Saturday , July 24 2021
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What Is An Inverted Yield Curve And How Does It Affect The Stock Market? | NBC News Now

NBC News’ Ali Velshi breaks down the definition of an inverted yield curve and explains why it is triggering a loss in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
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What Is An Inverted Yield Curve And How Does It Affect The Stock Market? | NBC News Now


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  1. My plan: sell tv
    Buy $1 crt
    Keep playing PS3

  2. 1:32 What does Lionel Messi has to do with this? Why don't investors like him?

  3. There is no recession, the media and parties against the president is trying to force a recession. We are do a recession? It's not a schedule when it comes it comes, one does not schedule it.
    We have low unemployment numbers, people got jobs, which means there are tax dollars which means people spend and businesses keep on trucking.

  4. That was a lousy explanation they're just hoping for a recession because they don't like Trump. The left is circling the drain.

  5. Our humble comment on the issue with the inverted yield curve:

  6. Is she trying out for the NBC cheerleading squad?

  7. The market is never “due” for a recession, when you say that your just part of the problem. This guy is just here to make the news happy. You say a recession is coming but you also say it’s a warning. You know as much as anyone else. Thanks for teaching everyone nothing!

  8. TRUMP pays the farmers to stay float and most of US manufacturing are moved outside America
    And tax cut for the rich 💰
    Everything is going towards the disaster
    What you American expect??

  9. Trump sucks but these idiots want idiots to blame it all on him.
    It is the Fed always in EVERY recession.

  10. This what you called stock—————-🤪

  11. An inverted yield curve is a vote of no-confidence in long-term financial instruments. It comes with a bull run in gold; the time approaches for worldwide wrath Revelation 11; 18.

  12. A recession is a good way to punish those Donald supporters. Losing their jobs is the best way to teach them a painful lesson for the trade war.

  13. That was a pretty weak explanation

  14. 5:22 not quite. A tornado warning means a tornado has been sighted and to take cover if you're in the path of the tornado. Good thing he's not on the weather channel. He described a tornado WATCH.

  15. End Fed, IMF, BIS evil satanic system, bring other one for and of the people

  16. Trump bankrupted a casino…we all knew this was coming. Except of course, for the dumbasses that voted for him

  17. Trump makes Herbert Hoover look like a financial genius.

  18. Why is everyone in the comments blaming trump lol? Recessions happen on a cycle, Hillary could be our president and this would still be happening (most likely faster)

  19. Stop rifling through Trump's massive pile of feces and concentrate on Epstein's murder.

  20. Trump's working for Trump organization, not,America, may be a problem?

  21. She seems really happy about this!

  22. So the time to buy is getting close at hand. Many people buying those 10 year bonds, so not surprised that the yield crashed down like a rock yesterday. We have at least a small interest rate cushion if something were to happen.

  23. Stupid trumpet destroyed the USA

  24. Americas great deal maker. What a F**king wanker.
    True patriot to his own pockets. JFK!

  25. Terrible, Terrible economy. Getting used to these 800 Point Drops, almost Every Day!! Is Nobody Even running the Economy?? It's an Absolute Bloodbath!

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