Wednesday , August 12 2020
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What I Eat in a Day – Fashion Week edition! + My Mac n Cheese Recipe! | Fashion Mumblr

My first ever What I Eat in a Day video! It’s the final day of #LFW but pretty much a usual blogger day! PLUS sharing with you my amazing Macaroni Cheese Recipe!

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  1. Finally ! I saw the recipe !!!! 😘😘😘

  2. Josie I really love the restaurants you have on your videos would it be too much f a trouble to write down the name of your favourite places? Thank you 😘

  3. Only witches can eat so many unhealthy food and stay on fit😍😍😍😍🤣🤣🤣love u

  4. Va cucinata per 6 minuti la pasta

  5. Deve bollire laqua prima che gli butti dentro la pasta E va salata l'acqua

  6. i just gained 10 pounds just looking at the mac and cheese dish…wow and u are still thin sweetie …amazing

  7. Hello how are you? I was very helped by the book they gave me on this site and it is also free! 100% recommended!

  8. Your Mac and cheese looks amazing….. yum! Must try this. You’re fabulous! Enjoy your vlogs. Everything in moderation ladies but enjoy the good things in life! 🙂 x

  9. I am new to your channel, and I was amazed at what you ate, it all looked scrumpious, and healthy. Your puppy is sooo!! adorable. Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. great videos. Interesting but what is your job?….(I ask sincerely) I am a big fan of your videos. I guess you model? A Buyer? ??????'re a great inspiration to others. Thanks

  11. This is so real!!!! Love your recipe! Will definitely try it. Thanks : )

  12. where is your necklace from in the beginning of this video? I love it !

  13. Love your videos, Josie and that mac-n-cheese looks delicious!

  14. Love love love this video! Your so real and it's so refreshing! Your now my favourite blogger! Xx

  15. I love that you actually enjoy food and don't just eat avocados all day!

  16. hi if you are eating sweets and pizza and mac n cheese how do you stay fit ? do you eat obly little bit of your food?

  17. Please could you tell me if the river island knit long duster you have on in your link is current. I have looked on the RI site but can't find it. It's the sort of long knit beige open front

  18. Ah I really really enjoyed this. I don't think you were being unhealthy! That was all fresh cooked food, you didn't have any fast-food or processed food. I think it's very nice (and good) to see people eating normally, just having a good balance. I love your videos and how honest you are! X

  19. what is the monument that you walked by 1:30 into your video? It looked like a small Arc De Truimph.

  20. You seem much more relaxed and carefree in this video than your recent ones, hope you do not feel pressured these days. Your humour in this video is really endearing X

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