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What to watch as impeachment inquiry unfolds | ABC News

ABC News contributors Rahm Emanuel and Chris Christie analyze the record of Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president and what comes next.

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  1. Chris is such a thug in a tie himself. I am saying goodbye to ABC because of how distasteful I find him. I miss Cokey may she rest in peace.

  2. What to look for well you can look at ABC to put out fake news lies and idiots who give opinions about things that never happened. Abc is a left-leaning liberal station and no news caster no news station should have the right to give only there left sided opinions and honest news media would give both sides but you will never find it on ABC. That is why I watch Fox News and never watch ABC . There was nothing wrong with what President Trump said you idiots !

  3. Q: What to watch as impeachment inquiry unfolds? A: Liberal tears from another failed attempt to make things up.

  4. Q: What to watch as impeachment inquiry unfolds? A: Liberal tears from another failed attempt to make things up.

  5. Now I know why I never watch ABC anymore! You are so one-sided and ignorant George. What you did to Gilliani was quite rude and unprofessional!

  6. Why Is Trump Always Yelling Over a Helicopter?

  7. TRUMP 2020!! He will win in another bigger LANDSLIDE!!!!

  8. Watch how vague the issue are ??
    and how easily they are laughed at
    There is no /NO requirement  for the senate  to hold a vote if any ?????
    If this is  true  and the dims continue  to impeach then it says  that the Dims do not have the American people in mind but their   Politics cause Joe Biden has already done this  and every one has ignored ??? Remember  that  the Steele dossier  investigation will be breaking  at the same time  as  the dims dream ??

  9. More Germans and Scandinavians invading and overpopulating our country with their sociopathic stigmas. THIS ETHNIC GROUP (the Nordics) LEADS 3-7 TIMES MORE THAN ANY OTHER RACE IN: homelessness (U.S. survey states that: 89% of the homeless do not want to work), prisons, foster care, welfare users/trailer parks and opium drug users. They abuse their women and don't take care of their children. Trump is German he is Nordic, they are the drunks of America and you could ALWAYS pinpoint the Nordic people by their square shaped heads, Google THE TERM Squarehead, and if they live in any northern state they are German and Scandinavians (Squareheads). They spread Lutheran Churches throughout the northern states. Trump is forcing this information to be spread out by other ethnic groups like WILDFIRE! No more Nordics should be thinking they are English or western European any longer and they are originally tongue speakers not English speakers! Squareheads have highly visible overall smaller head sizes than western European descendants, Einstein was Jewish and only born in Germany and had a larger head size than the Squarehead kind! Time to threaten German-Americans (Trump's race) with jokes about calling over a Russian towards them to rule and occupy them for DECADES AGAIN, LIKE THEY DID AFTER WWII!

  10. Keep dreaming, you'll figure it out.

  11. Chris said no inner Trump cause cause there is too much shit.

  12. The Swamp is desperate to keep President Trump busy chasing waterfalls so that he won't have time to finish cleaning that democratic swamp

  13. !!!FUCKK TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!

  14. abc news, making up shit again
    “There’s no question the president didn’t do anything illegal or anything required to be reported or anything that was impeachable. … If this whistleblower really thought that something had been done wrong by the president, he could have gone to the Foreign Affairs Committees, to the defense committees, the government oversight committees, but he can’t go to the intelligence committee because it’s not an intelligence matter, but it had been made one so Adam Schiff could handle it.

  15. “It seems pretty clear to me that Adam Schiff and the Intelligence Committee Democrats knew about this. That makes me think that Democrat's attorneys with that committee were working with this person
    “Concerning the complaint, it looked like it was written by a team of attorneys. I was an intelligence analyst for 19 years. We don’t write that way. We see the very detailed legal footnotes to this. This, I think, was a setup job that included others, probably attorneys with the House Democrats Intelligence Committee.”

  16. Imagine it’s 1940 and Churchill, facing the Nazis alone, had called the President and asked for destroyers. Imagine instead of saying, “you got them”, Roosevelt had said, I need a favor, can you dig up dirt on Wilkie (his opponent). Ukraine is fighting the Russians alone. They have already lost part of their country. They desperately needed the Javelin missiles and the 250 million in military aid that Trump froze. This is a high crime. Trump abused his national security power for personal gain. He solicited foreign help in an election.

  17. Biden strong arms Ukrain Trump inquires about it. And he's the bad guy

  18. This country is fucked. Gonna take a miracle for anything to ever change. Capitalism is ruining everything

  19. The house of Representatives, is going to impeach Trump not Nancy Pelosi not the Democrat Party but the House of Representatives. The news media needs to quit making everything political.

  20. No one can impeach Trump, who already has our attorney general standing by his side — Don't forget Barr is hired by Trump — is our politicians really that stupid?

  21. At 1:52 he’s saying “don’t prejudge… don’t put the politics in front of the approach… just look at the facts” and yet they already have their minds made up!

  22. ABC is sick in the head. Disgusting.

  23. Manchild and supporters are dick smoking magafags. Most of the worlds problems are caused by closet queers like Hitler, Cruz, and Pence. Manchild himself is a syphilitic lunatic. He will stop at nothing, including asking Putin's help

  24. RD ; Three Maniacs sitting at a Manhattan table , Socialist Pukes , Globalist's , Regionalist's destroying America , Why would anyone watch this TRASH ? abc

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