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WHAT I LOVED THIS MONTH! #CleanerBeauty & Hair Favourites + My Most Worn

WHAT I LOVED THIS MONTH! #CleanerBeauty & Hair Favourites + My Most Worn fashion pieces from May.
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Dress :
Necklace :

❤ Products Mentioned ❤

Trilogy Rose Hip oil:
Lanolips balm:
Oskia Adaptive Tan mist:
Herbivore Rose Hibiscus face mist:
Vita Liberata Phenomenal tan:
Redken purple shampoo:
Pureology Perfect for Platinum hair treatment:
Sanctuary Orange Blossom lotion:
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess mist:
Reiss pleat dress:
Mulberry Seaton:
Topshop faux leather coat:
ASOS white trousers:
ASOS ruffle top:
River Island culottes:
Broderie Anglais shirt:
Reiss silk shirt:
Tory Burch shoes:
Missguided stud heels:

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  1. What colour is your Mini Seaton?? It’s gorgeous😍😍

  2. Hello, can u let me know whether the middle separation of the seaton bag is a hard or soft material? thanks alot

  3. Hi what size is your seaton?

  4. Catching up on videos since the past couple of weeks has been nuts with home renos and I love that I get to binge watch your videos. Great way to pass the afternoon when it's too hot to go outside 🙂 Your tan does always look amazing and natural! I would never know it's fake tan if you didn't tell.

  5. Your river island trousers are so gorgeous!! I ordered them, but I must say it suits you way better than me 👌🏻

  6. Hi Josie, the link for the Redken shampoo is incorrect, I ordered via this link & it’s only when I received my order I’ve realised your link is for Redken Extreme shampoo & conditioner & not the Blondage one you are talking about in your vlog, the Blondage version is not released until 11June. X

  7. Hi Josie! Just ordered the Misguided Valentino lookalikes..can't wait! Beautiful as always 🙂

  8. I enjoy watching your monthly favorites!

  9. wish I'd known you were in Cannes .I live 2minutes from the palais !

  10. The river island trousers are so stunning on you! I ordered them, but they doesn’t suit me at all :/
    Love your style anyway! 🙂

  11. Hi, Fashion Mumblr I want to tell you that you have nice clothes. Here in my country can't find these kind of clothes you should consider yourself lucky

  12. Please help – I can't find online the Oskia Adaptive Tan mist !!

  13. Healing Tiger thank you. I'll keep my eyes peeled 😍

  14. I love your wardrobe and all your recommendations but I'm so sad that it's Winter over here today 😕 I might just need to go back to your winter wardrobe to look for something I can wear 😭😭😭😭

  15. You look so pretty! Your outfit looks so cute!

  16. Hi darling, could you please make a video of how you take care of your clothes, handbags and shoes. do you send your clothes to dry cleaner or you wash them at home? thank you very much

  17. The Tropic brand is amazing! Have you tried anything else?

  18. Lovely favourites! I think I need that Pureology product! x

  19. I love these type of “favourites” videos! And I love that you’ve been switching over to more clean beauty! Definitely lots to add to my wish list! Xx

  20. One of avid fan here.😍Can i ask do a favor pls? From philippines Can you help me reached only a 1K subcribers.if its ok 😘.Thank You very very much

  21. I'm not sure if you have covered this somewhere before, but I would love to know what underwear you wear with all your beautiful white/light clothing! TMI I know!! But I always struggle with finding good quality stuff that can't be seen through light clothes x

  22. I enjoy watching all your videos Josie, your outfits are very stylish ☺️

  23. you look like a princess <3 i love you soooo much 🙂

  24. i clicked on the link for the adaptive tan mist but it wasnt there? i also cant find it sold anywhere when i google it? if you could help thatd be great because id love to get it 🙂 x

  25. I want all of those stuff but they all expensive 😢

  26. As usual loved everything 😍

  27. Hi Josie! Always love your fashion style!! Just wondering for the topshop coat what size are you wearing? Thank you 😊

  28. Love your style you are so classy. I'm trying to steal your style. I'm 30 and I change my style. Wanna be more neutral and pinky like you. You are so girly. Hello from Mexico.

  29. Love it! So great your looking at natural skincare alternatives, there is an amazing Australian website it's jam packed with the most amazing skincare and makeup, brands I'm sure you can get in the uk. Just wondering the top your wearing where it's from? Thanks very much 💕

  30. The only thing about in-shower moisturizers is that I find I almost die in the shower because it leaves the tiles super slippery

  31. Love how you're able to make these typical monthly favourite videos so refreshing to watch!
    I've been loving to use the SKII Facial Essence lately and am surprised you haven't tried it yet…

  32. Thank you for finally addressing healthy products. I often wonder about the several layers of makeup you wear for such a young attractive person.

  33. Hey Josie! You look gorgeous and I don’t know if that’s a dress or shirt you have on but it is amazing. Be good!🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  34. I've been loving the ordinary skin care this month. So affordable and it has cleared up my acne. I'm also loving my wedge sandals 🙂

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