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WHAT I DID THIS WEEK // Revolve Parties & a New Bag! // Fashion Mumblr

WHAT I DID THIS WEEK // Lots of events with Revolve including lunch at Cliveden House, and a new designer bag!
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This video contains a paid for advertorial with Holland & Barrett for their Healthbox – it’s such a brilliant service and I couldn’t wait to tell you guys about it! Find out more here : http://bit.ly/JosieMHC


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❤ What I’m Wearing ❤

White ruffle top – http://bit.ly/2JqhUeh
Floral trousers – Zara, but not online
Topshop mules – http://bit.ly/2JSBEDA
Kate Spade bag – http://bit.ly/2IRnozf
Topshop rain mac – http://bit.ly/2KJ22QU
Holland and Barrett HealthBox – http://bit.ly/JosieMHC
Lovers & Friends top – http://bit.ly/2JiTQJW
White jeans – http://bit.ly/2JaMsk3
Ruffle dress – http://bit.ly/2L6HG4h
White dress – http://bit.ly/2EJw2so
Aspinal box bag – http://bit.ly/2LkmxDX
Bare Minerals good hydrations primer – http://bit.ly/2xIg3wA
Charlotte Tilbury body slimmer shimmer – http://bit.ly/2LYtzz1
Charlotte Tilbury magic cream – http://bit.ly/2JiKTNq
Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk – http://bit.ly/2xGEqLb
Charlotte Tilbury clay mask – http://bit.ly/2HhuaII
White playsuit – http://bit.ly/2J6ZhLX
L’Occitanne oil – http://bit.ly/2Js5iDm

♚ Shop all my outfits on the @LIKEtoKNOW.IT app – https://bit.ly/2HAvY0w


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  1. You do really always have perfect 👌 videos . Your what is called a perfectionist , it shows in all
    Your videos ! . And you always look very beautiful i, in all your outfits !!!!👌😀🌹🌹💕

  2. Like your lipstick color. What is the shade. Love your videos

  3. Im trying to find a video where you show of your stackebal rings? But I can’t remeber witch video it is.
    Do anyone know?💕

  4. Love your vlogs so much! I’m so grateful that I found your channel! Much love from Canada ❤️

  5. Loving you vlogs Josie my favorite blogger 💕x

  6. Why gray hair? You'll have plenty of time for that later when you're old. It ages you and washes out a vibrancy that is you.

  7. Charlie's boyfriend's sister😂😂 this made me giggle😂x

  8. I like your videos and I enjoy watch them. By the way, I like the toiletry bag at the end of this video. Where did you get it?. XX

  9. I have been a subscriber for years, but I don’t usually comment. When you mentioned feeling a little bit down and having a headache, I thought I should share this tip. You will need two buckets of water; one with hot water, as hot and you feel comfortable with, and one with cold water with ice cubes. If you immerse your hands, alternating hot and cold, it is supposed to relieve migraines and depression. This tip came from a Canadian YouTuber, Psychic Violetta. She is a very sweet lady who has visions and humbly admits that she doesn’t always understand what her visions mean. Her son helps her to film and said his college girlfriend found this bucket method helpful when she had migraines. Hope this helps. Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful experiences!

  10. You're glowing, very pretty makeup et al 😉 25:46 the doggies, so cute!!! <3

  11. Cute video, love your daily bits, loved the place where you were shooting.
    So funny with "Charlie's boyfriend's sister". It happens to me too, I invert words like that when I'm exhausted. Also, you mentioned migraines – yes, it is your body way of telling you that you need a break. It helps me get the migraines under control when I double my usual water intake for the day, so really, do hydrate. I eat very dark chocolate (80-90%) or cocoa nibs for migraines and headaches as well (about a square or a few nibs, so no guilt 🌞)
    As for "blogger anxiety" I always feel the way you describe when I want to capture something even for my personal photos/videos, for work it doubles, so I do get you. I also think it's annoying to some people who are with me 😂😄

  12. I totally understand you babe, I cannot relax also until I get the perfect photo 🙂

  13. Kate spade passed away…im in so much shock…:-(

  14. Josie you are an absolute delight to watch. Thank for all the hard work you put into your everyday. Much love 💞

  15. You look SO beautiful in the vitamin clip with your striped shirt, your hair and especially your makeup!!! Do you happen to have a tutorial for that makeup look up already or somewhere you’ve posted it before?

  16. You always have beautiful stuff. 😍😍

  17. Hi Josie, was just wondering what you use to whiten your teeth cos damn gurl your teeth are looking extra white

  18. Where’s the dress the thumbnail from?

  19. I’m loving that outfit ❤️

  20. Your video is great! Love your summer wardrobe and I can't get enough of the beautiful scenery.

  21. That hotel looked amazing…..and your beautiful outfits! I've just bought white jeans, wish mine looked as good on me as yours do on you, stunning figure! x 😄

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