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WHAT I WORE IN TEXAS | Dallas Outfit Diary | #rStheCon | Fashion Mumblr

Come to #rStheCon in Dallas with me! Here’s what happened and what I wore in Texas for the rewardStyle conference!

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❤ What I Wore ❤

Day One – Day

Top –
Trousers –
Sunglasses –
Ring –
Backpack –
Shoes –
Moon Necklace –

Day One – Night

Dress –
Shoes –
Bag –
Bracelet –
Moon Necklace –

Day Two – Day

Top –
Shorts –
Sandals –
Bag –
Sunglasses –
Bracelet –

Day Two – Night

Top –
Trousers –
Bracelets –
Bag –
Shoes –

Day Three – Day

Top –
Skirt (suede mini) –

Day Three – Night

Dress – US : UK :
Shoes –
Bag –

Earrings :
Necklace :
Rings :
Bracelet :

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Jamie Lee –
Soraya –
Charlie –

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  1. I lote yours vídeos 🤔🤔 acho que é assim que escreve.😂

  2. Josie I stand by this, you have great taste.💎💎💎

  3. How beautiful you are also like your styles 😍😍😍

  4. The white outfit at the end with the lace detail is my favourite 😍

  5. that face she makes when she taste the drink:))))

  6. Love your videos! What is the name of the last song that plays while your modeling your last outfit (white dress with Valentino Rockstuds) thx!!

  7. Also sorry, How u finding that Mango Pink Bag you got, I keep looking at it, I want a pale pink small bag and saw u had that on your last video, I can't afford anything expensive, wish I could afford a designer bag but only work 3 days a week, I've never had a designer bag, do you have any Louis Vuitton bags, I've never seen u with any. Xxx

  8. OMG, You replied!!!!' Thanks so much Josie, let's hope the medium fits me, the lady at Whistles said if I'm a 12 I should go for the Medium, it might come today I hope!!!!!! Least it will be good for next Winter. 😍😍

  9. Looks like you had a lot of fun! The conference looked amazing. I mean, I'm sure the parties were great but I'm a huge nerd so I am so jealous that you got to listen to what I'm sure were some great presentations. I can't wait to read your blog post. And, I've never really thought about it but yeah, here in the US, especially out west, we don't really do shopping "streets", we do shopping malls and a big trend in the last 10 years or so has been the shopping "villages". We've got a ton of them here in Arizona, which is a bit ridiculous considering for about half the year it's way too hot to spend any length of time outside. Glad to hear you had fun in LA and I'm glad you got to just enjoy it without the pressure of vlogging it. Loved seeing your pics on Instagram. Another great vlog and your style is on point, as always. 🙂 xx

  10. I loved this vlog Josie, and getting to relive the memories from the conference. It was so lovely getting to know you and Charlie over those few days in Dallas – I saw on Instagram that you're both back home now so I hope you had an incredible time in NYC!! xx

  11. Hi Josie darling,what a fabulous vlog.Full of to the brim of fashion, culture & perfectly put together.Ive only ever stopped over for a flight in Dallas from Vegas to Florida but wish I'd had time to see this pretty amazing place.Loved the band with those drummers wow what a fab party atmosphere.Looking as pretty as a picture in those outfits they were beautiful.Have a happy week much love Susan & family😘

  12. I actually hate vlogs but I loooveee yours. You're amazing

  13. what is the name of the song she used when she was showing her first outfit?

  14. I love the vlog. I always like your vlogs

  15. This is not an insult but I can look at you now (been following you for a while) & see how you are going to be & look as a mature adult I'm meaning 50+ years old. I think maybe because the way you come across in videos & I see you are young but have some old fashion sounds & attitude about you. Love all your content x

  16. You always look so elegant

  17. am i the only one who recognized the girl from mademoiselle?

  18. I hate white:( wish all you tubers stopped wearing white/neutrals. What happened to color?!?

  19. Looks like you had an amazing time Josie! It was a nice surprise seeing Jamie Lee pop up in your vlog as well! I absolutely love her channel 🙂 xx

  20. Everything you have is just so gorgeous and you always style it beautifully! xoxo

  21. So nice to see a vlog from you again Josie! I noticed on your Instagram stories that you and Charlie are renovating your house; is that something you'll be vlogging? Also I think it'd be both interesting and helpful to many to do a video on managing a mortgage/buying a home whilst working etc. I'm heading over to your side of the pond in two weeks time and am really looking forward to my first UK trip!! xo

  22. Hi Josie I hope you had fun and enjoyed it! I loved every single outfit you were wearing. When your free please answer my email. Thanks! Stunning lady!!!💋💋❤️❤️

  23. Hi Josie. Loved your video. You look gorgeous. I've messaged u quite a few times but especially about your grey cold shoulder Whistles wool dress that I couldn't make my mind up over small & Medium, I bought it this morning from a whistles store in London and I got it for 59:50, can't believe I got it for that from 140 Quid !!!!!!!! Hopefully it will fit when it arrives 😘😘xxx

  24. The Monaa dress from TB, I have my eye on for my holiday in December. So pretty and stylish 🙂 Cool vlog and thank you for sharing 🙂

  25. I really liked that you guys had some special or private time together. I know blogging seems easy for many people ,I'm not sure but I've heard that for vloggers after a time it's pretty hard to not vlog and in some point it makes them anxious(hopefully you're not on that level of addiction ✌🙏).I mean you guys are young so just enjoy your life. and about outfits; I mean you know I love 💗 your style; clean, simple, feminine but at the same time very chic.. 👌👒

  26. Oh you were here, wish you would have done a meet and greet. I hope you enjoyed our city. Love from Garland Tx

  27. I enjoyed this but being honest I would have preferred a shorter, 3minute ish weekly look book with a blog separately 🙂 just some feedback

  28. you are in my city, I wish I had known you were here. anyways about 10 minutes from downtown is a place call the bishop arts, and its fun and so alive.

  29. Ok light colors look beautiful on you, but i would like to see color variety. I feel like its always white or very light similiar colors

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