Thursday , December 2 2021
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West Virginia senator: Drugs coming through border are ‘killing our people’

West Virginia Sen. Shelley Moore Capito on the border crisis and her friendship with Sen. Joe Manchin. #FOXBusiness

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  1. How about fentanyl china, thank u Trump for your phase 1 trade deal supporting with china

  2. It's a bit deceptive that 1.9 Trillions looks a lot more tempting for some of their resistant constituents like Joe Manchin n doable bargain than 3.5 oddly it reminds me a scriptural/biblical parable of a shrewd manager who cut the prices to make his boss/master happy. We'll see who turns out to be more shrewd~

  3. We are already using law enforcement drones and robots in multiple states. Just amp up production to hundreds of thousands of law enforcement drones everywhere all the time.

  4. If law enforcement drones are always monitoring everything everywhere all the time they could react immediately to any crimes criminals or emergencies. Actively react. Not just monitor.

  5. Law enforcement drones and robots all across America, would make finding and stopping any criminals, quick and easy.

  6. Green energy everywhere, would help to set us all free. Especially when you mix that idea with using modern tech all across America.

  7. I was hoping for 500 million at the border, now that's a crisis



  10. Under Biden, The New World Order says "LET THEM DIE". They are Useless to the Workers of America.

  11. Umm sure most Americans have been affected by the fetenal heroine flooding in and killing many heart broken family members

  12. As far as the drugs coming in and killing citizens, they don't care. You, the American citizen are replaceable with foreigners.

  13. Drugs have been killing people since tge discovery of opium a few hundred yrs ago.

  14. Wow..these samr drugs thst where insidious planted on the certain neighborhoods..then call it wat on drugs…thru hypocrisy

  15. Jack Hibbs Real Life Pastor on the border crisis.

  16. Dear Americans from the outside looking I so glad I was not "Born in the USA" while genuinely wishing and wanting only the best outcome for you re these difficult times.

  17. If the borders are wide open invite all the addicts down for an all u can use buffet in a two mile wide buffer zone. Let the addicts claim whatever and use it in the zone. Maybe both sides of the problem will eliminate themselves.

  18. My son if sinners entice you do not consent. If they say come with us let us lay wait for blood. My son do not walk in the way with them for their feet run to evil.PROVERBS1vs10-15/

  19. They are probably for Hunter Biden

  20. Our people are already killing themselves with drugs. Even medi al doctors are involved in recruiting unemployed you people to sell drugs. They even use prostitutes to spread the network. I read a while ago with COVID spread prostitution and drugs are considered minor crime

  21. This a invasion of our country…. Biden administration is doing this on purpose…..$$$$$$$$$

  22. Then do your job we pay you for and do something about it, talk is all they do

  23. Biden is already killing all trump supporters from inside with his unique style and I love it.

  24. We don’t need anymore burritos

  25. I'm in Phoenix. I came home from picking my husband up from work and I come home to a young lady on my porch passed out. I didn't know if she had covid-19 or it was heat stroke so I call 911. They come and tell me she has OD'ed on fentanyl and it was her 2nd time ODing that day. They told her if she took anymore fentanyl she would die because they couldn't use anymore narcan on her. I saw her a few weeks later after she OD'ed again. It's madness! She couldn't of been older than 19 and lost to fentanyl Someone has do something.

  26. But killing US citizens is the democratic party's 1st agenda item. That's why they're ignoring the border. After all drug trafficking is big business and makes for a LOT of padding for Biden's wallet.

  27. What good is she if she's powerless to change things?

  28. We should be more like north korea or Iran with our illegal migration laws!

  29. Democrats are allowing all this border mess and yet she votes with them on this so called infastructer bill. West Virginia knows her and how she has let us down.

  30. Biden did go to the USA Mexican border. 18 years ago.

  31. Biden's crime family is killing 🇺🇸 to arms, to arms……sound familiar?

  32. What happens when you get a fake president because of a fake election.

  33. But there is a plan. Putting them in vans and dumping them across the US.

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