‘We’re going down in ships,’ Gen. Keane warns as Navy’s wants go unanswered

Fox News senior strategic analyst ret. Gen. Jack Keane on what the U.S. should be doing to counter Chinese aggression and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Just have Biden talk to his owner Xi to not worry.

  2. Should've filled it full of lead

  3. If the Chinese wants to lay chicken, the next time they put our sailors and ships in danger, our navy should give them a torpedo in the side of theis ship. Send it without a live warhead, but let them deal with the puncture hole in their ship.

  4. China does not care because they OWN Biden

  5. Looked safe to me. US ship traveling very slow. Chinese ship with some speed. Post WW2 naval agreement is dying. But where will it all go?

  6. You know if we run into them their Tin Can Would be Visiting Davie Jones Locker! Quick!

  7. When you have the 'Manchurian Connection' in the White House,…..What do expect ?

  8. We currently have a CCP compromised government in place & most of us know it. Question is, what are we going to do about it ? Looks like for now the strategy is for the US is to self destruct & salute the transgender sickos.

  9. Did anyone ever think they are acting aggressively because the United States acts aggressively.

  10. Size does not win the war, America is not going anywhere! As a patriot I'd rather work free during times of war.

  11. They know as long as democrats are in charge they can do what ever they want ,so weak we've become , better Wake up soon USA ?

  12. Jack Keane…. Not looking good lmao

  13. They weren't doing this little stunts when trump was president

  14. United States leadership is barely competent.

  15. The United States needs to put a 2 mile security zone around all ships and planes.

  16. NO.1 Weapon of mass destruction manufacturer since WWII. Uass need more war arena to support weaponry supplier.

  17. They're flexin on us bro. You gonna let them do that?

  18. Americans military doesn’t have any business in going to South China Sea and instigating a confrontation. USA needs to stay home and pay their attention to control the border crisis and the homeless people in the country. USA needs to change its policies of John Wayne , or Clint Eastwood, or Rambo….. this is 2023 and this American policy is time to change. USA needs to stayed out of the South China Sea and Taiwan

  19. Get building more ships!

  20. Rome over extended it self , part of decline in Empire

  21. Fox news is just as big of a warmonger as CNN and the rest of them. The US is always claiming freedom of navigation as long as THEIR shores are not the ones getting close to.

  22. Disagree Gen., prepare the royal mansion for comedian zLn$k1 NY Florida SF or Hollyweed🇺🇸

  23. Gen Jack King you don’t know Jack