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WHAT I DID THIS WEEK // Dinner at Kensington Palace & LFW! // Fashion Mumblr

What I Did This Week – including dinner at Kensington Palace with Nespresso for the BAFTA nominations, and London Fashion Week!
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What I’m Wearing :


Grey Coat –
Pink Scarf –
Suede Skirt –
Leather Boots –
Mulberry Bag –
Monica Vinader Diamond Earrings –
Monica Vinader Rings –
Fiji Bracelet –
Diamond Necklace –
Signature Bracelet –

Astrid & Miyu Necklace –
Hexagon Ear Cuff –


Pink Jumper –
Cream Culottes –
Pink Suede Flats –


White Jumper –
Navy Dress –


Pink Trousers –
White Jumper –
Flat Shoes –
Bag as before


Pink Coat –



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  1. You have beautiful skin! You got lucky and you take care of your skin so you don't need to be one of those girls who cover their skin in a ton of foundation, bronzer. and powder.

  2. I don’t know how to tweet so I hope you have a blessed day

  3. Very funny mix up with Kilimanjaro not being in Nepal not being in South America 😄😄😄- "the day after the night before " brain fog 😄

  4. lovely palette of nudes and neutrals,all the lighter skin tones – they look so well on everyone 🙂 Matching them up isn't always easy- an app on it would be very helpful-!

  5. I can't believe I missed this video from 2-2018. I was curious if you worry the pups will bark or need to go potty when you are at the Savoy Hotel and at an event? My mom wants to go on a trip and take the dog to the hotel. Greyhounds don't bark much but I worry being in a strange place and people possibly going past the hotel room might make the dog think it is my mom and I and could make him bark out of excitement. I thought Kennsington Palace only has the apartments for the Royals. I was surprised the BAFTA announcing of nominees would be there. It looked like a lovely event. Charlies jacket was snazzy and I love the darker shade on your eyes. A great smokey eye. I can't get the hang of a smokey eye, myself. When I try the smokey eye it looks like I was in a fight and I lost. It looked like you had a nice evening with all the coffee/expresso dishes that were served.

  6. I love when you guys move about as a family 🙂 (you, Charlie & the boys) So sweet! <3

  7. Omg how are your dogs so behaved in the hotel when you're out? It's good that they didn't destroy anything!

  8. You should do a dark somkey eye more often, looks so good on you!

  9. LOL you're both wrong. Nepal is in Asia! Love it lol

  10. You looked amazing in the dark smoky eye 😊

  11. Found it hilarious that you were laughing at Charlie for guessing wrong where kilamanjaro is but then you made a big error yourself saying Nepal is in south America- ehr NO Nepal is actually in Asia. Find it silly when people get things like that wrong..

  12. You are so gorgeous and lovely inside and out 💗 love from a new US subscriber xx

  13. Loved your Reiss trousers and white French Connection jumper so much I brought them for myself (through your affiliate links of course)

    I love my new outfit I feel amazing in it so thank you so much for sharing and all your hard work creating content and inspiring me to buy clothes which make me feel confident classy and pretty!

    Alice xx

  14. Was so irritable and having an annoying day but came here and now I'm totally relaxed again. Love you Josie

  15. Nepal is between India and china!! So not south America!
    Like the week vlogs though.

  16. A see thru purse? What would anyone ever put in that? Nothing!!!

  17. The matter is there are other ways to refer to geography in a more candid way.

  18. Enough! So what Asia, South Africa. You know what give them a break. STOP. Seriously lOl 😂
    We love you, Charlie and the “ babies” loved loved all. Why so much crap…
    lots of love from Miami, FLorida USA

  19. Your vlogs are my favourite videos to watch ! So excited to watch this one xx

  20. this is so awesome!! thanks you for taking me along!! hugs from cally xoxo 😍😍

  21. Sunglasses and bathrobe are a new look 😉 <3

  22. Wow., who wouldnt want to be living that luxurious life! You seem to have so much fun on a daily basis.

  23. Your skin was glowing after the Elizabeth Arden facial! 😊

  24. Josie please please do a house tour❤️

  25. <3 Love your content as always

  26. You should wear darker colors on your eyes more often, it really looks nice on you !

  27. I really love you robe you had on in the end, would you be able to link it or at least the store you got it at? I am dyeing for a new cute and cuddly robe

  28. Laughed so much at dickens when you were discussing where Nepal was, what a character xxx

  29. Ahh when Charlie said Kilimanjaro was in Nepal😂😂 that’s giveaway sounds so lovely aswell! X

  30. the Lacome makeup artist did a phenomenal job, you look beautiful. I especially love how large he's made your eyes look despite it being a smoky look, and also the shape he's given to your eyebrows. You look beautiful!

  31. Man! That long necklace looked like it was coming out of my dreams, I have actually dreamt about it 😍 I think

  32. No matter what you wear you look absolutely stunning….in fact you are a gorgeous couple …another really enjoyable vlog

  33. Fashion week!! And Lion King is amazing! I saw it last year love it! 💕😊👠

  34. You looked stunning for the BAFTAs!! Loved your whole look 🌟🥂 in fact, you looked gorgeous throughout this entire vlog 😂 as you do in every video 😊💞 xxx

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