What we know about the Virginia private plane crash

Investigators are looking into the cause of the plane crash in a remote area of Virginia on Sunday. The F-16 fighter jets that intercepted the plane could see that the pilot was slumped over and incapacitated, raising questions about a possible medical emergency. NBC News’ Tom Costello reports.

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  1. Adopted at 40 years old???
    Pretty strange.

  2. Cries out highly suspect

  3. Sadly moments rest in peace ✌️ to all. Prayers for Family ❤. Praying 🙏 to all Family

  4. I don’t know if there’s an investigator I’d trust more than Cox. See that dude absolutely everywhere when it comes to aviation accidents.

  5. Another episode of Air Disasters. #smithsonian channel.

  6. Just a reminder that general aviation is too dangerous to be worth it. Them rich people be raining down from the skies 😂

  7. Lol the family killed her

  8. I hope to God they were all just unconscious for all this. Prayers for those lost

  9. I was thinking the same thing who wants to adopt me shid

  10. Adopted a woman at age 40… this story will go sideways, quickly, or will get shut down even quicker.

    Might be time to reopen the case on their dead biological daughter.

  11. What I learned from Heavy D soarks, after a hill side plane recovery. Families have to pay for the recovery or sits forever with possible fines.

  12. Please adopt me if you own a private jet, Im only 33

  13. Wait what??? Adopted her when she was 40?

  14. Personally I always say there should be a co pilot. Even tho I have my license I always find a second pilot to fly with me

  15. Helios 522 all over again

  16. Life insurance policies anybody?

  17. Falls Church folks be like

  18. probably a heart attack or something the passengers didn't notice. bet he'd pull the curtain with that crowd.

  19. Please bow your head and say this prayer now 🙏🙏🙏

                    "Carry our prayers up to Gods throne, that
                    the mercy of the Lord may quickly come
                    and lay hold of the beast,
                     the serpent of old, Satan
                    and his demons, casting him
                    in chains into the abyss, so that
                    he can no longer seduce the nations.
                   Thank you for everything
                     CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE,
                          LORD GOD. Amen."

          If you can't look and remember the words, just read and pray them while you have your head bowed and your hands in front of your face 🙏☺ please say it now seriously

  20. Should have had a co pilot

  21. why do they say its sudden loss of pressure? does no one remember the Helios Flight?

  22. Was it shot down, if it ran out of fuel there shouldn't be any fire.

  23. Was the plane loaded with napalm? How does it crash and incinerate itself and the woods around it? I thought they ran out of fuel?

  24. Single Pilot ops is a recipe for disaster

  25. the passengers would have taken control if they were conscious

  26. Could have had a young private pilot in the right seat for a couple hundred bucks, rich guys are almost always cheap 😮

  27. I don’t like conspiracy theories, but how did the other heirs feel about this 40 year old woman being adopted by their millionaire parents?

  28. Other articles say is was not shot down, it was definitely shot down

  29. If there is a rich family looking to adopt a 41 year old Mexican I’m available

  30. I honestly think the military shot them down. Where is the footage of the plane going down?

  31. Anyone want to adopt me? I clean up pretty well.