What's Biden hiding? President goes more than 100 days without an interview

A ‘Mornings with Maria’ panel discusses the possible reasons why President Biden avoids media and press interviews. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Whats he hiding? Lolz he can barely string together one coherent sentence, and is the worst president in history

  2. Joking joe Biden is playing the American democratic dictator routine….but the policies he backs….are totally bogus and leads to socialism and drcY ! Impeach joe Biden now!

  3. Just good old fashioned shame.

  4. He has a wide open border to get Democrat voters because the Dem's know they are losing the American citizens.

  5. What does he hiding? His senility. But only from his own. we see it. And who cares what he says? It's not him and it won't change anything. The way things are today will be tomorrow and years ahead or so we hope because it will get worse. Until we get in in 2024.

  6. He's hiding everything from USA ,THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA..

  7. "It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool than speak and remove all doubt" Mark Twain

  8. The most transparent administration ever, ladies and gentlemen

  9. I heard Barnam and Bailey were looking for a clown. I'll be the first to recomend Biden. Hell all he'd need is the oversized shoes. The rest of the clown is there already. FJB

  10. Biden and Kamala flying illegals into Americans cities Zero health checks or background checks 🤬😡. Now Terrorist getting in. New illnesses MonkeyPox what ELSE ?? He’s Absolutely endangering Americans taxpayers. EVERY DAY 💩💩💩

  11. Biden has already appeared to the public malfunctioning time and time again. With the short attention span of the public most forget what they have seen and heard in under twenty four hours. The left understands this, this is why they repeat talking points no matter how ridiculous or untrue. Repetition eventually wins over. They are also aware of herd groups that get their information from within their own herds.

  12. Biden is doing all the things he ran on ?81 million votes, this is who America voted for ??? Suck it up…

  13. Never news Fox. Fear & smear only. Pathetic

  14. Wasn't that old footage? Of the press screaming at him next to the Indian president.

  15. you have a Biden doesn't understand he was there but he wasn't he's only there when they tell him they give him his orders and he tries to act like some kind of a healthy Superstar lying Superstar nothing American 🇺🇸about this guy he didn't do one thing for the people in this country us except for destroyed and reversed everything 🇺🇸 we've been trying to build for the past 4 years before him

  16. What difference does it make when he doesn't interview he can't even read the teleporter

  17. I fully expect Biden to put the "Salvation Army" on alert in case of China invading Taiwan. He should have stayed in Asia, I'm sure they have ice cream and adult diapers.

  18. You might be a conspiracy theorist if you believe 81 million Americans voted for America Last.

  19. You know all of his 81 million voters must be anxious to hear from him . All his words of incoherent wisdom .

  20. Trump was right, the whole time! Can't wait until November!! We can finally get this country back on track!!!

  21. Everything that’s what

  22. He is hiding his stupidity.

  23. Is there a point of him having an interview with anyone other than a toddler ?

  24. He's trying to roll his mashed potato head into a solid peice of potato so he can sniff little girls and eat ice cream whilst pooping 💩 his pants.

  25. Biden, a monster is destroving che economy of Europa to a mentall hospital

  26. The puppeteers controlling Pants Pooping Joe's mouth hate losing control of their creation. When the teleprompter goes off, the wheels come off the Biden bus. The senile incontinent wretch of a human being could say anything that pops into his corrupt hair plugged head. If the talentless word salad spinning hack Kamala wasn't actually worse than old Joe, he'd already be at the retirement home happily filling up his diapers and smiling while getting his butt wiped. We are doomed.

  27. Biden can not seat down with the press because he will put his foot in his mouth .

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  32. "He needs to answer some questions." Oh, he'll answer questions, but what answer? His answers make no sense, his answers violate American policy, his answers are false. He doesn't know how to answer questions. He can't answer questions. He is a menace.

  33. Media has openly showed India that we are full of instability under this administration. Should China move into full blown scale support for Russia as soon as the harvest from America is in then trouble. India wants food and oil securities. At this moment Should Russia take Ukraine then China, Russia, India, alliance may be very possible. America cannot win ww3 without India. So many wrong steps here that the Administration has taken. 100 bucks says that China and Russia are talking about who gets which parts North America.

  34. Idiot cannot speak without help. Anytime he speaks….the WH runs a retraction.

  35. I agree completely. Hide this guy, or then again, he's screwed up so much that it's too late to stop him.
    Trump was under, and still is, living under continuous bombardment from all sides. Biden is a Wimp!

  36. Biden is to stupid to say anything smart.