What We Know About The FBI’s Search Of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home

Former President #Trump said the #FBI “raided” his home at Mar-a-Lago in #Florida and even cracked his safe, with a source familiar with the matter telling NBC News the search was tied to classified information.

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  1. Wonder if it has to do with the coming election..hmm…

  2. They take too long.

  3. Here’s my problem Bill Clinton took with him 1500 classified documents, so did Obama after office but no one raided them?!? IAW Constitutional rights any President can declassify any classified documents?!? This is very unprecedented!!! It’s obvious that ‘The Democrat Swamp Creatures” are really after him!!

  4. Fingers crossed, they also find the $750,000 silver Trump stole from the US embassy in France in 2018 instead of visiting the graves of US ww2 soldiers which he refused to do. https://youtu.be/aLv-W9eeJsE

  5. Everyone know what the spin will be that they're coming up with. It's par for the course.

  6. Lock that POS criminal tRump up 2024!!!!

  7. Pandora's box has been opened with this search. If it's shown that FBI has again overstepped FISA warrants, we need to cut the head off of these kind of warrants. Something smells bad!!!

  8. FBI director and court judge who authorized is appointed by Trump. No one is above the law in US.

  9. They were looking for evidence of corruption of Hunter Biden and his family in Tramp's possession!

  10. I'm no Hillary fan, but I find it funny that Republicans are losing their mind after they wanted to jail her for the same thing. Bunch of hypocrites.

  11. Criminal!! Not above the law….think about it.

  12. About time FBI did this.
    although Don the Con probably already deleted incriminating evidence. Ridiculous it too a year and a half to raid.

  13. Sounds like a bunch of BS to me. Where was the "justice" for Hillary when she and her staff wiped and destroyed phones and a private server when there was a subpoena for them? Democrats would LOVE for everybody to BELIEVE that "NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW"….for everybody else but THEM. Where's the investigation into the Pelosi insider trading? Where is the investigation into Pelosi, Schumer and Bowser for #1 REFUSING the NG when Trump offered it before Jan 6th and #2 WHY didn't they call for the NG before Jan 6th? They are more culpable than Trump in what happened on Jan 6th, but you won't even SEE them investigated for their wrong doing.

  14. And the FBI director that got fired by President Trump with approval of Attoney General Sessions, collects a federal pension thru knowingly corrupt political activisim & oversight of a corrupt court..
    The FBI is political & opinionated to deceive, while they alter and destroy records to deceive, time to get rid of them & restructure.
    They, the FBI in Washington DC. were informed of the sabotuers
    in the the FBI that thru ommission or direct involvement alter and destroy such federal & state records to deceive.

  15. Wow these democrats are so terrified of Trump winning in 2024, they’ll do anything to try and stop him.
    I can’t wait to vote for him again.


  16. Trump was and still is a lying deceiving crook, he's also narcissistic psychopath.
    I said a couple of years ago that this guy is going to loose the election and probably face a bunch of law suits when he's out of office, look whats happening.
    Many people he had close working association with were guilty of committing illegal crimes, now he too is going down.
    GOOD the US deserves better

  17. FBI won’t investigate Hunter Biden with his known connections and ties to nefarious dealings as well as the known fact daddy was aware and involved nor will they charge Clinton who illegally had classified information in her home and wiped computers clean during a joke of an investigation and Epstein’s little black book will never spill it’s heinous dirty secrets because of this rampant corruption.

  18. Judge who issued the warrant was a lawyer for Epstein and associates with connections to Obama as well…. Things that make you go hmmmm.

  19. Not to be cynical but if they spent half this effort trying to find a crime on Hillary or Biden they'd both be in prison right now.

  20. TRUMP WILL NOT COMMIT TO CONTESTING THE 2024 ELECTION: he’ll stick to his BIG LIE that he defeated Biden in 2020. He expects the GOP-MAGA to sweep the midterms: then he will insist that Congress and the MAGA Supremacist Court remove Biden and reinstall him as POTUS! Otherwise, Trump will incite a second insurrection.

  21. Lock him up! lock him up!lock him up !USA USA USA let’s get ready to rumble! but seriously lock him up

  22. Does she struggle to say extraordinary

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  24. I don’t believe I can trust anther hacker than Maskoffweb they work grate and I’m grateful I am gonna tell the world about them so awesome

  25. He is a criminal
    The law says “ no one in authority takes such classified or confidential documents “. Charge him for a crime

  26. FBLie doesn't find evidence.
    FBLie manufactures evidence.

  27. Richard Nixon himself said, “people have got to know whether or not their President is a crook.” The American people need to know if Donald Trump was a crook who broke multiple laws and lead an insurrection against his own people. Charges of political vendetta do not hold up against the need to seek out criminal, unAmerican actions.

  28. If they would have found something on trump ! We all would know it by now !! B.s. Biden struck a fail again !! That's what he does the best !!

  29. Democrats are exhibiting Fascism at its best…

  30. But but … Hillary email!!!!