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What you need to know about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines

Addressing concerns about taking COVID-19 vaccines as well as continuing coronavirus safety practices after vaccines are administered.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I don’t know much about microbiology but the concerns I have regarding vaccines are not about the science. I don’t know if you realize this but massive pharmaceutical companies are rushing the distribution of an experimental product that could hurt people, and the FDA is cool with it. These companies won’t be held accountable if their vaccines hurt anyone and they just got almost 2 billion dollars in taxpayer money from the US so the federal government can give it to those same taxpayers. I don’t trust these greedy corporations or my corrupt government and I don’t understand why so many folks are quick to judge when my concerns are valid.

  2. I just had the Sheriff's come to my door threatening to evict me on my Birthday! Dec. 30th and there's no one living at this complex all unit apartments are empty!!!!! The members of Congress should be fired for failing Americans!

  3. I bet the dark web has. A fucked up victim of the vaccine of the. After. Effects of the. Vaccine. Just watch they’ll turn us bro. Mutants

  4. So if we. Refuse. To take. Is the military gonna make. Ua. Take it by. Force

  5. Cool shoot mine in my eye

  6. You people that believe in the vaccine are real life idiots these so called “doctors” are scammers

  7. Pfizer's Coronavirus Vaccine Ingredients List .

    Active Ingredient ; nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (modRNA) encoding the viral spike glycoprotein (S) of SARS-CoV-2

    Lipids ; (4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis (ALC-3015)

    (2- hexyldecanoate), 2-[(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide (ALC-0159)

    1,2-distearoyl-snglycero-3-phosphocholine (DPSC)


    Salts ; potassium chloride

    monobasic potassium phosphate

    sodium chloride

    basic sodium phosphate dihydrate

    Other ; sucrose

    All Information Provided , Is well researched by a very good researcher. Links are provided to self verify any Information shared. All/any Explanations are made by Me, as This Information is, made by me, made for me, and shared with me, as My Personal form of verbal and written self expression. To expand on any Information you see in this post, simply do your research. When I say ME , I mean You, Me and You, We Are One.

    Pay close attention to the terminology used in the Vaccine Ingredients listed above, explained by Me below …

    ( Active Ingredients = LIVE VIRUSES – RNA from over 886 searched Results of different Highly Contagious man made Bioweapons/Diseases. RNA = Unknown GMO Nano Technology Undisclosed to the General World Population – Bioweapon bioweapons created in a LAB and UNLEASHED by Man )

    ( Encoding = Pre-determined Script Manufactured to replace or Insert something New? )

    ( From = From multiple Different man made Bioweapons/Diseases over 886 in research results , under search 'RNA' on the Global BioSource Website link provided below )

    ( Simply do a Google search , asking Google search one question, ' Is this Ingredients Harmful to Humans '??? ( each Ingredient )

    ACTIVE INGREDIENTS = LIVING VIRUS RNA from different VIRUS strains. ( Weapons of Mass Destruction ) few examples below.. taken from – the global bioweapon resource website.

    ( RNA from ENTEROVIRUS D68 strain )

    Genomic RNA from Enterovirus D68 strain US/KY/14-18953 [ATCC® VR-1825™] (ATCC® VR-1825D)


    BSL 1

    Product Format frozen

    For Profit$314.00 Non Profit$314.00

    ( RNA from Influenza Virus A strain & Human Coronavirus )

    Quantitative Genomic RNA from Influenza A virus (H1N1) (ATCC® VR-1469DQ )

    Type Strain No

    BSL 1

    Product Format frozen

    For Profit$541.00 Non Profit$541.00

    Quantitative Genomic RNA from Human coronavirus 229E (ATCC® VR-740DQ )

    Type Strain No

    BSL 1

    Product Format frozen

    For Profit$541.00 Non Profit$541.00📷

    NON-Active/ACTIVE Ingredients include but not limited to , LIVE VIRUSES , LIPIDS, SALTS, OTHER …. , these substances need another substance in the body to create a VIOLENT Reaction. What is the purpose of Inoculation – Vaccination? Vaccines are designed to CAUSE a reaction within a LIVING body. << the true purpose of Vaccines, designed as BIOWEAPONS, as ALL life is Biological in Nature. ANY and ALL Testing is to Implant Nanotechnology , blood work, nose swabbing, etc…

    LIPIDS = ( weapons of mass destruction ) acting like a clotting agent similar to when you make Jello, Powder – Liquid – Semi-solid. also contains Nanotechnology chips. ALL Sold by the World Health Care Industry as BIORESOURCES. because in 2020 bioweapons are a Resource??? simply another Toxic substance Antigens synthetic. AntiGens = ANTI is to be against, i.e. Against the bodies Systems. A resource is a Product.

