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What I did on my Birthday! VLOG | Fashion Mumblr

Yay birthday Vlog!


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  1. Jeez what a coincidence that my birthday falls on the same day!!😘😅

  2. you and freddymylove would get along so well imo ! 🙂

  3. Your birthday is one day before mine ☺️ just discovered your channel and I love it.

  4. you seem like such a sweetie! really glad I found your channel xxx

  5. You look so pretty!
    Lovely birthday you had!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Wish you Happy Holidays!

  6. Do you have a link for the black over knee boots in this video? Thanks!!

  7. I hope you had a lovely birthday Josie☺️ could you do a 'what I got for my birthday' video?xxx

  8. Belated happy birthdays to you! Your French Connection sparkly skirt is really simply gorgeous, love it! WOW. You looked lovely x

  9. I absolutely love their haircare products, the bottles are beautiful! Perfect way to spend a birthday X

  10. Loved your B-day vlog !!!! Happy b-day anyway ahahahah 😉 And i love your make up 😀

    if you have time check out my channel

  11. where you're pompon hat is from?Its lovely:)))

  12. I love your style and your vlogs))))))
    You are very nice person!!

  13. Where is your tan sheepskin jacket from its so nice!

  14. Will you be doing a birthday haul? xxx

  15. Hope you had a lovely birthday! 😚 Obsessed with both outfits 😍

  16. Wow they was some base on the music you played over the video I actually enjoyed it tho . Wish you would of showed us the clutch you got babe and you looked very pretty as well on your birthday night 😘😘💖

  17. you didn't show us your engraved clutch bag :'( would have loved to see what the nice old man engraved on your clutch.. 🙂
    Or did I understand something wrong :`D

  18. That pink jumper looks amazing 🙂 Happy belated birthday 🙂 x

  19. Yaayyy happt Birthday. hope u had a great day. first comment btw

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