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What we know about Odessa, Texas gunman | USA TODAY

What we know about the gunman in the Midland-Odessa, Texas mass shooting
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The gunman who killed seven and wounded 25 people had previously failed a gun background check, but authorities haven’t said how he got his firearm.

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  1. You shouldn't let assholes on the court idk what nfl rule G wanna media of the football but to certain media this is football. To speak about the streaker as national news to continue their interests of running onto the field naked. Death is never a deterrent from the love we look for cause we bleed football. We never had faith to believe in mental illnesses just politics of wealth.

  2. He got the weapon through the Gun Show Loophole that the NRA says doesn't exist.

  3. How many of you fools think MS13, Bloods, Crips or any other Gangs guns were legally purchased and registered?🤣😂

  4. What about the 3000 baby’s murder in abortion mills in a day? This shooting is insignificant in the BLOODY USA!

  5. Home grown Terrorist brought to you by your government

  6. Everyone wants to listen to the 911 call. Any links?

  7. "Dont take your guns to town, son. Leave your guns at home, Bill. Dont take your guns to town"

  8. It’s funny how fake news focuses on “if only the background check”. Yet forgot about San Bernardino shooting with that Muslim couple. Cars injure and kill more people than guns.

  9. All men should carry a sharp knife, a good gun and don't wear flip flops..

  10. Wait i thought only illegal immigrants kill police. I guess there must be something wrong with reuplican rhetoric. Back to their propaganda drawing they go.

  11. Did they finish planting all the Trump merchandise in his house yet?

  12. We already know he failed the fbi background checks and still managed to get a weapon. Murder is already illegal. So making laws that strip good people of their protection does NOTHING to prevent this. How was he stopped? With a GUN. So stfu dems.

  13. Yeah…when people call 911… an emergency situation is happening or about to happen.. he gave 911 a warning. Where's that call recording?

  14. More gun rights for all, NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Times now demands that we carry just to protect ourselves from these lawless killers.

  15. The gun man had already failed the gun laws and still got a gun

  16. Wtf cares about the dude. Stop making them famous.

  17. Keep reporting on him…I'm sure no other loser wants this much attention.

  18. They tried to pull him over because he failed to signal changing lanes.

  19. The feds are gonna call every white Constitution believer a racist and domestic terrorist….that's why u see in the comments that they are trying to push. …in Texas ,I guarantee when unconstitutional red flag law is passed …anyone that speaks of the 2nd amendment is gonna be called crazy get their guns taking away with out due process….all because of fake shootings …..

  20. What we know is that more & more false flags to push gun control

  21. This is not, I repeat, not another mossad shooting hoax.

  22. The pigs are at fault here.
    They thought they was in GTA5 and started shooting first.

  23. This wasn't a mass shooting. This was a attack on police and then the guy probably figured he had nothing to lose so he tried to best the number that you media vultures plaster all over the place

  24. This is quite sad… The government (both sides) have failed the American people in many ways due to their indifference, like children, only looking out for their interest and their rich buddies.

    Tjeboramge mutant lied to everyone and it's sad you can't trust no one, politics corrupt anyone – especiallybifbyou are already rich, you don't want to share your riches with the tax payers…

  25. Another angry white guy. What else is there to know?

  26. Yep sounds about white. Who wats to bet that another white boy will shoot another public area up in the next two weeks?

  27. Don't listen to you head listen to your heart. You might be angry upset or enraged with life sometimes just always remember the sun comes up in the morning. Don't feel bad about using a help line or maybe an old friend Just talk to someone you're not alone. We all have demons but what you don't do is believe the lie that its hopeless. God hug the victims and tell them that we will remember and Father for the victims I beg for Justice on the demon that cause us your children so much pain in Jesus name

  28. You gotta be kidding me , a criminal did purchase hes firearms legally. Who would have thought that such a thing could happen.

  29. Thank you #NRA for saving lives!! No more Gun Laws are needed.. the current ones work, as is. Federal background checks denied this idiot, so he went the illegal route.

  30. Politicians will use this to create red flag laws. After those go into effect people will use them arbitrarily, sort of like swatting. This will no doubt mostly affect young men. I do not support gun violence but oppression is not the answer either.

  31. Day 3, fake fbi reports…useless words…WALLY WORLD STEPPED UP. Cowards in Congress love dictators. #voteddicout

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