‘WE’RE DOING IT TO OURSELVES’: America is in decline, says Pete Hegseth #shorts

‘The Bottom Line’ hosts Sean Duffy, Dagen McDowell and FOX News’ Pete Hegseth discuss the impact of leftist policies on American education. #foxbusiness

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  1. Even the people saying this in the video have contributed nothing to society. They work for a media organization and run their mouths for a living. Lmao

  2. Get Biden and demoncrafts out of the white house they are doing it to achieve voters they don't care about education skills or safety Trump knew their plans from the beginning and warned americans but they ignored him

  3. This country is almost done, the Romans are laughing in their graves, they can't believe we could not learn from history but willfully choose to repeat it over and over.

  4. Gee I'm so surprised .
    Keep pushing this BS on our kids. We have the must perverse society in our history.

  5. University's NOT ONLY were admitting students based on there ethnicity, but prefer to do this because they get to charge 3-4 times more off international students.

  6. Temp insanity2024TRUMP 2024❤

  7. And I assume they didn't pay tuition either.

  8. That’s what liberals want! So they have more control over us…. Don’t you see that?

  9. Maybe our kids are too busy getting tattooed and getting high on drugs and becoming members of political cults.

  10. The US Government is doing it to us.

  11. "WE" are not doing this! THE COMMUNISTS are They need to be cancelled with extreme prejudice!

  12. American parents are not supervising the schooling of their children. #2 the colleges are preferring students from other nations because they have better study habits.

  13. THAT'S a LIE we are not THESE THAT RUN THE EARTH are doing it to us and there's nothing we can do about it these demons WITH the help of OUR NOT VOTED in leaders these PLACED IN BY WAY OF TREASON AGAINST WE THE CHEATED PEOPLE'S

  14. Nation of fools yup all the fools believe the 2020 election was rigged trump is still president and believe trump is innocent please lock up the leader of fools

  15. No, not all of us just the folks in Washington, DC

  16. One of the rare moments lately that I have to agree with Fox news on anything that Paul Ryan wasn't spewing !

  17. Most of this is because we have snowflakes in college instead of students. We have snowflakes more intent on learning pronouns instead of science. While other countries are learning job skills and scientific knowledge, our kids are learning nothing but pronouns.

  18. We didn't do this to ourselves. Look up at what has been in the white house for many years.

  19. Biden isn't in charge hes nuts it's Obama and his swamp.

  20. Well get up of your backside and fight for what you believe in take back your country

  21. we American people want blood

  22. That is true nation of fools 😢

  23. in the heart ❣️ I was a Democrat growing up like Kennedy this isn't Kennedy's party people wake up this is not Kennedy's party John F Kennedy's party Robert Bobby Kennedy this is the lien partyYeah thanks Democrats set of focusing on our people first you know I don't think even the ones that are up in Congress senators Democrats and I don't think they know that they will the party of slavery they were and they always will be the party of slavery the Democrat party just in the past some years they were talking about other interest but boy sometimes they just come out for for socialist away the only way Republicans why is the list of the very very unfair party that's why I left them this is the Pelosi party the crooked corrupt and should be the and should be in jail billionaire Liz Cheney and a whole bunch of radical liars show my Adam stiff shitor and a few other lying😢cry baby lion😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  24. It's the teachers union owned by demonicrats 🐀 and they skim all they possibly can and nothing left for teachers or students also the dems don't want us smart.

  25. You know tooth fairy. I could fix the planet if I was allowed to use my Stonehenge idea. I already told you who to call. That's why I called you the tooth fairy. Because you're a made up construct. Selling evil because that's what your boss is. A satanist like the cheneys. Come on Santa Clause. Unicorn. Oh here's one. What up you generous elegant woman. Because by today's standard they're all thot's.

  26. Wonder how many of those students had their education fully paid by US taxpayers.

    The illeggggals will get free education & probably all thru a 4 year degree.

    Paid 4 by us- THE AMERICAN SLAVES.

  27. "Use Americans Against Americans"
    – Yuri Bezmenov 1984

  28. Speak for yourself I’m not a fool I thought Micheal to trade

  29. You can thank the Democrats for that

  30. Not often I agree with the MSM ,

  31. The Democrats slogan, should be "come to America, and then you can hate it, just like we do"😊

  32. We are indeed getting the wool pulled over our eyes daily. We are a nation of fools. A nation that believes what our politicians and news tells us. Then we act shocked when we wake the next day to find we got screwed. This continues until its too late to do anything about it because no ones paying attention except fot the Coyotes,. If you think you are in control of your future better think again. Its too late.

  33. we feed house your. family 90 years let just African living free housing u think us attack us actually acting better than us

  34. Sorry to say that the only job our fools can do is also being taken over by workers not from our country.

  35. Pentagon don't forget Bill Cosby oj sisp the fat r chuby NAACP guy thankful the other terrorist 4 the extortion money for Floyd Family Floyd Family extortion destruction of city Pentagon destruction billions earn lead poisoning

  36. Obvious they hate kids. Love abortions. And activist. Transgenders for the money they make off it. Democrats are even telling their own voter base they are suckers😅

  37. We are imploding from within just like theRoman Empire. They though they were invincible but soon their arrogance resulted in their fall! Indeed… Pride comes before the Fall!

  38. Count on FOX to take any and all information and twist it to attack non-republicans. Talk about hating America. FOX is our enemy.