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WHAT'S NEW IN MY WARDROBE // February 2019 // Fashion Mumblr

What’s New In My Wardrobe for February 2019!
Highstreet haul & try on
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The below links are affiliate links, and items may have been gifted from brands, scroll down for more information if you’d like to know more!

❤ FEATURED in this video

Reiss white blouse:
Monica Vinader Star necklace:
MV Moon necklace:
Reiss Tyne trousers in grey (SALE!) :
Reiss Tyne trousers:
LV Pochette Metis bag:
Emu boots:
Reiss smart coat:
Reiss suede skirt:
Stories bobble jumper:
Reiss print skirt:
Reiss navy skirt:
Reiss pink knit:
Reiss chunky pink knit:
Reiss beige coat:
Reiss moss green dress:
River Island trousers:
Stories patchwork jumper:
Topshop zebra jumper:
Aspinal Landsdowne bag:
Topshop cream boots:
ASOS sandals:
ASOS wedges:
Topshop coat:

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  1. Beautiful neutral shades all the outfits looked so classy 🌹🌹❤️

  2. Absolutely beautiful well selected pieces, and thank you for share,

  3. I know there are new guidelines on stating when things are gifted etc but so much respect for the comment regarding the amount of clothes monthly and it being unrealistic to shop that much (unless you have the funds of course) I love that you keep things real and are totally honest with your content! 🙂

  4. Sei meravigliosa 🌹🦋☘

  5. This is going too far. A fashion blogger shows clothes and other products every time they are in front of a camera. This is advertising by default. Whether it's their own Reiss skirt or Reiss gave it to them only for the shooting of the video, they are still advertising Reiss. So now they have been obliged to state the obvious – which is annoying to listen every time and affects the quality of the content. Brands would only gift items if influencers make them money – it's called business and it is done in every industry in one form or another. So some people should get over it. It's funny that the latter wouldn't dare to attack companies like Reiss which are doing the gifting but they attack the influencers who are individuals, can be easily accessed and do not have necessarily a team of lawyers behind their backs. Pathetic really.

  6. I didn't quite enjoy this video. Some of the pieces may be too fashion forward for me. I will probably skip these monthly series. I prefer more of the fashion essentials and trend videos. Thanks 😉

  7. Congrats on 400k subscribers 💛

  8. Thank you! I love your sense of style and sweet nature. And I really appreciate your transparency.

  9. How will you know if some of the styles you suggest will be right for your body type? I love a lot of the pieces you feature in your videos and would like to purchase many of them. I am concerned that with my short stature and body size many of the items will mot be right for me. Do you have any suggestions to figure out how to know when and item is perfect for you or not?

  10. Love 💕 all ur pieces from reiss👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  11. You got much reeses pieces

  12. Congratulation on the 400.000 subscribers! Love from Berlin.

  13. I must be missing the point. I dont care if you bought it, someone gave it to you, you worked for a brand, did not work for a brand… When I see something on a video if I like it I like it.. I make up my own mind.. I dont use ONE video to make my decision about purchasing. I read other reviews, do my own research. A lot of times I am simply watching the youtuber because I like them as a person and I like that they introduce me to something I maybe didn't know about before. Again, maybe I am missing the point and maybe it's an age thing. Josie I dont think you are trying to mislead anyone .. it is SO HARD to please everyone and remember everything that should be said. It's hard to say anything exactly right where 100 percent of your audience get's it. The fact that you are trying says everything about your integrity and that speaks for itself.

  14. Hi Josie, I too love the Reiss Tyne trousers you have and I set out to find a similar pair in cream, honestly that is THE color they should be in. So I'm delighted to share this with you, I'm in the states but I'm sure they'd ship to you. Take a look: The store is called Chico's, they are called So Juliet Straight-Leg Pants, in color Natural Cream. They are on sale and look perfect!

