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What we know about the Dayton shooter | USA TODAY

What we know about Dayton mass shooter Connor Betts
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An ex-girlfriend and former classmates have spoken out about Connor Betts, the 24-year-old who killed nine people and wounded others in Dayton, Ohio.

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  1. If we locked up all the Insane People in shackles and threw them in Dungeons, there would be no one left in America to work or vote, and the Internet would be empty. We need those psychopaths, one of them is Your Mom!


  3. How to make America safe again… more CCW licensed Americans. Best way to combat gun violence isn't to ban the guns that criminals will still get, its to arm more Americans. Imagine if just 20 percent one out of every 5 Americans carried a gun. Think about how many of these mass shootings could have ended much faster. Police can't always responding instantly. Banning guns only puts more power in the hands of the criminals who will still have guns, and makes Americans defenseless sitting ducks. Terrorist and shooters are scared of our freedom. Why do you think Paris always gets attacked by terrorist??? And why do you think that the top 5 cities in the U.S.A. With strictest gun laws have highest gun violence? Because criminals have the power and the guns and law abiding citizens do not. What people don't get is that's what the criminals and crazy people want. Guns to be banned because they know they can still get them regardless.

  4. Hmmm? Who else did his ex confide in to tell this version? She seem bitter.

  5. The best strategy, parents who own guns that end up taken by their kids and shoot others should be held responsible. From now on charge anyone and everyone who made it easier for a shooter to access and a use a weapon of mass destruction.

  6. If she knew he owned wespons and expressed an evil desire to shoot people, why didnt you report it?

  7. The girlfriend is a typical stupid liberal no nothing that says a lot

  8. Publicize the fact that this shittard was a liberal left wingnut who was radicalized by ANTIFA and his liberal college psychology professors.
    All of the blame lies with them, and the blood of all of those people is on their hands.

  9. fake news can not be trusted. more false flags to come? False Flags is all they have now?

    socialist communists dems, fake news, and satanic child sacrifice pedofiles will now need background checks to buy knives? Anything to take your attention away from epstein island human trafficers and swap rats skeed for their lives.

    Be vigilant.

    See something.

    Say something.

    Know your surroundings at all times.

    The More You Know…

    MSM coverage?

    When you control the media, you control public opinion.

    It's all coming out soon!!!

    Nothing can stop what is coming.



  10. Next time I walk into a casino, I'll tell the players that All BETTS are off!

  11. Fake news hates it that this psycho was a socialist…libtard supporter…

  12. The Dayton shooter had leftist extremist views and supported ANTIFA. He also supported Elizabeth warren and Bernie Sanders

  13. So 1st date: Shows her mass shooting. 2nd date: REALLY? Walks away and says nothing SMDH

  14. Praying does not help, saving them does help.

  15. Our friend was in tht mass crazy mf kill zone, she says if it wasn't for the dayton police responding so fast she an many more people would have been dead, she just came an visited us in Chicago 3 wks ago, she is one of our best an dearest friends, THANK U DAYTON POLICE DEPT,I hope Trump gave u the utmost respect for wht u did, we never dreamed tht anything like tht would come knocking on our door concerning a person we love, I believe we as a people tht believe in whtever God u choose to have faith in an we all get on our knees an pray to our God for answers an mercy to strike those dwn wth a blast from hs nostrils any human being tht plan on killing people in the manor an I believe God will intervene, GOD BLESS DAYTON POLICE DEPT cuz I know it was hard for thm after it was over, killing isn't a natural thing

  16. You forgot the part where he is an Antifa leftist and a bernie/warren supporter. wow. contrast this with you El Paso coverage. bias much?

  17. Biggest joke in Our Planet is= Christian Peoples always Tell That-Muslim Are terrorist & Islam is Problem.but World war 1-2 or war for oil or Creation of slavery( black & white skin different) Creating the world destruction weapon every bad shit only done by them self. Also they think god love them.LOL.

  18. You forgot the part where he is an Antifa leftist.

  19. Nothing that mentions he was a democrat who supported socialism and was an antifa member!? Huh? Now why were those facts left out? When I watched USA Today news about the el paso shooter it included that he was a Trump supporter who wanted closed borders, oh and he was a racist. Wonder why that was included? Dayton – ElPaso there are the same right?

