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Missoma jewellery worn:
New bevelled chain bracelet –

Chain bracelet –
(US) Chain bracelet –

T-bar chain bracelet –
(US) T-bar chain bracelet –

Gold ridged ring –
(US) Gold ridged ring –

Gold wave ring –
(US) Gold wave ring –

Opalite clip-on pendant –
(US) Opalite clip-on pendant –

Clip-on pendant & necklace set –
(US) Clip-on pendant & necklace set –

Coin pendant necklace –
(US) Coin pendant necklace –

Locket necklace –
(US) Locket necklace –

Locket clip-on pendant –
(US) Locket clip-on pendant –

Coin choker –
(US) Coin choker –

Knot chain necklace –
(US) Knot chain necklace –

Ridged hoop earrings –
(US) Ridged hoop earrings –

Worn with outfits:
Valentino sandals –
(US) Valentino sandals (similar) –
Straw bag –
Topshop sunglasses –
(US) Topshop sunglasses (similar) –
Chloe slides –
(US) Chloe slides –
Sunglasses chain –
Pink tote bag –

Outfit 1:
Missoma jewellery
Gingham dress (similar) –
(US) Gingham dress (similar) –
Dior book tote –

Outfit 2:
Missoma jewellery
Arabella pink bikini –
Pink cover-up (similar) –
(US) Pink cover-up (similar) –

Outfit 3:
Missoma jewellery
White River Island dress –
(US) White River Island dress –

Outfit 4:
Missoma jewellery
White cover-up (similar) –
(US) White cover-up (similar) –
White shorts (similar) –
(US) White shorts (similar) –

Outfit 5:
Missoma jewellery
Zimmerman dress –
(US) Zimmerman dress –
Gold sandals (similar) –
(US) Gold sandals (similar) –

Outfit 6:
Missoma jewellery
Floral dress (similar) –
(US) Floral dress (similar) –

Outfit 7:
Missoma jewellery
White Zimmerman dress (similar) –
(US) White Zimmerman dress (similar) –

Outfit 8:
Missoma jewellery
Cover-up similar to Eberjey –
(US) Cover-up similar to Eberjey –
Cap –
(US) Cap –
Straw hat (similar) –
(US) Straw hat (similar) –

Outfit 9:
Missoma jewellery
Floral dress (similar) –
(US) Floral dress (similar) –

Outfit 10:
Missoma jewellery
Peony bikini top –
(US) Peony bikini top –
Peony bikini high waisted bottoms –
(US) Peony bikini high waisted bottoms –
Peoni bikini string bottoms –
(US) Peoni bikini string bottoms –
Arabella white swimsuit –

Summer Fridays face mask –
(US) Summer Fridays face mask –
Neal’s Yard Citronella spray –
Pureology purple shampoo –
(US) Pureology purple shampoo –
Bondi Boost hair mask –
Sarah Chapman Skin Insurance SPF 50 –
(US) Sarah Chapman Skin Insurance SPF 50 –
Sarah Chapman Eye Insurance SPF 30 –
(US) Sarah Chapman Eye Insurance SPF 30 -

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  1. I’ve been to Kefalonia last year (inspired by you ☺️) and it has been such a lovely holiday ❤️ really missed it this year 😔

  2. I really like the jewelry! You’re so lovely! Please wear sunscreen on your chest as well. You’ll be so annoyed with yourself by the time you’re in your 40’s. Thanks for sharing your vacation!

  3. Josie, you should come to Australia. We have the most spectacular sparkling white, sandy beaches. Not a pebble in sight. You won’t even need that gorgeous beach mat 🏖

  4. I am from Greece so it is so nice to see that every year you support our beautiful island 🏝

  5. Efharisto (thank you in Greek) for sharing! The whole thing was just lovely

  6. you look beautiful but i am so jealous, you got to travel , our airport is still close 🙁


  8. All the outfits are beautiful! You make white wearable. Fav was the sailor and white cap outfit.

  9. Holiday really? In the time of pandemic? I used to love your contents and have been following you since many years but travelling for pleasure purpose in times of pandemic is really not a wise decision.Really disappointed Josie.
    You can remove the negative comments but please don't out yourself and people around you in danger .very essential travel is understandable but this could have been postponed after pandemic ends

  10. The sunburn on your chest makes me cringe!!! You’re doing so much damage to your akin Josie!!

  11. Have you seen the awful devastation in Kefalonia from the medicine today? We’ve visited Fiscardo several years running and it’s so awful to see the damage there 😟😢

  12. I loooove Kefalonia but when you are a Serb in Greece they love to say ,,we are not friends….we are brothers" and they always confuse me

  13. I like Josie but unfortunately a lot of these videos are like promo product after promo product. I get she’s just trying to make her money but sometimes it’s a bit much! Maybe cut it down to one promo product per video? This one had the rental bag promo, the jewelry promo, the bare minerals promo, and who knows what else but it’s just too much, plus the ads on the video. Maybe mention the brand once and move on with the vlog. Just trying to give some constructive criticism.

