENATE, THEN Trump and his lawyers can come testify – oh and when that happens Trump and his lawyers have a constitutional right to subpoena literally anyone and anything they want.
    Can’t wait for those days. Money says Schiff is implicated in Pedophile island and it finally is revealed that it was actually the Clintons who colluded with the previous Ukrainian administration. If I’m a REAL good boy I bet ol’ Saint Nick will bring the Fusion GPS dossier into light too!
    What a merry Christmas it will be for America 😄

  21. Welch is another crooked, evil, pussified POS Democrat. So is Maloney.

  22. IN ….. YOUR FACE JIMMY !!!!! 👊 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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