What you need to know about respiratory illnesses this winter 

A new warning from the CDC on sicknesses including Covid-19, RSV, the flu, pneumonia and strep throat says that these illnesses are spreading in most of the country. Dr. Natalie Azar reports on how to combat this “season of sickness,” and why these infections are more prevalent in the winter.

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  1. i just received a statement from my insurance company for my rsv shot…$307.00…i get all the shots, i have a calcified lobe in my left lung as a result of an untreated bacterial lung infection from years gone by.

  2. Is there a AIO vaccine? Shoot and forget

  3. Stay away from germy people and you'll be fine.

  4. Hear me out. RSV has been around for years, and they just recently came out with a vaccine, and now all of a sudden it is a pandemic. Hmmm…

  5. Imagine watching "the news" unironically 🤭


  7. Hopefully we'll do lockdowns again. It would help stimulate the economy so we can give all the money to other countries and bring world piece. LOCKDOWN NOW YEEEE🎉

  8. All you need to know is Trump will be a loser again

  9. Government and big medicine 💊💉 companies just keep coming out with new viruses each month

  10. I just finished another 20 minute coughing fit! This upper respiratory infecction is exhausting. Take care of yourself folks!

  11. I did what your program said in fully vaccinated and boosted so I'm ready thank you❤❤❤❤

  12. Eat well get enough sleep and exercise!

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  14. The flu vaccine has always had terrible efficacy, and seriously the Covid boosters are a joke at this point.

  15. No thanks. I'll pass. Thank you though. Really appreciate it.

  16. As wonter comes comezssuch as what immune systems as other health issues patricia