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What a spell! Anderson takes five with pink ball brilliance

James Anderson got the ball talking in the Adelaide Test of the 2017-18 Ashes, claiming his first five-wicket haul in Australia


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  1. Who is best
    Anderson and Broad -like
    Starc and Cummins – comment

  2. Outswing to the right handed
    in swing to the left handed…
    best action , best pace , best line…
    one of the wonders of cricket history
    JAMES ANDERSON. .💥😎❤❤❤❤❤

  3. The pink ball looks like a candy in lights😂😂

  4. Excellent … Excellent …. Bowling from James Anderson

  5. Ohh mann..what an accuracy..what a run up ..incredible swing bowling both coming in and out…treat to the eyes…one of the finest and most complete test bowler..! Take a bow Jimmy..may u continue to bowl for years to come 🙏

  6. That swing and pink ball is really treat to eyes😍👏🏻

  7. Jimmy Anderson is the only person who make to dance and talk the ball

  8. We want to see jofra with pink ball

  9. What a swing man !! 😲😲😲

  10. He is one of the most deadly bowler of England

  11. You dont need Akhtar's pace when you can swing the ball like this.. Marvelous stuff to watch

  12. I see clouderson getting wickets outside clouds
    Its a joke dont take it seriously

  13. How do you play with that ball. It's looking impossible to play. HOW'S INDIA GONNA PLAY.

  14. How do batsmen play that swing ?
    Just how?

  15. Pink ball looks just fcuking amazing

  16. Anderson averaged 36 in Australia in 2018. That's pretty bad for a bowler, who has played significant no of matches in a single country. But he averages close to 22 to I guess at home. He even has poor average in Asia, SA and UAE as well, but he has played limited cricket there.

  17. I don't why Bancroft was going after those Outswingers. I mean, he was pitching them in the off stump line. And his left leg was already in the line off stump, hence, even if he bowls an Inswinger, LBW is out of question as the impact will mostly be outside off.

  18. Take a look at the umpire he is so focus lol 0:42

  19. Jimmy is a great bowler but I have an objection pertaining to watch a pink ball, i understand it brings good attributes to the modern game but uhmmm

  20. I remember Don Bradman when smith batting in test

  21. Rightly named 'THE KING OF SWING'

  22. Imagine steyn and Anderson starting bowling ⚡

  23. Does the pink ball swing more ?

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