What makes Australia serial winners?

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  1. The big Dos! Please stop commenting, it's really bad!! Cheers mate.

  2. Indian players are more fear of failure and looking failure outside

  3. Masala cricket was defeated by pragmatic cricket… 😎😎😎

  4. Actually A defeat in group stage, especially with England, would be a tonic for India… That would be a reality check for them… Before final, They were playing like a Team came out of a Tamil masala film or Shaolin Cricket.. They started to believe that somehow they gonna win… But Cummins spoke like tamil hero and act like tamil hero…

  5. Advts become more than practice

  6. They play
    Five days
    50 overs
    T 20
    What not

  7. Too many chances for

  8. We fight for ganguly
    Sorry Bong people

  9. Sachin played upto 40
    Means he blocks young fresh minds

  10. We play for personal records

  11. When people are talking, pls switch off the music. We are not morons. We can listen.

  12. Kill the effing music that is playing over the top of the video!

  13. More than Australia's effort, the opponents like India surrender the final

  14. They are serial winners because they eat lots of beef. Vegetarians and vegans don't have the same sort of controlled aggression that carnivores have.

  15. Instead of accepting some short comings and going and learning the Australian mentality, media people and commentators should continue with the bias and keep loosing knockouts

  16. you guys need to invest on a good mic. the audio is horrible

  17. We Indians have fear of finals.
    Like we do have fear of final exams from childhood.
    Our Education system has created this fear from childhood.
    Dye to this final fear I think they can't perform

  18. It's going to be a long time 'till India wins a world cup, they are terrible away from home, so no world cup at home for a long time means a long wait for Indian fans, anyway, sucked in India, ya' not the kings of cricket, we are.

  19. Indian coach and team management was so rigid. They don't experiment and play safe Cricket

  20. They bank on team players and not who has scored 50 centuries

  21. There is a reason that Matthew Hayden or any Australian does not like to accept when it comes to their supreme athletic performances across multiple sports. This is quite a dark comment, so if you are sensitive, I suggest you stop reading now. Australia's white European population were not just average Brits. The Australian white population are descendants of the top 20% of the most aggressive, gritty, high testosterone males of past Britain. You might ask how, Australians are mostly descendants of British sailors/soldiers and also of criminals. (it is not an insult in this case, criminals are almost always having higher levels of Testosterone and natural muscle mass compared to the natural average man of a population.) This plays a great role in the amazing performance of Australians in various sports. Australia is basically a Britain 2.0 designed far away from Europe with many high testosterone and grittier males of past Britain being funnelled in to one large Island which became Australia. High testosterone leads not only to greater athletic ability and muscle mass, but also leads to a FEARLESS ATTITUDE ! This is why they consistently beat their English/British brethren in their own British sports while having a small population of high testosterone males. Eg :- Rugby and Cricket and many others. These are descendants of cold blooded people that massacred and enslaved a whole native population. Average or low testosterone males cannot do such things consistently for a long time period. This is why Australians are figuratively (and literally from a historical sense) KILLERS when it comes to sports. Just look at Matthew Hayden's hands. THOSE ARE BUTCHER HANDS ! There are so many men in European and American prisons that physically look JUST LIKE Matthew Hayden.

    Every team has ability and train well
    Australian mindset is that bit better

  23. During haydens era. The bowlers where incredible. This era . The bowlers are very average. Big difference.

  24. Australia plays fearless cricket when India has huge expectations to satisfy for the crowd, media to win games which adds to the pressure and plays into Australia team's hands.

  25. Most Australian team members "dont" come from disadvantaged backgrounds

  26. "There's a not a lot of ego, tends to be performance driven". I think Haydos summarised one of the most underrated reasons as to why Australia cricket has been a juggernaut. Interestingly, I'm seeing this in Indian team too where each player's role is visible and one player is not bigger than the other. Role = clarity = accountability = more chances of things clicking.

  27. It's funny how all Indians like players like Maxwell, but If he was playing for India, he wouldn't have lasted for a year with his consistency (or lack thereof) with the toxic fanbase we have in India.

  28. Australian attitude is no match to BCCI’s purchasing power

  29. Fair enough Matthew, but Australia is still shit at Football, the world's number one sport

  30. Aus depend on david warner and head if they out early aus lost this game

  31. Australians are not winners they are just street hecklers just they would heckle everyone when they don’t find their way into game.

  32. They almost lost to SA. They won't feel too good coming into the final.

    For the first time in a long time, Aussies are the underdogs.

  33. Pomp and Self adulation are risky, lets wait and see how well they compete without sandpaper over the next decade and then declare them. Why the hurry?

  34. Australia wining the World Cup yet again ❤

  35. Australians take each sport like how it should be taken. Play for the pride not for life n death. A teenager playing in the backyard plays with the same passion like Aus captain. 😊 Give it all n don't worry about result. Thus more Aggression n less fear.

  36. In other words aus will win and india will succumb to the pressure again . 😢
    I think this will be similar to 2003 World Cup. .
    Sorry to say this , but it is what it is

  37. What makes this Australian team great is chokers like SA who play very well at league stage and choke in semifinal 😀. What made Australian teams of 1999, 2003 and 2007 great were primarily 4 players, Adam Gilchrist who played match winning innings in each of the World Cup finals, Ricky Ponting who was always a big match player, Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath. Australia will never get such players again. Even if they did, they will never get all 4 in same era.

  38. I really hope india beats Australia in the finals..toss is crucial

  39. Did Matt Hayden just refer to the Australian "gene pool"? 😂

  40. Buy a good mic for gods sake

  41. Maxwell will score 150 or 200 alone. Ind chokes in big games

  42. Hayden, you are talking out of your arse. For a long time, the white-boys controlled cricket and therefore, were bully-boys. Now, you bastards have to grovel at the feet of the Indians. Deservedly so.

  43. Australia do the right thing and wait for their opponent to make mistakes . They don't panic and show fear …even if 5 runs are needed to win they play ball on merit rather play Bollywood type shots

  44. I noticed that there no sense of fear or sense of occasion among the Australian players. I have observed this in the way Mitchell Marsh and Travis Head play. They hold onto their attacking game irrespective of the opposition and the match they are playing. Like in the semifinal, Head played an attacking knock despite wickets falling and that proved to be the difference. Earlier in this World Cup, Australia lost a couple of quick wickets against Sri Lanka but Marsh kept hitting the ball hard.

  45. Matthew Hayden is slowly turning into Marlon Brando from Godfather.

  46. Australia's spirit will be crushed comprehensively on 19th November…. they have never had to contend with the quality of India's line up… time to put the "do whatever it takes to win" team in its place on sheer merit and calibre.

  47. South Africans have the best childhood+ teenage sports. It's just damn luck that Aussies keep winning all the time.