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What to expect at Joe Biden’s inauguration

President-elect Joe Biden is set to be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Hey, don’t count me in views, I just came here to show 👎 👎 dislike. No interest to watch these thieves😤🤮🤢💩💩💩

  2. we are the people, get all these inauguration videos deplatformed simply by NOT LIKING all of them, bad ratings get them removed.

  3. Braindead Joe is NOT who we voted for. He will never be my President. We the People voted for TRUMP


  5. Biden will not bring unity. Democrats don't want unity. Democrats are the falling of America.

  6. Biden's Platform: Sell out The United States to China, Parasitize the Middle Class for everything they're worth, Race Bait non stop, Push for Open Borders for Cheap Slave Labor, Skyrocketing Taxes, Anti-God, Anti-Family and Third Trimester Abortions, Forced Lockdowns, Forced Masks, Forced Vaccines….did I miss anything…….#walkaway

  7. fraudulent election, illegitimate president and illegitimate vice president

  8. go back to sleep joe you fraud!

  9. 853 up to 1.4K downvotes. Screenshot this as other channels are changing the amount to favor HeadSniffer in Chief.

  10. Biden speech today " I am trunalimunumaprzure of the United states of America" "oocommon man".

  11. The fact that all news sites have to turn off comments on the inauguration and the votes clearly show dislike of biden, how can anyone doubt Biden committed fraud and is not the president?

  12. ABC NBC MSNBC CNN you're just as guilty of stealing the election as Mr Biden

  13. Joe biden just re joined the paris agreement -this is estimated to cost the US 3 TRILLION dollars and 6.5 million industry jobs. Joe Biden is weakening the US economy

  14. What a joke that Biden got 80 million votes. God bless Trump

  15. He is always be called Mr Fraud

  16. Sleepy Steal The Election Piss Pants Joe Beijing Sellout America Biden is weak. Dark days ahead.

  17. Joe Biden as President= Me saying, "I have a Barrett 50 Cal, a 50x Scope, and an itchy trigger finger!"

  18. Donald is a real man !!! Alone against everyone. Trump is the only worthy president.

  19. Congrats Joe Biden & Kamala Harris..The President & Vice President of U.S.A..210121…God Bless America..Love & Peace from Malaysia…

  20. Biden and Harris are cheating liars and will never have the respect of the American people.

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