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WHAT I * REALLY* EAT IN A DAY // Busy Lifestyle & Trying to be Healthy! // Fashion Mumblr AD

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY – The busy working day edit! See how I try and eat as healthy as possible on a day full of meetings using products from HelloFresh to make home-cooked meals.

This video is in collaboration with HelloFresh who help me to enjoy eating healthy and nutrious meals on a busy working day!

If you would like to order your own HelloFresh box sign up using the code FASHIONFRESH to get 50% off your first and second box;



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  1. Just bumped in with one of your video. Now I'm doing a marathon over it 🙂 Your so natural and real. Keep it up! xxx

  2. Did you eat all the chocolate and sweets?

  3. How do you stay slim? How many days do you workout and what exercises do you do?

  4. Eating healthy is so damn difficult! I just want to eat doughnuts all day!


  6. We have been using hello fresh for about a year now as im one of 7 in the family!! The foods amazing and we get two meals a week in which i make because its so easy!! My favourite is definitely the pork and apple burgers ad rosemary wedges. Last night i made sausage bolognese and its crazy how good it tastes even though i donnt see a sausage bolognese on any restaurants menu haha! Its so easy to go out and buy the ingredients yourself too which we have done plenty of times for the pork and apple burgers! X

  7. I loved the ruffle sleeve sweater so much I had to run out and find something in a similar style! 💖 Congratulations on 200k subscribers!!!! Here’s to 200k more! 🥂#FASHIONMUMBLR200KGIVEAWAY

  8. Love your babies 🐶❤️

  9. Josie, thank you! My latest interest/obsession has been fashion, hence how I found your lovely self and channel… tho sharing videos like this, you have also inspired a reawakening my love for food 😉 yesterday My love made burgers for lunch which I enjoyed , but instead of having 2 like he did, afterwards I went to the store to get stuff to make smoothies, juices, And other “ bits and bobs” 😉 to balance the diet . All wouldn’t have happened had I not stumbled on your channel so felt obliged to share 🙂 thanks girl

  10. Love Hello Fresh, great way of introducing new recipes and you can keep the recipe cards afterwards x

  11. Those dinners looked delicious 😆

  12. What foundation are you using in this video? It's lovely and glowy X

  13. Hello Fresh was a good idea. I personally have a hard time following recipes (more of a little bit of this and that cook) but my two friends loved it! Especially since it give you everything you need- super easy for staying on a budget 🙂 I like that you work with them- good company.

  14. you are an inspiration! thank you for your videos! you make me feel like i need to have more time put for myself. honestly you are one of the rare Youtubers that i can handle watching their videos, super calm and sweet and i love how you are yourself and you dont push yourself to doing stuff that arent you. Much love from Beirut, Lebanon.

  15. I don't know how I've only just come across your channel! Love how genuine you 💛

  16. The burgers looked amazing, and by judging the amount of burgers Charlie eats on his hungry man about town insta he is definitely a burger connoisseur 😂 loved this and the beef looked yummy too xx

  17. Hi Josie, there's this blogger who's work and Instagram feed I have admired for a while, just like how I have loved your channel and Instagram for a long time. I've​ noticed recently that she is really losing motivation and self-confidence with her blog because she has been doing it for quite a long time (I believe 3 years) without major results. She has pure intentions and I think it would be such a shame to see her stop doing something she once loved so much. She has quite a similar feel to her Instagram and blog as you do so I thought maybe you would be able to offer some advice or support maybe? I'll link her blog ( just in case you feel like having a look at it xx

  18. I can see you love your dogs a lot but I don't know how you're okay with having an animal just like them on your plate ☹️

  19. Josie, I am dying to find out what is the background music? The first song?

  20. What is rhe title of the background music?The 1 song

  21. Enjoyed watching this, I think the boxes are a great idea for those less confident in the kitchen etc. My Moroccan oil products arrived today, OMG they smell delicious, really looking forward to sampling them! Hope you are well Josie, lots of love xxx

  22. Hi Josie, I like your make up, did you do something different? We have "Hello Fresh" in Australia as well 🙂 I used them before, it's pretty good stuff. I stopped using it cos my week to week routine is all over the place….end up not cooking the meals fresh…

  23. good video however would like ad in the title to be more transparent , but please do a makeup look on that makeup it looks so amazing

  24. hahahaha I loved your dogs "accent"

  25. Morning Josie thanks I'll do that 😊 have a great day

  26. That jumper is so beautiful!!

  27. Autumnal risotto ??🙄.. I love your vids but this word is becoming ridiculous .. you use it way too often

  28. I am eating Girl Guide cookies as I watch this 👍🏻

  29. I Love Aero too but the one with mint flavour!😍😋

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