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WHAT I WORE IN IRELAND! Exploring Dublin and The Westbury | Fashion Mumblr

What I Wore and what we did in Dublin, Ireland! We spent 24 hours in the city, staying at The Westbury hotel, here’s what we got up to!
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We stayed at The Westbury, Dublin : https://www.doylecollection.com/hotels/the-westbury-hotel

Lunch at Balfes : https://www.doylecollection.com/hotels/the-westbury-hotel/dining

We had dinner at Wilde : https://www.doylecollection.com/hotels/the-westbury-hotel/packages/wilde-at-the-westbury

We had Afternoon Tea at The Westbury Lobby : https://www.doylecollection.com/hotels/the-westbury-hotel/dining/afternoon-tea


❤ What I Wore ❤


Trench Coat : http://bit.ly/2pWcf2j
Jeans : http://bit.ly/2rojc0i
Boots : http://bit.ly/2q3pwX9
Jumper : http://bit.ly/2q3dSLR
Bag : http://bit.ly/2q52nWS
Bracelets : http://bit.ly/2qsBWaF
Moon Necklace : http://bit.ly/2pSV3e4
Plain White Jumper (worn when arriving at hotel) : http://bit.ly/2ltdtmd


Dress – Club Monaco Sale
Shoes – Stuart Weitzman


Skirt – http://bit.ly/2pa17xJ
Top as before
Boots as before
Bag as before
Coat as before

Earrings : http://bit.ly/2mx2QiH
Necklace : http://bit.ly/2mx7AVu
Ring : http://bit.ly/2i7GCSC
Bracelet : http://bit.ly/2mx9K7j


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  1. Well … it looks like that gear is totally out of my price range. Back to T shirts and jeans … and a throw in jacket. Cheers.

  2. PLEASE tell me where you got your coat! I love it!

  3. Delighted u enjoyed Dublin,my home town

  4. I am trying sooo hard ro watch video in order, how the heck do I do it? 😇💜

  5. It was so wonderful to see you visiting my country. Hope we treated you well and I truly hope you enjoyed your stay…Wish I could have met you but unfortunately I just found your channel, which I absolutely adore.
    Love you Josie…take care xxxx

  6. You do the best, best vlogs! I finally have a reason to watch fashion vlogs again. Love your style and your lovely talent!

  7. I lovee your videos! much love from Venezuela!

  8. You look stunning all the time 😍😍wat tan do you use ?

  9. Why would u go to Ireland I live there it's such a boring country 😂😂😂

  10. You are the most dainty girl I have seen. All ur videos are so cute.

  11. So Glad you had this up! Ive been so homesick recently so it was great to see!! xo Stunning video

  12. Ireland looks beautiful!!! your vlogs and everyday May are great and so versitile.
    Loving your Make-up! xxx

  13. Another fantastic vlog and you look stunning as always 😘. Could you tell me what shade of the Milani concealer you have?? xx

  14. Looked like you had an amazing time!! Love love love those silver boots 👌🏻😍 Big Love, Siobhan xx

  15. You look amazing in every hat! ❤👌

  16. Josie! You were doing the OOTD shot – after Monsoon, you were in a park around 12:30 – standing in front of a stone column … there was a couple with a baby in a stroller coming down the slight incline right behind where you were standing … I sat here and said to myself – My God! Josie's future is rolling in right behind her! 😉

  17. Aw this is so lovely. I am Irish and live in Dublin, it's nice to see it from an outsider's perspective. I was just in the Westbury the other day, such a gorgeous hotel and the restaurant looks amazing! <3 hope you had a great time in Ireland xx

  18. What nail polish have you got on? Looks lovely! ☺️

  19. Josie, you put your head on pillows in such wonderful places – thank you for bringing us along!!! … I KNOW you're a mac and cheese girl, but I also saw something called lobster mash – wow! Lobster mashed potatoes – I'd be ready, set, thumbs-up, for that 🙂 And now I'm really noticing, since you and Charlie talked about it after your most recent U S trip, the size difference of meals in Europe VS over here in America! What you called dinner to create a food coma, would be considered an appetizer before the meal – true that!

  20. Great vlog. I love the Westbury I stayed there years ago it's gorgeous! Really lovin those metallic boots too you styled them up really well ❤️

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