Thursday , November 26 2020
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What Georgia's changing political landscape could mean for power in US senate | Nightline

The state, which has seen an influx of Asian and Latino residents, played a crucial role in the presidential election. The country looks again to Georgia for two senate runoffs in January.



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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Georgian please 🙏 Vote for blue on January 05,2021. Thank you 💗

  2. Democrat when are stop Whining about everythings. Now you get what you want , what else you want ? You want to gasoline so you can burn the AMERICA.

  3. There's an upcoming young Latino community in Georgia that also has a part in changing demographics and election outcomes. Pay attention to those voters.

  4. Please donate to support Democratic Senators for Georgia and USA.

  5. Please support Democrats Jon Ossoff & Raphael Warnock in their Georgia Senate bid on January 5th, 2021 with early voting starting December 14th, 2020. Please continue to support Blue. Thank you.

  6. Help us American citizen senate want help us this crazy

  7. Things that HELP the American people is not Socialism.To beat this virus we need financial help from the federal government,Please help and pray for these young people,Asians and others striving for the best America.

  8. Sooooo,proud of THEM.thank GOD.May GOD continue to bless them,all their hard work and endeavours.Stimulus,Stimulus,Stimulus.

  9. We have to curtail the power of Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch Turtle McConnell. VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS ON JANUARY 5TH.

  10. That guy cat is an embarrassment to other Latinos

  11. Please share this information
    For “Real News”, check out Newsmax TV, NTD, One America News, Liberal Hivemind, Huckabee, Hodgetwins, Dan Bongino, Eric Greitens, Dr Steve Turley, John Anderson, R&R Law Group and more. Stop Paying your Cable or Satellite Company to supply “Fake ‘Media’ News”

  12. Hey Georgia, here in Canada we want you to vote for the DEMOCRATIC PARTY candidates in January's run off election. If you do, we promise to take back justin bieber.

  13. Carlos, you obviously didn't take TRUMPS wall seriously, or the separation of your people as parents having there children taken away from them and having them sheltered to live like dogs, or is it you just didn't give a DAM since it wasn't you??????? You are SAD, an don't even speak the English language that good. If it was Trumps Way, he was trying to find your ass and send you back to MEXICO!!!


  15. GEORGIA RESIDENTS: DEC 7 is the last day for Georgia residents to register to vote through Georgia's Secretary of State Office online. Those who will be 18 years old by January 5, 2021 are able to Register as well and VOTE in the runoff per Georgia Law.

  16. God bless you democratic workers

  17. So where is the fraud in Georgia? They are hand recounting everything and nothing has come up.

  18. Dream on….
    Bunch of bullshit ..
    Who would want a half dead man as president?

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