  20. Those Cops were absolutely courageous …. OUTSTANDING!!!! And to think the crap they gotta put up with, it just isn't right!!!! So hard to believe the disrespect they're going through these last few years!

  21. The only way to make these gun laws work is for the education system to absolutely report possible problems kids instead of hiding it for fear of looking bad!!

  22. 250,000 medical malpractice deaths per year . in order for mass shootings to catch up there would have to be 68 mass shootings per day with an average of 10 deaths per shooting for a year . think about that.

  23. I live in Dayton and what happened here last Saturday night is just a normal Saturday night in Chicago.

  24. Sorry White Leftists, you too are my enemy. Both Nazis and White Liberals are on my shit-list for Civil War 2.0.

  25. man, wit all these shootings happening in the summer, imagine what gon happen when school starts..

  26. The Dayton Ohio shooter is a Democrat. He follows socialism. He follows
    Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren. All Democrats spread hatred, all
    democrats are racists. Spread this all over America. We will never
    forget the victims.


  27. And did she report any of his threats or abnormal behavior to anyone? Or maybe now she’s speaking out.. because those cameras are on her🤔

  28. Shooter: "I want to hurt people, like shoot them so they die." (Multiple times)
    Girlfriend: "Oh, okay."
    She still doesn't report or tell anyone about what he said.

  29. People are saying this was about Antifa, no, this was a sick individual who happened to support Antifa. Antifa is known to cause violence so of course he supported them. That doesn't mean it was done by Antifa, just a supporter. We don't need this to escalate. The Civil War could be minutes away and saying this was Antifa could immediately call for a response from the actual Far Right.

  30. Charge the ex girlfriend with involuntary man slaughter

  31. The gunman is a self-described socialist democrat and Elizabeth Warren supporter. He was likely radicalized by CNN and MSNBC.

  32. Oh ok Ms.Fritz, im boutta go on the news like "IM NOT SURPRISED" and proceed not to report it. very cool kanye thank you

  33. It's also EVEN MORE interesting, that he died in 2014; His Obituary is published in the Hartford Courant newspaper on February 23, 2014….MK Ultra is alive and well. Watch how fast the deep state now scrabbles to cover up the paper obituary folks. QUESTION FAKE MEDIA.

  34. When these shooters are apart of the left the media will never tell the public but if they get a chance to bash trump over a shooter they will. Smh tell the truth media

  35. You Negros rather go down with the white man before going to African tho

  36. Why u ppl just talking about his evil threats? If my twin sister tell me she wanna shoot ppl I definitely reporting to police!! No joke ppl u need to report these things ppl are saying u don’t think he was serious so u waited for him to act ? So now u c he’s serious? Come this is ppl lives n your family lives we talking about dead ppl don’t ever come back it’s final!!! Report these ppl are mentally disturbed!!! They are saying these things over n over because they are crying for help!!

  37. At the end of the day its trumps fault so why investigate

  38. Let's see now, Connor Betts was known in the past for being a violent person, his on-line posts indicate he was VERY left leaning in his politics, he thought 69-year-old Antifa member Willem Van Spronsen, who was killed during an armed attack on the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, was a "martyr", and his own sister was among the people he gunned down, but somehow the Left Wing Liberal Democrats say it was President Trump's fault? Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

  39. Forgot to mention he was an antifa member and Elizabeth warren supporter🤔

  40. I get a kick out of media, law enforcement seem to know EVERYTHING we would need to know to PREVENT this one and parkland and most others. There seems to be orchestration going on here to ‘drive the agenda’. Ms Johnson should have just stayed in the background because she appears maybe the dumbest rock on earth, or has her mask ready to assault a rally next weekend. The parents? Yah. The BIG news is the friend is still alive. I wonder if he stays that way if he spills the beans the shooter and sister dynamic. Like Vegas. We’ll never know.

  41. So did these people report his threats? Doesn’t sound like it.

  42. White people don't got life's that's why they always doing shit like that their life's are so boring that they sit around plotting to kill people black people kill people because if we don't we will be killed yall just sick ass people and I hope all yall go to hell

  43. if i recall he was more inlined with altifa also would that not decribe someone with mental health issues to a tee?

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