  14. What lip product were you wearing in your white and gold outfit (outfit 3)? It’s a beautiful colour x

  15. Wow! You look amazing and so does the place. Where did you leave your dogs? I’m a first time pet parent and that’s the reason for the question.:)

  16. Caching up with Josie ❤️
    Starting the day a little slower then normal 😊

  17. Josie, what a wonderful vacation. I felt like I was having one while I am home! It’s so exhilarating to see the ocean and green in like forever!!!! Thanks for sharing Josie. Hope soon we can all travel and have amazing vacations❤️

  18. I noticed your chest was a little burnt. I’m a brunette with olive undertones. I never burn and I got skin cancer. It was melanoma on my leg. They had to take so much off that even after plastic surgery I have a huge scar on my right shin , calf area. It looks like a shark bit me. Please please please be careful in the sun.

  19. Amelia Liana is also promoting the same jewellery. I think they all got sent freebies to promote. I don’t get the hype or cost of gold plated. Josie what happened to all the Pandora jewellery you were promoting last year? Do you not wear it anymore? Same with the Monica Vinader you used to wear. 🤨

  20. I'm a little over the constantly flogging of products. Your channel is starting to feel like a shopping channel and the constant consumption is starting to feel uncomfortable. Lifestyle channels do run a thin line and I think you have gone way over it now. For goodness sake do something just about you and not your "stuff" , your followers are not oblivious to your pushing of products.Lovely girl with clearly a good heart but it's getting cringey xx

  21. Such beautiful outfits! But I'm sadly not a fan of the Missoma jewellery!

  22. Hi Josie, what a lovely video and beautiful bit of escapism (we actually did manage a trip as well, not being sure until the last minute…yikes things are so weird this year). Wow, that pink coverup is everything and suits you so well. Your gold jewellery complements all your outfits really well (and I can see they would work equally with outfits that were not specifically 'holiday' ones too). Good for you for going for easy (and chic!) hair-in-a-bun styling…who needs extra effort all the time on holiday, after all? Very happy for you that you got to go on your annual holiday xo

  23. Josie, even though you say you don't try so hard on holiday you still look effortlessly beautiful. Love all your outfits, the pink cover up robe outfit, beautiful! And love the dress with lavender in it, so nice! Straw bag also really nice.x 😊


  25. Josie those dupes of Castaner wedges at New Look have dropped to £9, so I've purchased the tan, pink and navy. Lovely for the price! x 😊

  26. I love the to hear Charlie’s assessment of your outfits and the things he really loves about them. The holiday vlog was just as amazing as always and we still got a sneak peak of the scenery. I loved the waist yoke on your favourite dress; hides a full tummy and is so flattering.

  27. Please show where you are , show the area , the Vila or hotel . Show the pool everything . I have never gone there so I would love for you to show us all please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💖 You look as beautiful as always 💖

  28. Sigh, lovely little holiday video☹️🙂⭐️

  29. Vegetarian / Vegan👍⭐️🌸

  30. Kefalonia is so lovely, you might love #Watamu if you ever visit Kenya, it reminds me of home 🙂 I like how the stars on the mirror seem to complement your first outfit 2:20, and the beautiful scalloped swimsuit and the scalloped hat look so perfect together 29:20. I love that you are showing us your older outfits as well from a couple of years back, I would like to see more of the older outfits that you love as well as the new

  31. Go to trustpilot and look at the reviews for missoma. Your welcome!

  32. Let me help you with the name of our island!😊 you have to put the tone on the word on the last letter, it is kefaloniA ❤ hope you eat a lot of tzatziki!❤
    Kisses from Greece 🇬🇷🇬🇷❤🌷

  33. Bet the doggies can't wait to have you both back home

  34. Those jelly shoes are soooo cute! Have you linked them?

  35. You look very nice in your outfits you always look very fresh seems is happiness all the time in your life .. I love it . I m wondering how tall r you ? Thanks Josie. Enjoy your home beautiful!!

  36. What foundation did you use on your trip? Your skin looks flawless and so radiant!

  37. It looked like you had a lovely holiday… slightly jealous 🤣

  38. Did all the Aussies here look at that pebble beach and go – whaaaat!?
    Josie I loved your outfits. Fantastic mix of casual and glam pieces. Lovely way to see your holiday, through your fashion 😍

  39. Please don’t wear it in the sea your necklace will become brass as that brand is only plated gold and it is not ment to be worn in the shower or when putting on creams or salt water love them love you Hun x x

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