What issues are facing American workers today?

Missouri Rep. Jason Smith shares how Republicans plan to address voters’ concerns over inflation and the economy on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FOXBusiness #TheEveningEdit

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  1. Every MAGA Republican donning an AR-15 pin on their lapels cynically mocks Americans who were murdered in mass shootings with the assault weapon including children.

  2. Hunter Biden laptop repairman is asked about reports that many files were added to it after the fact to try and incriminate the Bidens. He said “there have been several attempts to insert fake data,” and it has passed through “countless numbers of hands” over the past 2 years.

  3. FBI agent McGonigal was a Russian agent who convinced the government that another Russian agent, Trump, was not a Russian agent.

    How many more Russian agents are there in the GOP deep state?

    Shouldn’t that be the focus of hearings in Congress?

  4. Donald Trump suggests that if he's going down he'll take the Republicans with him

  5. Thankful we now have a President who delivers results, believes in democracy and paid more than $750 in federal income tax during his first year in office.

    –Hakeem Jeffries

  6. If trump didn't call for his followers to descend on the US Capitol building on January 6th, Ashli Babbitt would still be alive.

    If Ashli Babbitt didn't listen to trump's lies on and before January 6th, she'd still be alive.

    THE END.

  7. Wow. President Biden gave schools across the country a $280 million boost in funding for mental health issues and the media barely covered it.

  8. How do these people get any money that is not worked for?

  9. Republicans only care about wasteful spending when a Democrat is in the White House. When a Republican President is in charge, then spending is of no consequence. Each party only wants to be in charge of pissing the money away.

  10. We need more union representation.

  11. Wealthy people needs to pay more taxes

  12. Layoffs, oh wait the employment numbers were good nevermind lmao

  13. "What issues are facing American workers today?" Issues don't face workers,…workers face issues.

  14. Biden's economic moves have hurt the working class, small business and senior citizens to the point that they cannot catch up on their bills.

  15. "The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one's destiny to do, and then do it." —Henry Ford

  16. Funny. faux asking a question, they have no idea how to answer.

  17. Listen, I was a steel worker in the union. War vet, super hard working man, with state, fed, local, property, and other taxes combined. I was paying 50% taxes. On top of that I was paying 30% child support. I'm making 20 cents on the dollar. No thanks, our whole system needs revamped.

  18. Who is getting paid to stay home?

  19. Try talking to Walmart employees, fast food franchise employees, hotel chain employees. Americans are staying home because the true owners are not paying more than $9.00 to $11.00 an hour with a max of 15 to 20 hours a week. They are paying management $14.00 and $15.00 with restrictions on hiring. Using C-19 as an excuse to not hire or pay and blaming the problem on lazy Americans. Must be bilingual is "hispanic" is going unnoticed by EEOC. Individuals within the ages of 40-60 were laid off and less qualified less experienced workers were hired in their place when lockdowns were lifted. Also, foreign entities are hiring fewer people to do the job of 3-4 employees. A leopards spots don't change by moving to another continent. It's right in front of you! Speak up people!

  20. All working, all millionares with income from stocks. Need to pay taxes at 25-30% total increasing fica taxes to all americans with income is needed.

  21. Lol , government workers union ? There's part of your problem. If they don't even show up for work , why do we need them? Right there is where you start cutting.

  22. Politicians must work for Americans,. All working, retired, disabled and veterans in America.

  23. im not facing anything because i dont breed five kids and make 94k a year and still need food dtamps

  24. There are 4 Chinese police stations operating in the US. two in Los Angeles, one in New York and the last is undisclosed. They are enforcing laws and going after people against china. There are videos online of Mayorkas and other top senate leaders discussing this but do not have options to stop it. Why don't Americans know about this??? !!!!

  25. listen to these STATISTICAL FACTS this is why the dems are destroying America

  26. During Trump's tenure, the national debt increased 39 percent. The annual deficit under Trump ranks as the second highest of any president in history. 9 of the top 10 states most dependent on aid from the federal government? The Republican-led states of Alaska, Mississippi, North Dakota, West Virginia, Kentucky, Arizona, Alabama, Montana and South Carolina.

  27. Thank you, RED 🇺🇸 speak with the people that pay you

  28. Come talk to me! I tell you and show you!

  29. Winnetbasuraregidarecogiyobasura

  30. Today is Friday February 3r and Joe Biden and his administration are the worst administration ever 😑

  31. in short people in this country can not stand this leadership is sickening what they are doing to AMERICANS

  32. What issues are facing American workers today? A leadership that lies manipulates using dirty money and promises to corporate america to screw you every way possible for a start


  34. Ya cant call people workers when theyre not workin

  35. Majority of repubs and demos are one party, annoyed with divide narrative they trying to push. Just a hand full are actually working for the people.

  36. As the king goes so goes the country.

  37. What are you doing about it? Quit talking and whining about it!