Sunday , October 24 2021
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West Virginia threatens legal action against Biden vaccine mandate

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey discusses the legal action states are taking against President Biden’s vaccine mandate on ‘Fox Business Tonight’ #FoxBusiness

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  1. "My body my choice" only applies to killing unborn babies apparently.

  2. All part of the plan.
    More people at home waiting for there government cheque
    There control over the people will only get strong

  3. It is a War on America call it what it is, This started 40 plus years ago. You act like this just started

  4. This won't last the dictator Biden will simply fire all the FDA and Staff at NIH until he gets the answer he wants. He will Pack the Court on Science.

  5. Go after him!!! Biden and the admin are criminals

  6. Many will walk away from their jobs if this mandate holds up. Stand strong people! Good luck

  7. If our allies don't intervene to protect us from any Socialists/Communist regime taking over in D.C. their Countries will be in serious jeopardy !

  8. Remember the constitution? Yeah the constitution is law and it over proceeds state and Federal laws so if you think he can push this executive order in which he said himself that executive orders hold no power than what are you doing? Wake up, this clown already said back during the Trump vs. Biden debate that executive orders are not law and HOLD NO POWER!!!!!!

  9. 25 states if you include my state of heart!!!😡😡😡😡

  10. I live in California, am I screwed?

  11. Socialists invite Communists to dinner so you gotta be crazy to let any Democrat Socialists get their way !!!!

  12. My doctor said it would be dangerous to take this shot as I have natural acquired immunity. Coercion for a shot that wanes over time anyway and doesn't stop the spread is insane.

  13. I’m TIRED of these Conservatives/GOPs…
    All TALK TALK TALK 💯👎👎👎

  14. They are making laws for vac.passport ..get real people. You can still catch covid an pass it even if you got your shots ……

  15. Biden is a Jerk..I hope West VA sues that SOB…

  16. Do it
    Do it
    The whole world is awaiting.
    Good luck. With the right barristers a.nd professor's you can not lose.
    But there is more to it
    Biden and all Americans are damaging there status.
    Put biden in jail Harris Shu man ice cream Nancy and a few more.ENOUGH IS

  17. Just as long as they vote demorats

  18. As Biden has put us all in danger with COVID virus pouring in our borders , Biden would have you believe it's the unvaccinated. That are the danger.. Why would Biden leave this disaster to continue ? He is killing the American people.

  19. That attorney general looks like he uses oxygen in everyday life. BEFORE covid started.

  20. People don't trust this Administration. Go West Virginia. We love our state and will care for the Wild and Wonderful. Biden needs a refresher course on his obligations. Thanks for speaking out for West Virginia. The White House needs some common sense leadership.

  21. I can see us on the streets fighting back.. like Paris France is doing..💪🇺🇸 Trump

  22. this attorney is wrong if he thinks biden remembers ANYTHING

  23. Joe Biden is a pinko meathead, hadn’t he ever read the constitution, tenth amendment? Oh geez dere.

  24. Dont threaten , do it , Biden is destroying your country, just do it Now


  26. Pls. Pray the Holy Rosary and Devine Mercy chaplet to free all countries from war, hunger, diseases, climate change, calamities, drugs, prostitution, abortion, divorce, corruption, vices, violence and all evil.pls pray for peace and joy in all families and home..

  27. Corn pop dog face pony soldiers

  28. Democrats need to stand up against this progressive leftist movement!

  29. God bless America. May God stretch forth HIS mighty hand.

  30. My company is making us pay for our own testing.

  31. Well, looks like we are finally seeing that “Unity” Sleazy Joe was talking about…except it’s people and states “united” against the wannabe dictator.

  32. Communist government leaders forcing employers to act as police in violating our freedoms.

  33. Biden works for the people, we are his boss and we say no to vaccine.

  34. This is true. If people don't want the vaccine, they will dig their heels in more.

  35. Osha were at first in support of workers. Any injuries from the vaccines would be considered work related and the employer would be held responsible.

    They then reversed that decision stating they thought that it would discourage people from getting the vaccine. Am I crazy for thinking it would actually given people more confidence I getting it?

  36. We are fighting to get workers in so many businesses and he pulls this crap… He's going to cause massive business closing their door because there's no employees to help run them…

  37. "Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong, West Virginia, no vax mandates, take me home country roads."

  38. WW 2 is looking real familiar these day’s 😒

  39. I am a WEST by God VIRGINIAN and As such I will tell you that we will NOT comply with any unconstitutional mandates from anyone.

  40. More states need to man up

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