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What we've learned about HIV and AIDS 30 years later | USA TODAY

When HIV exploded in the 1980s, scientists had no idea what was making patients so sick. So, what have scientists figured out since then? We explain.
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You know Jonathan Van Ness (or “JVN”) as the sassiest, silliest groomer on Netflix’s “Queer Eye.” After you read his memoir “Over the Top” (HarperOne) out Sept. 24, you’re going to appreciate and understand his gutsy glam even more.

But there are two key elements to Van Ness’ life that stand out the most.

Van Ness feels it’s more important than ever to speak about these issues because it disproportionately affects the LGBTQ+ community.

Though the Trump administration has indeed supported grants to help end the HIV epidemic, it’s been criticized by LGBTQ advocates for failing to meaningfully protect the community.

The Trump administration included $291 million in its annual budget for efforts to end the U.S. HIV epidemic. However, HIV experts pointed out other points in the budget could be detrimental to curbing the spread of the virus around the world, specifically citing a $1.35 billion cut in the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, according to Kaiser Health News.

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  2. If this disease was spread by air. Pretty sure they would have gotten a cure by now, we all need to dedicate a year or two in fighting all these diseases, we spend more time doing useless things than actually doing things that pro long our lives. Support scientists anyway we can, And tell all these lunatics to be careful about where they go and what they eat, people bring in new diseases into the world all in the name of research or vacation or experiments

  3. Why can’t o negative Rh negative factor blood type can’t get it ,is it the cure. Because it’s my blood type , it can’t be cloned, high in copper ,can I help them. Can I save there lives with my blood ? Praying for you always praying for all of you. My blood can donate to everyone on earth 🌍. But we’re now only 15 left on earth 🌍 were in genocide. , only 38 negative. Blood type on earth. Like A negative or B negative. Or AB negative. Can they help ? the United nation knows the cure and won’t help. Please stop our genocide also thanks 🙏

  4. Why are my comments about the HIV virus being associated with homosexuality being hidden or deleted?? The censorship is so strong… You all want people to be brainwashed.

  5. 30 yrs later and still no cure,the money the get for research why find a cure ,money keeps rolling in,they have the cure it's the money they want

  6. That a PINK BEAST has a patent for it

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