Friday , January 22 2021
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What Are Your Free Speech Rights On Social Media? | NBC News NOW

Free speech only prevents the government from intruding on speech. The First Amendment does not give a person the right to say whatever they want on a private company’s platform. NBC News’ Danny Cevallos explains big tech’s control over speech and allowing access to their communities.
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What Are Your Free Speech Rights On Social Media? | NBC News NOW


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  1. Social media does not have the right to censor the truth. FB, TWITT, GOOGLE, PINTEREST, and YOUTUBE claim they do.
    Okay. I claim I have the right to disagree with them and I do so by boycotting them and their sponsors!
    2 days ago, I deactivated both my Facebook and twitter accounts. I now use clouthub. Tomorrow, I will open a new email account with that will not use my personal info against me or sell my info with third parties. Once I update my new email address wth all my contacts, I will deactivate my gmail account. I no longer use google as a search engine because I have discovered that they manipulate my search content towards liberal bias. Now I use a neutral search engine.
    Unfortunately I do not have a good alternative for YouTube, so I will continue to use their services but I will boycott their sponsors.
    This is how you fight back against Brownshirt style censorship!!!!

  2. I don't defend the free speech of Nazis planning coups…

  3. cut to Michael Scott holding the trash can, ITS A TRASH CAN


  5. The First Amendment protects the speech of citizens against any act by CONGRESS—NOT by any private company.
    Please get a specialist lawyer on to explain it to you.

  6. Sometimes autofocus sucks. The books in the background are in perfect focus. Danny's face, however, is kinda blurry.

  7. At some point, there is going to have to be some regulation regarding the information pumped out of social media. It's already having effects on mental health. Let's say for instance we go down the road of neural implants, where information was pumped directly to the brain (Scifi but it's possible). Can you imagine having all the worlds positive and negative info pumped into your brain and what that'd do to your mental health? How many take a break from facebook because of it's toxic effects. From a purely mental health perspective, at some point, we need to address this issue. How you do that I have no idea, but it's clear today it's having a negative effect on peoples lives. You can't ban it, as it also has some extremely positive effects. Tricky problem!

  8. NBC is confusing two issues here. Of course you can't just say whatever you want online. Educated people know what the First Amendment means and its long history of exceptions and special cases (Schenck v. US). But what happened to Parler is NOT a First Amendment issue. Also, for Twitter and Facebook to ban some people (far right) and not others (far left), it is also NOT a First Amendment issue.

    Nice try, NBC. Your attempt at legalizing your leftist propaganda by citing the First Amendment is laughable. Don't forget that there are people who are way smarter than you, who also disagree with your rhetoric.

  9. I agree with the video BUT if social media is not responsible for what others post on their sites they must provide contact info of people who post if someone's rights or harmed but someone's posts. The law does say people have the right to sue is someone slanders someone else. The law also says is if people insight violence that is illegal. Posting on social media should not shield people these laws. Anyone that post such illegal posts should lose their right to be anonymous and subject to legal action. One big problem is that what if the offender is outside the country where the crime is being committed? How do we protect against that? We do need to regulate social media.


  11. Only person that gets freedom of speech is the crazy guy walking down the sidewalk
    But he’s crazy 😜

  12. Free speech just means they can't arrest you for what you say unless you are enciting violence. Private businesses can refuse service to anyone for any reason as long as it doesn't violate the civil rights act of 1964.

  13. If you cut out the tongue of a man it doesn't prove him a liar
    It shows the world that you are scared of what he might say

  14. It's a love hate relationship. The people complaining about Facebook bans (and calling Zuckerberg a c**t) are the ones who can't live without Facebook. And when Twitter dumps them they hate Twitter (because they loved Twitter so much).

  15. Companies can be forced to agree with NSA surveilliance…. There is no constitution of the government want it they do it

  16. If your gonna use someone's platform you must be polite and respectful in free speech but if you do bad things on there site every company can kick you out that brings violence

  17. I'm not American, but I know the answer to this. Seriously the education system in the US needs a rethink.

  18. Jesse Ventura Alex Jones free speech right

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