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West Virginians React To Sen. Manchin’s Stance In Biden’s Infrastructure Bill

Sen. Joe Manchin (D, W.Va.) is reportedly pushing back on parts of President Biden’s infrastructure bill that would tackle climate change as well as the child tax credit. NBC News’ Cal Perry is in Charleston, West Virginia, to explain how the senator’s constituents are reacting as the infrastructure bill remains in limbo. 

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  1. If manchin gets reelected it will be a shame

  2. Typical mainstream media, pitiful interviews, pitiful reporting – no pushback, like maybe asking the residents "Do you know much about Manchin's personal investment and income from burning dirty coal? Or anything about his daughter's corruption with Mylan Pharmaceuticals? Do you think maybe he has conflicts of interest there?" Pitiful.

  3. Biden will win again 2024. Blue wave let's do this again… President Biden takes no crap. Get your shots. Do the right thing. Be honost. In fact Biden slowed the role of stop the anger after Clown Trump..

  4. So those two interviewed also have a piece in mansions company. Let’s try the average West Virginian

  5. How about you interview a non-politician in West Virginia and see what they think.

  6. Infrastructure rank slowest how about 50th out of 50

  7. He asked a bunch of old white men. Ask the young families and the poor – I bet you get a different Answer. What on earth NBC wasting their efforts on this crap reporting. He absolutely DID NOT go to the source. Where is the interview with out of work or on strike miners. Come on – that was crap.

  8. Reading comment says you are not fooling us dummies.

  9. This was pitiful. You need to talk to normal people. Two old men politicians are not WV. Go where the poor working people live.

  10. So can we assume the comment are from citizens of West Virginia and known the real story???

  11. This reporter spoke to just 2 people in West Virginia and that's supposed to tell us how West Virginians feel about Joe Manchin's obstructions???

  12. People who say there’s a flood… Climate change! Are just as dumb as the people who say it snowed yesterday, what are you talking about global warming for??

  13. Lol NBC is such a Joke!

  14. Reminder for liberal Democrats: 👎🏻Joe Biden is the worst President since Jimmy Carter and inflation is skyrocketing now across the country with Gas ⛽️ Prices $8.49 in California and food prices heading Higher weekly. Shortages in the stores from coast to coast. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer all incompetent career politicians that never ran any business. But they are running the country off a cliff. Yes we all miss 🇺🇸 President Trumps gas prices and strong US economy. Come on Joe Biden have you lost your mind you spending fool 👎🏻

  15. I don't got no respect for Joe machin and west Virginia

  16. MSNBC needs to talk about ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees!!!

  17. Make your Vote count, elect someone that will do good for our country and for the people.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. I didn't see them asking anyone in a trailer park or homeless shelter …soup kitchen ..or as they most likely end up …on the street .

  19. You asked guys in suits from W Virginia.
    They are a minority of the population.
    Ask a miner with health problems next time.

  20. Senator Manchin hold firm.
    You are the only one to stop Bernie from making us North Venezuela

  21. Typical poor reporting from billionaire media. You really are an embarrassment to journalism. Talk to real people.

  22. NBC is an embarrassment.


  24. 3 trillion = zero…new math.

  25. It inspires hope to know not all Democrats are there to line up their pockets

  26. Without Expanded Education, people are nothing more then labors, Without Renewable Energy, Climate change gets worse. So what's the point of the bill? Business as Usual. Congrats People of Order, you won the privilege to burn your own homes.

  27. LOL … they only interviewed politicians


  29. ' You went right to the source'… girl, are you kidding me, pls take ur blinder's off… not to be confrontational, but thts a guy in a suit. He's doesn't represent those tht live paycheck to paycheck, the really hard working folk of almost the poorest state in the country.

    And maybe Manchin's 'tight with the money policy' is why West Virginia is run-down and struggling.

    OMGosh… you twisted the dialogue in such a fashion tht it paints MANCHIN as a knight in shinning armor… part of tht's true. After all HIS home does look like a castle. However, the state tht HE represents needs a hefty dose of financial aid.

  30. The question NBC should have asked the former West Virginia mayor is "is the conservative Joe Manchin you know so well representing the material needs of his working class voters. And has he ever represented their material needs in his 4 decades of representing them?" Keep in mind that West Virginia has been 46th or lower as the poorest state in the union over those same 4 decades. Manchin has failed his voters with a smile on his face. He is now stripping the human infrastructure bill of all its infrastructure. A 3.5 trillion dollar over 10 years bill is being reduced to 1.9 trillion dollars. Despicable and tiresome.

  31. The damage Joe is doing by holding back the fight against climate change
    will add an enormous death toll and hopefully someone can remind people of who helped it along. I’ll be dead but Joe’s supporters and surviving family members will know it’s too late to save the earth. All of you have no idea what’s coming at the end of life on earth because if you did you would not want to experience your final moments.

  32. Manchin wants money for coal company executives and coal company shareholders. Take a hard look Virginia voters. It's money for him. The rest is rhetoric.

  33. It's a little misleading since they only interviewed two west Virginians, neither of whom seem to really be "constituents"

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