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What I Eat in a Day | A Relaxed Sunday At Home

What I Eat In A Day – the relaxed sunday edit! Weekend brunch & home cooked meals PLUS my updated Beauty Bar recipe!

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  1. Vlogs vlogs vlogs we want more vlogs about lifestyle

  2. I like how your videos makes us feel like we're sitting in your kitchen, sipping a tea or wine and just enjoying. Their fun, inspirational and cool. Thanks…. PS.. I like how you seem to be an inspiration for your mom, working out, eating great, her makeup, etc….it must be nice!…….

  3. How brave of you to cook with a nice white sweater.:-) like your videos

  4. lovely video…do u have another hello fresh recipe video? thank u for sharing

  5. I love your videos☺️

  6. Oh my God Josie… this video level up rice and dates it's like our everyday meal but here you made it so special, thank you so much

  7. Please can you do more of these? Really nice to watch and so many good recipe ideas!

  8. 💐💐😉😊💐💐
    ☕ Cheer Up 🍵
    🍂 ✨ )) ✨ 🍂
    🍂┃ (( * ┣┓ 🍂
    🍂┃*💗 ┣┛ 🍂
    🍂┗━━┛ 🍂
    🎂 For YOU 🍰

  9. Love love love your style, so polished and so classy yet effortless, confident yet understated for your young age.You, Lydia and Freddy my love are adorable like angels! 🙂

  10. Lots of sugar that day, but I guess a cheat meal is absolutely needed now and again!

  11. Great video, Josie!! so pretty you are! xx

  12. Love your vlog like videos! Please do another what I eat in a day

  13. I like that idea of the Hello Fresh box 📦 I'm in the U. S. So we may not have that exact company here, but it seems like a great way to get some good & different recipes in without going out all the time

  14. I remember when you were striving for 10,000. Just brilliant and well-deserved.
    Important question though, just how many yoghurts do you eat a day?

  15. Hello girl, cool 😎 video 👌

  16. I love your dachshund pot holder on your stove. Where on earth did you get it? I so need one as I'm a Doxie mom as well.

  17. That breakfast looks so yummy!

  18. I know I've said it before, but I love how transparent you are with us in terms of sponsored content. Unlike some other youtubers you always tell us or make it clear in one way or another that you're working with a company for the video instead of pretending you bought the product/service yourself. I always appreciate your honesty in videos like this

  19. It's awesome how close you are to 100,000!!! I have a Hello Fresh box coming in tomorrow so it was cool to see you liked yours 🙂

  20. So close to 100k! Girl you can do it! Happy Valentine's Day ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Yummy! Eek, so close! Smashing those targets Josie! Well done 🤗👌🏻

  22. I normally don't watch "what I eat in a day" videos but yours are some of the few that I actually enjoy because they're so balanced and healthy without being restrictive. Everything looked so yummy! Also, so excited at how close you are to 100k, you totally deserve it! xx

  23. Everything looked so delicious! <3
    Happy Valentines!

  24. I have got tons of recipes and ideas up there and lot of will down there. I just do not wanted to share. Hehe.

  25. Don't mind me, I'm only joking, but when I hear you with all those seeds that you eat, sound as if u're a parrot or smth :))

  26. joyeuse Valentin. …………avec votre amoureux au chaud ……💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕👄 je t aime bien à très bientoț

  27. love the music you used, what are they? <3

  28. I also always make a cup of tea and then just drink half of it and refill with hot water 😅

  29. Ryż gotuje się świetnie w Thermomix, jest pyszny. Pozdrawiam.

  30. Hey guys, Happy Valentines Day!
    For those wanting to order a box – you don't need a code. Just click through to Hello Fresh via the link in my description box above, then it takes you to the website. Choose which box you'd like, and it should already have £25 off your first box 🙂 xxx

  31. I hope you get to 100k soon, you deserve it! Always love your videos❤️

  32. that was so much fun. 🙂 great idea regarding food delivery.

  33. Why is it that u always pull at ur necklines? Either v or high neck. Habit?

  34. I will definitely look into the hello fresh! My boyfriend and I are trying to get back into healthy eating but we don't like eating the same things all the time and end up getting bored with it and not sticking to the healthy stuff! So excited for you Josie almost at 100k woo!!

  35. Not long now for the 100k subs Josie, perfect video once again. X

  36. I would be more so interested what you eat day to day when working at home; what do you eat for lunches? Also it looks like you're out a lot, do you always eat lunches out, when you're out and about for blogger events etc?

  37. these videos always inspire me!

  38. It's always a pleasure to watch your videos ❤

  39. Everything looks yummy Josie. What is the brand of the calming tea you mentioned? X

  40. I suscribe for u be more close to 100k 🙂

  41. Been recommending you to everyone. Can't wait till you reach 100K.

  42. Hi Josie! I loved this video & would like to see more of these too please! Is Charlie planning on another video soon on his channel? 💕💕

  43. Love how you keep your videos so grounded and calming!

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