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WHAT WE DID IN MYKONOS // Fashion Mumblr Travel Vlog AD

What we did in Mykonos! A travel vlog of our last summer holiday, plus my Summer – Autumn pamper routine!
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LOCATION // Myconian Collection –

What I Wore :

Lace Gown :
Floral Swimsuit :
Necklace :
Sunglasses :

Stripe Beach Cover Up :
Bikini :
Earrings :

White Polka Dot Jumpsuit :
Pearl Earrings :
Straw bag :
Sandals :

Chevron Beach Cover Up :
White Jeans :


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  1. What a pity that a travel video is transformed into advertisement :(( Was so excited to see Greece, but this epilator talk was too much 🙁

  2. I really like your hair all the way pulled back!

  3. I fully agree with your comment on the Greek islands, they are my favourite vacation destination (with Italy), the full package: nature/beaches/mountains, history, art, food, people. And they are so close (we actually go by car)!

  4. Just as a matter of interest, where do dickens and dexter hang out when you’re away?

  5. I think it’s worth buying a top of the range model. I’ve had the basic braun model and a more expensive model and the more expensive model was definitely worth the extra money.

  6. I'm so happy you enjoy Greece !! I'm from Greece and it's so satisfiyng seeing you having fun here.

  7. beautiful , I want to go.

  8. We need a makeup video for this one! And a outfit review!

  9. Braun! the best way of hair removal.💋from Greece!

  10. What a GORGEOUS setting for this video!!!! I think this is probably the most gorgeous scenery you have ever filmed and shared!

  11. I loved the video so very much Josie!! I always love the video's with you and Charlie! You and Charlie are soo adorable, and I always Thank you Josie for sharing him with us!! Oh the the beach was breath taking!! You looked gorgeous!! I love when you take us shopping with you!! I love your hair in a ponytail!! Thank you for an amazing video Josie!!

  12. I ❤️ my braun. Use it all the time and have had it for years so it was a good investment.

  13. You looked so cute with the beach coverup and jeans and hair in a pony 😊

  14. Lovely video ☀️ I would love to see one about your fashion style development from your teenage years until now, that would be super interesting 💗

  15. U are very inspiring & I see u as a role model Josie ☺️💜

  16. Finally, a short dress. Suits you.

  17. the bird subscribed to your channel LOL

  18. you look so lovely in your tan !! What a beautiful final retreat to go to for the end of summer. Thank you for sharing have a lovely week !!
    ( Judy )

  19. Greece looks amazing ! Thanks for taking us along on you and Charlie’s adventure.

  20. awe it looks so lovely there Josie xxxx

  21. I adore Greek islands, especially Cyclades and among them especially Mykonos! 👌🏼 Above all, I suggest for a visit a cafe called 180 Sunset bar, it’s stunning, the view and everything… Regarding beaches, they are all great (clean and gorgeously arranged) especially now when there’s no crowd… Old town is so cute, etc…

  22. Really🙄 8 mins of a sponsored video 🤦🏼‍♀️ not even going to bother watching the end of your pointless sponsored video🤦🏼‍♀️ i dont mind sponsored videos but seriously just tell us at the start about it and move on

  23. I thought you use laser depilator?

  24. Hey, Josie. Greece looks lovely. I had "Mamma mia" 1 and 2 vibes when you were exploring the lovely place. I've watched those two movies and I love them. You should see them if you have a chance. xoxoxoxo

  25. I did enjoy coming along on your Mykonos island, which I had just recently been. It was windy for me too in August ‘18. Scorpios restaurant and beach area is beautiful. Head to Principote Panormos beach club. It’s beautiful. (everywhere is 💕 ) 🙋‍♀️🇦🇺

  26. Josie lovely vlog. You look beautiful. You are such a lovely person

  27. You are right GREEK ISLANDS are the best. Love Mykonos

  28. Mykonos looked amazing Josie, and the food at that hotel looked gorgeous!! Lovely vlog, love to see what you and Charlie get up to.x 😄

  29. Woowwww!!! I hope I can blend in with your style. I'm looking forward on adapting your taste in my next vlog so Check it out soon, be the first just Hit the subscribe and the bell so you will be updated! 💯💕

  30. На постели заниматься волосней… 😳 Бррррр…

  31. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. Oh, you're such a lovely person. Love from Kenya. 🌸

  33. You should try laser hair removal! I used to epilate but moved to this and it is amazing! Havent had to remove my hair for over 6 yrs now!

  34. I have been epilating for over 20 years & have the epilator Josie talks about. I admit, the first time I used an epilator I virtually jumped off the bed in shock, but PLEASE persevere as now it is actually a rather pleasant sensation. I do not treat this as a chore at all, more of a treat evening & line up a good film, something nice to eat & drink & epilate everywhere on my body. The worst I can say is it now feels like being combed with the tangle teaser when you’re at the hairdressers – a cathartic, quite pleasant experience, but mostly I don’t notice it at all. My legs are completely immune to any pain as are my arms & I can truly say I’ve had more painful massages. If you want to keep hair at bay for the longest time & get no crunchy bristle, epilating is the way to go. Oh & my regrowth is about 75% reduced. The hair follicles just seem to give up against the weekly onslaught. ❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  35. Loved this vlog, it ended too soon for me, you looked beautifully tanned, can u remind me which one you use, it's a gorgeous colour. Thank you for sharing your last sunny trip 😘💕🌞

  36. Once you get past the initial fear of epilating it is so easy and quick! I loved your outfits! How long did you and Charlie stay?

  37. Enjoyed this vlog, Josie!! What lipstick did you have on when you went to dinner at the hotel and wore the chevron coverup with the white jeans. It's a beautiful color on you and perfect for Autumn.

  38. I am obsessed with your outfits. So gorgeous.

  39. I am from Greece.❤
    Yes Greece has wonderful islands!!!

  40. The more I watch your videos, and I have watched dozens of them, the more I see we have in common! I was in the Greek Islands (Santorini for me) years ago and loved it for the same reasons you described. Thank you for the heads-up on epilation – I want to try it now! Your resortwear is stunning – jewelery noted as well! xo Jeanne-Marie

  41. OMG – Greece is so beautiful! I reluctantly went with friends & family to Kos last year – what a wonderful place. I agree, the food, the people, the places are all fabulous. We took a trip to Nisyros & Mykonos – but all the islands are warm, blue & white, as well as windy 😅 I think Greece is a perfect getaway that’s not far from home.

  42. I love epilating! I feel like it is really underappreciated. Much cleaner than waxing. The first few uses you need to do them 2-3 times a week, then after that it is a breeze and works for 2 weeks! SO glad you mentioned this!

  43. I am going to Hong Kong with my Husband tomorrow on 1-5 October 2018 ☺️

  44. Josie, you remind so much of Jane Goodall when she was young. See for yourself! Her NatGeo documentary just came out on Netflix. So beautiful!

  45. Josie, I love travelling to beautiful & exotic destinations ☺️💜

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