    SALTS = Injected Weapons of mass destruction. Can you drink sea water? No explanation needed on salts being INJECTED into a LIVING body. When any/ALL living bodies can NOT drink sea water. ALL LIVING bodies can not Handle salts being INJECTED = System overload – SHUTDOWN – Extreme Health Conditions – DEATH.

    OTHERS = SYNTHETIC Sugars + Hidden Nano Technology, GMO, Eugenics. Just like Natural Flavorings in processed foods = Human FLESH, hidden RNA,DNA etc… Yes they do have an adverse affect on any Living soul, but there is a Massive difference between Digesting something as the body can pass it, TO INJECTING something as the body is a closed loop system, The LIVING soul uses ENERGY to replace and renew functions of the body BUT this action is WITHOUT poisons introduced into the body. From a Higher Understanding, Energy Corrects any Physical Disorder. Nothing is a permanent state of being. ALL Humans have a foundational BLUEPRINT that can NOT be changed, by toxic, Poisons, Injury, loss of Limbs etc….

    One Toxic Poison is OVERLOADING THE SYSTEM. More than One toxic poison = Extreme System Overload – SHUTDOWN. Extreme Health Conditions and or DEATH.

    All Information Provide is to ADD to your awareness and Encourage you to research further. Nothing Provided is Misinformation, Everything is backed by years of research and Intelligent understanding.

    Listed Titles from USC – United State Code of

    Rules and Regulations below can easily be verified by typing in the Appropriate Title in a simple google search.

    For Example – title 18 USC Chapter 50A section 1091 = GENOCIDE , ( CIDE – means to KILL, relating to any words with – CIDE – in it ) found on this link and other links – 19. Genocide (18 U.S.C. 1091) | JM | Department of Justice . The rest of the Information on USC Titles need to be researched by You.

    Title 18 USC chapter 50A section 1091: GENOCIDE , Title 18 USC chapter 211 section 3236: MURDER OR MANSLAUGHTER, Title 18 USC section 229: Biological Warfare, Title 42 USC chapter 6A section 262: Regulations of biological products.



  8. Never and I mean never trust no medicine. Don't trust the government. Or doctors. Eat well. Excersise. Don't take over the counter drugs either. Most of them.cause cancers. I think even toothpaste.. That's why our life spans are shorter. Because of medd

  9. I will be watching afar. This will definitely will be a horror show of people dropping like flies with irreversible damage to their health

  10. Take this vaccine it’s 95 percent effective and we do not know the long term effects! Don’t go outside wear a mask if you do, remember this virus has a 99.5% chance survival rate…… wtf??????

  11. I don't need to know anything about it. I'm not taking it. If you all get vaccinated I don't have to.

  12. Covid has a 99% survival rate! And MOST people have NO symptoms/ don't even know they have it. Common sense tells you that this vaccine comes straight from hell. Definitely a mark of the beast…one of many. Don't take it…'ve been warned!

  13. God's prophets say do NOT take the vaccine! Pray and confirm in Jesus name

  14. Whoever takes this vaccine is gonna melt alive

  15. Tis the season to have COVID-19 but with the vaccine you can poop it out…and then be merry…

  16. will not trust this vaccine this fast….will not be the canary…..they have no idea what the side affects will be down the road

  17. Read the comments and you'll understand why the U.S. is in the shape it's in. A bunch of scared natives jabbing their spears at anything outside their village. 🤦

  18. No stop do NOT get the vaccine, you’ll thank me later

  19. 2 nurses having adverse side effects while 4 new cases of bell's palsy. Yeah… no thank you. But I don't mind having a few more human guinea pigs to see all the side effects 😅😉.

  20. First of all the covid hoax requires no vaccine, it only requires you toactually start reading books, especially biochemistry and other real books and perhaps getting a dictionary as not to fall for the free masons hoaxes in the future. Maybe a little reading on the history of the real free masons and how they put hoaxes on, and looking up the Office of War Information and how they are the MSM now, will do one good…If you fall for this, God help you…

  21. I never get the flu. 57 never had a flu shot. Dont believe in them. Prove my body wrong……ill wait

  22. The American public is not wrong for casting doubt on this unproven vaccine. Biden and Trump should take the vaccine first.

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