  15. the batwing pink jumper isn't linked below 🙁

  16. I love your style very classy love youuu tooo much ❤❤❤

  17. Good luck Josie I really appreciate your honest reviews on fashion xx 😘

  18. Hi Josie, Just wanted to say that I love your videos. You introduced me to Reiss and I'm so glad, the pieces are gorgeous and such amazing quality. You've offered such good advice, I've stopped buying masses of badly made items which I end up hating after a few months and now I buy just a few lovely pieces. Thank you so much for your videos and hard work xx

  19. 17:15 which bag is that! So pretty!!

  20. Ok you have made me more curious about reiss as always a great presented video x

  21. I do like the new regulations as I feel as if many bloggers that I follow have been quite deceiving over the years, after seeing how much of what they own has been given to them.

    However, I can't say I feel that with Josie. Any time she's posted something where she's worked with a brand and been paid for it, (whether it's been on here or Instagram) she will usually disclose. From what I've seen over the past couple of years, she'll usually disclose whether something has been a gift too (especially on her Instagram stories). Yes, maybe she hasn't disclosed EVERYTHING that has been a gift but I don't really think that's important – she could have received a gift from anyone, why does it matter if it's a particular company? I think it's more important to disclose when you've received an actual payment for something, which as I mentioned, Josie usually does.

    Since these new regulations have gained a bit of attention, I've noticed countless (well known!) bloggers ignoring the rules for posts that are quite blatantly adverts. I feel it's unfair that the people who seem to be ignoring the regulations aren't receiving any backlash, yet people who are following them wholly, and have also done so in the past (even just to a certain extent), are now being vilified.

  22. I really like your style! Don't you mind wearing real fur? Because that is disgusting…

  23. YOU DID IT!! Congratulation on hitting 400K👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💗💗💗💗

  24. Such beautiful pieces. I absolutely love the pink, tan and cream colors.

  25. 🙋‍♀️ subscribed…….

  26. I love the whole white look (even with that lovely, luxury looking cream jacket) but as a clumsy coffee lover, I know it's a huge risk! Hello from a new subbie(finally)! Congrats on hitting over 400k 🙂
    P.S. I like how clear you say you don't need these many clothes and shopping which is unsustainable for, well, normal people!

  27. Congrats on 400K Josie!!!! so well deserved, and thank you for being so transparent I really felt like I enjoyed the video so much more knowing how you acquired everything

  28. Pls do more videos at home, they are the best….day in the life's!

  29. you are very beautiful and your video but many of the things you show are not there
    Εγώwould you show us products whih ae economical for the morning ,office

  30. Lovely Josie.👍👗Cheers.🇺🇸

  31. I love dark greens with cool blond hair they give that rich feel that I'm drawn to and that's why I also invested in a dark emerald green wool coat and emerald earrings Xx

  32. My favorite store Reiss but they are way overpriced .

  33. Absolutely stunning and lovely choices for you! I honestly believe that you've loved Reiss' items; the styling and color palette fit you to a T!

    I really do appreciate you being a little more candid with us on items that were gifted–on a prior video, I don't remember you saying Reiss gifted you the moss colored trousers. I don't mean to be picky, but I think your candor (due to the new laws) really is more realistic on why/how you come across some of these luxurious items. You are not in a minority of Youtubers that failed to disclose gifted items; you are in a fashion based business and marketing is key–maybe us as consumers should realise we are being marketed to just as any other advert in print, social media, or other media forms.

    Either way, lovely choices again and congrats on seeing yourself starting off 2019 with success!

  34. Yeah 400K subscribers!! You made it Josie!! Congratulations!!!

  35. The white aspinal bag is so cute💕

  36. Yes!!! Congratulations on 400K Josie 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  37. Congrats Josie on 400K. I love your channel and style. Began watching your videos a month ago and can't stop. Keep up the great work. Your taste in clothing is just my style seriously. I've never found anyone so close to my style of clothing. It's quite becoming!!!

  38. Congrats! U just hit 400k subscribers 💕💕

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