Monday , January 25 2021
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Wells Fargo using PPP fees to support small businesses

Wells Fargo head of small business growth philanthropy Jenny Flores provides insight into how the company is using Payment Protection Program fees to support small businesses.

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  1. I would not trust this banking system

  2. They're getting more money from small businesses on nsf fees for small $2 (yes, $35 fee for TWO DOLLARS) overdrafts!!! My bank, WELLS FARGO is killing my business!!!

  3. Yeah wait until they have to pay it back. Interest will compound over time and they will have to pay back 200%

  4. All banks are extortionists ……they throw a few crumbs to the little guy and its news.

  5. Few days ago newly elected US senator, Cynthia Lummis, endorsed Bitcoin on live television. She spoke very highly of the cryptocurrency, even revealing she had a sizable investment herself, so I keep wondering if I should still get into cryptocurrency Investment, or are all the big gains gone?

  6. Thank you! God Bless !🤝🙏

  7. They were pushing people into forbearance when they tried to make their payments. It's a scumbag bank

  8. Trump insists he won the Georgia election: his supporters now have a chance to prove it. They should vote in the Senate runoffs and write Trump’s name on their ballot paper, Trump would then insist that “his” votes be counted to be used as evidence in one more legal challenge. The GOP will veto this tactic because it has abandoned Trump!

  9. Wtf?? My business isn't important cause I'm not black.

  10. Wells Fargo are crooks. They steal from everyone they get a chance to.

  11. If you think Wells Fargo like minority's your f**** smoking crack.

  12. Lawsuits coming to WFB for discrimination.

  13. Getting financial and moral support from big business while Democrats and Rhinos deny it because they hate each other that much. Who's suffering, politicians??
    PS. Wells Fargo better be playing without any sort of connection to China.

  14. This is racism in a pretty package.
    I am white and it is not available to me.
    Remove any reference to race from ANY GOVERNMENT PROGRAM.


  16. Most minority owned small businesses (& others in areas that serve predominantly minority areas) had little or no access to the first round of PPP funds. So, we can call this “a make-up call”, like what refs do to try to even things out after a particularly bad call during a baseball, basketball, football or other game.

  17. Looks like racist preference. Work with ALL small business, not selected race based preferences.

  18. I see what human beings have done, which is move from biological to psychological and there they have invented this idea that eventually you will come to god. When a human being sees the falseness of it, actually, not theoretically, then it’s finished.

  19. I am struggling SO much to keep my business open. So I don’t get help because I’m white?!

  20. corrupt bank, there a joke, so is fox new

  21. Alot of business in Tucson are calling an saying they're. Working at a place just to get the unemployment money you can see the cars at places that are all employees.. what a joke…an un fair….

  22. After robbing customers for years they finally realized giving back is a better long term solution than training employees to unethical practices. Great job wells

  23. But wait I thought BLM donated all grip of $$$$ to help minority businesses? Ohhhh that’s right. It went to the DNC and not a dime to help small business. People are so naive! Call them racist and they’ll give you their home and $$$.

  24. Great idea… I knew something would come of this Stimulus Stalemate.
    Initiative… Don't wait.. ACT..

  25. It's only for the latino community. This is Joe Biden's agenda. So don't act like your mad, now.

  26. Oh, not ALL small businesses, ONLY minority owned small businesses.

    Go F yourself wells fargo.

  27. So they have launched a racist program that exclude people based on their skin color…. and this is a good thing?

  28. Banks will be running Monopoly games with OUR money..😠😡🤬🇺🇸

  29. Why cant they help all people these dumb cocksuckers

  30. Only minority, isnt this called… Racism! (When you put the needs of one race above another!) We are all struggling, please help us Lord!!! End this ethnic craziness, we are all one blood, we need to start looking at each other as human beings again!

  31. Wells Fargo is has been scamming and stealing (including falsified illegal repossessions) from its customers accounts since forever and you're here "highlighting" these criminals. Yes. ALL MSM is fake news but FOX calling *them* fake news as if FOX is an alternative is just soooooo cute

  32. Well I'm not a minority, so this is just prejudiced identity politics. Why wouldn't you distribute things like this based off of yearly income instead of arbitrary race? I'm sick of being called a minority! Maria, even you selling out now too?

  33. Why only minority owned businesses? Do Caucasians not need help?

  34. If that is PPP money, they shouldn't be charging for repayment….they should just help disperse the funds.. typical capitalism

  35. PPP to the minority owned businesses!! Again it's the white people suffering powerty and injustice! Shame on you for praising this, stupid Jenny Flores!

  36. There were no fees associated with our PPP. Why is Wells Fargo charging fees?

  37. Wells Fargo must only want to keep a roof over the heads of certain COLORS of families. You white people don't have basic needs??

  38. Minority owned? Great as if they didn't already raise 10 billion thru BLM that the minority owned businesses instead they gave all 10 billion to Joe Biden screw you Wells Fargo

  39. December 21, 2017 executive order says that any business caught human trafficking will lose all of their assets. Mortgage free forever.

  40. You shouldn’t have been taking fees associated with the PPP. Now you have to figure out what to do with that money…

  41. Redistribution of wealth? Reparations? Defunding the middle class? What do you call it when the US government shuts down small businesses and drives them into bankruptcy and then gives money to select groups to start businesses in the vacuum? This is the same pattern they will use when it comes to confiscating Firearms. They will take them from law-abiding citizens can redistribute them to the people who helped them get elected through looting riots and other Criminal tactics.
    Don't be too surprised when someday someone is pointing the firearm that you used to own at you telling you to get out of their new house

  42. But if you're white business owner you f*** huh sounds like a BLM

  43. As long as Wells Fargo isnt connected or owned by China? It doesn't seem worthy to me.
    But again, most of these banking institutions are controlled by our enemies. It should be expanded & available to more than just minorities. Seems like it's set up for only them, not all. White folks have become the minority because of these discriminating "programs". It may also cause many to boycott these businesses. Sounds shady, not legit.

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