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Wendy Williams slams audience member for using phone | ABC News

The talk show host stopped her show when the phone rang, telling the audience member, “Get out! Get out! Turn that phone off now, sir, ma’am, whoever you are.”

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  1. Well Wendy, maybe if you had something interesting to talk about people would actually care to turn their phones off. yawn

  2. This has got to be ugliest woman I ever saw….

  3. It’s rude but you can’t take peoples phones away. I just get the feeling the moment you do that is the moment something bad happens and emergency services need to be called. Make a clear policy of silencing phones but don’t lock them up or throw someone else’s property. Make that guest leave instead without a refund.

  4. I mean the concert one seems kind of excessive.. what if you just have a no flash no sound policy?! People always love to record at concerts to relive it and capture the memories.. not to be disrespectful

  5. Wendy Williams is one ugly beast!!!!

  6. As far as a concert we should be able to record what we want… it’s kinda weird that it’s taken so serious. We wanna relive the moment later

  7. Sorry but people need thier phones!!! You never know when an emergency with the kids/loved ones will come up!!! And I will continue to record and document all my experiences ESPECIALLY if I paid for them… people just need to stop being lazy and forgetful and just turn your phone on vibrate!!!

  8. Why does it matter if it’s free or they paid for it they still making money

  9. Wendy usually says "how you doing" to her audience. She probably was saying after someone phone rang, " "oh no you didn't, let your phone ring Get out"

  10. How in the F does this pathetic woman still have a show ? Gross

  11. I don't like that performers are starting to do this. If I'm paying for a ticket to a concert, I'll get distracted or record if I want to. Also it's nice to have something to look back on, like pics or videos. I was just at a concert and luckily they didn't care about phones and I enjoy watching the videos I took.

  12. Get some Botox Wendy also some better topics ,otherwise you useless

  13. People and governments tryna control our lives nowadays, well fuck you where’s our individual freedom going ?

  14. I get that it’s rude but if you snatch my thousand dollar property out of my hand and throw it we’re gonna have a serious problem.

  15. Fools choice . how many freedoms must Americans give up to understand it was free not a law or rule given by a you bow down to man?

  16. You will watch me , I demand it !

  17. That's how they really are… real personality get out get out what a bit h

  18. Celebs need to chill, and see reality, people who go watch them are paying. That singer taking the phone away and tossing it was so disrespectful. What if it was en emergency?

  19. The toothpaste is out of the tube. Performers should have kept a lock on this when it became a problem 10 years ago.

  20. Wendy was joking. Let’s be real, people use that kid excuse as an crutch. We all have responsibilities. If you’re that worried about you kids, don’t leave the house

  21. Lmao I love the get out 😂

  22. Some professors get upset too lol she got way to upset bout it

  23. If you ACTUALLY know Wendy and her show, she’s done the “GET OUT” gag countless times..
    and hello, it’s a live taping. That interrupts everything and makes the show seem cheap. Why are you there if you care about having your phone off? She said “I was being dramatic, kindly turn your phone off” people are such babies

  24. Wendy black ass needs to get off the fucken screen. That bitch has a big mouth!

  25. Is this seriously in the news lmfao

  26. I think Wendy Williams is an ugly bitch, she has huge fake tits and then a flat ass, it looks so disgusting BUT don't go onto a show like that and have your phone ringtone on, could have easily had it on vibrate.

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