Thursday , June 4 2020
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What's in the $2T stimulus package? | Coronavirus Conversations

Reporters and experts from across the country and the USA TODAY Network help answer America’s most urgent questions about the $2 trillion stimulus package.
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  2. We need our money now!!

  3. You guys are talking about the museum bailout that gave American Indians more money twice as much money as each individual who's getting a check also a billion to the railroad railroads and I think 124 million to the humanities what the flip does that have to do with the coronavirus or the stimulus package. Thanks for the crumbs Nancy. You can pay everyone's mortgage off in the United States and this would be the strongest country in the universe forever from that day forward. but do they even think like that? No it's because they think of us as cattle literally. Not to mention they all got a $57,000 a year raise in Congress from this package. You would have been better off just letting coronavirus do its thing trim back the population and don't pay anybody anything.

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  10. The government doesn't care if you or your children die from disease virus or starvation

  11. It's only $1,200 and it's only one time. If you file taxes everybody else can starve to death

  12. If you owe child support you better get a gun to feed yourself

  13. Do retired people on social security get the $1200 too?

  14. Don't let this distract you from the fact that no matter what happens, it will always be better than being black.

  15. The Democrats put so much pork in this stimulus bill you could have had your checks weeks ago if they hadn't. Nancy Pelosi is giving 25 million dollars of your stimulus money to the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. That is money that could have fed your family.

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