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Cardigan –
Locket Necklace & earrings – 20% off –

T3 Whirl Hair Trio –
ASOS water bottle –
Holler & Glow –
Pink Hair Turban –
Living Proof Hair Oil –
365 Bag –
Chloe Boots –
Topshop Sunglasses –
Topshop Jumper Dress –

Soho Home Cushions –

Reversible Gilet –

KENZZI – Use code F50 for $50 off! –

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  1. Just ordered the kenzzi with your code! I questioned it the last time you mentioned it but didn’t go for it. But this time the discount was great and it really is the best time to try it out! Something to keep me busy during lockdown and should be done by summertime! Thank you Josie 🥰

  2. I really miss those videos in the summer when you guys took long walks in the fields. Lovely video as usual.❤️

  3. Hey Josie! I would love the Kenzzi hair removal device.
    How long will your code be available? My birthday is in one month🤗

  4. With much love and respect…I really enjoy hearing about new products, ie purses and boots, but with all the new innovated technology can you share products that are less abusive to animals. There's so much to choose from that it's more progressive to choose otherwise

  5. Josie – I had a good laugh when you told Charlie how to pronounce the colour ochre – I hope you were joking because it is definitely not as you pronounced it. It is "oak er".

  6. Your knitted trousers (16.30) look sooooo cosy Josie, can I ask where they are from please LOVE!! 💕

  7. Charlie’s input about cushions, rugs, chairs, paint just absolutely everything would bug the life out of me. I could paint every room in my house black and I don’t think my partner would notice or even care. I mean go and watch the football or something 🤣🤣

  8. We just purchased the Braun Silk expert Pro 5 ~ the Art of Shaving! Hair removal system ~ it just arrived today!

  9. Lovely cushions. You can never get too many of those. I change cushions often to match the seasons or create a certain atmosphere. Thanks for the tip on the water bottle as well. I have been looking for a bottle for the first floor in my house. Greetings from Denmark.🇩🇰🥰

  10. “Only “600 pounds”!”

  11. Problems w/ camera focusing this and last couple of videos? Don't see that you have carpet pads under your new rugs. This is very important for protecting both the carpets and your gorgeous floors – hope you will look into this. Not a fan of the little pearl-handled bag – too small and a rather cheap looking – you have better in your collection.

  12. Do you need to wear eye protection when doing IPL?? I always do in the salon.

  13. hey, in case you want more engaged subscribers on your youtube channel and more likes and comments take a look at this ➡️ #jarveeyt

  14. Yay, thanks so much for the Kenzie discount code, I've been wanting one for a while and that discount is just too good to pass up!

  15. Bunching not good with long boots!

  16. Those Soho cushions are divine!

  17. I am so tired of those IPL brands not making products that cater to darker skin tones as well. How are they ok with excluding a whole group of people. Ugh 🙄

  18. The boots are actually soo beautiful!! If you ladies want a shearling handbag I’m selling my Louis Vuitton shearling speedy (super rare!) on my depop @groovyalice

  19. Interesting hearing your Cotswold weather. Been some years I've visited. Well, we in Vancuver, BC are having a very chilly & wet (Thanksgiving wkend) as well.
    PS…You looking after your frontal neck now?

  20. You look stunning and the boots should go back you are not completely happy with them- if not returnable – you could probably sell and get a pair you are delighted with when you put them on😊

  21. I always love your Vlogs, I have to say that a heavily recommended curl set for just $69.00 has to be mentioned: Curling Iron Wand Set 7 in 1, PARWIN Ceramic Curling Wand Set LED Temperature Adjustable with 7 Interchangeable Hair Wand Ceramic Barrels, Anti-scalding Tip (0.5'' to 1.25'') and Heat Resistant Glove. For a head turban post-shower, I found a set of 3 for just $12.86. Laluztop Microfiber Hair Towel Turban Wrap 3 Pack Anti Frizz Absorbent & Soft Shower Head Towel, Quick Dryer Hat, Bathing Wrapped Cap for Women Girls Mom Daughter (Large, Blue&Purple&White) More bang for the buck for penny/pence wish ladies. Love & Respect always.

  22. sorry, but what is with you mirror? there are lots of brown dots… can't see your dresses very good

  23. Hi, wishing all is well with you, specially health wise.
    Your necklace, it seems they either don’t have it anymore or it is sold out. Can U find out if they will offer it again? Will highly appreciate it. Have an amazing week ahead. ljw..

  24. best start to the video!! <3 🐶🐶

  25. Please , please it is not a « pan au chocolat », but pain or if you want to be pro a chocolatine

  26. Love the boots!!!! Even though I can no longer wear higher heels than 2-3cm, I love them!

  27. I hope one day something like a Kenzzi will work for someone like me, with the fairest skin and blondest/whitest body hair.

  28. Not embarrassing, not gross…this is real life. You are a person Josie. I understand that some may not be here for dead foot skin or plates on the floor but I am certain that the majority of your viewers did not mind at all. It's life. I think it's relatable and actually funny, but I'm 45 and choose to see humor and allow myself to laugh. 😁

  29. I think I need more of those pamper days. Thank you for a great vlog Josie!

  30. do you use it on your legs too? and will the hair eventually stop growing all together

  31. Where has the pink armchair gone ? It looked great by the window in the family room !!!!

  32. No cushion is worth £160 :O

  33. Great vlog and content as always! You’re by far my favorite you tuber! 🥰💖

  34. I was thinking of getting the ipl until she said we need an adapter from Amazon… erm no then! Lol Can’t be bothered to order and wait separately. Lazy me.

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